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Video Why footballers fail so much It is a question asked at every World Cup, every club campaign, every Champions League season. It’s a debate that will raged until VAR is disseminated. As we’ll explain, the reason why footballers fail is down to one simple factor – but we have three ways to prevent that fall. when no error was made to deceive the referee. A simulation-detecting referee may issue a yellow card to the violator. Read: Why footballers fall so much It won’t go away anytime soon, unless FIFA tackles three big problems. Cheating means that a person goes outside the rules to gain an advantage, such as doping or fixing a match. Because there is a rule to punish such an action on the field, flopping is merely a violation of a rule in the game. more: why does my printer print blurry | Top Q & AEmbed from Getty Images

Why do soccer players fail?


Everyone who wants to know why footballers fail must understand one thing – the reward now outweighs the risk. Footballers fail because the risk of getting a yellow card is insignificant compared to the advantage they gain. Players who trick the referee into taking a penalty or a direct free kick from the danger zone can give their team a big advantage in a match. Because football is a low-scoring sport, any decision that leads to a super-scoring opportunity is worth a bit. In addition to the obvious cases of a player falling without contact, some of the worst cases of defeat occurred when fake players were injured. Many matches slow down when a player grabs his ankle after being hit on his shin, causing precious seconds to slip by late in the game. Players can get yellow cards for wasting time, but warnings at the end of the game are often pointless. Because the referees almost always add less time than is wasted by the players, the offender achieves the desired effect. While it’s not uncommon for a player to fall to the ground without any impact, most floppings involve some sort of physical impact. The hardest thing to notice is when the players dress up, like Neymar did against Serbia in the 2018 World Cup.Should the referee show a yellow card to players who are fouled but have too much embellishment? Where do you draw the line? Read more: Why do guinea pigs make popcorn? | Top Q & ABut has three ways FIFA can minimize the reasons football players fail, greatly reducing the amount of simulation in the game.

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Fix #1 – Change of penalties

The first fix can be the most controversial but also the most effective. If FIFA decides to change the penalty kick rules, players will be less likely to shoot down so easily inside the box. Penalties are converted historically at a rate of about 73%. This means that a PK player has given his team a close to 3/4 chance of scoring in a match that over the past four decades has averaged less than 3 goals per game. – adventure sports. Basketball also gives players who are fouled at certain times a chance to score and have a higher conversion rate, but because there are so many points to be scored in a game, free throws are not considered a game-changing event. ? Change the rules for penalties.Read more: why is my printer blurry | Top Q & AEmbed from Getty Images One option is to move the free-kick further away. This gives the goalkeeper a better chance of parrying the shot, rather than just hoping to guess and dive right in. In this case, unless the foul denies a clear scoring opportunity, the referee may award a free kick in the same manner as anywhere else on the pitch, with the teams allowed to place defenders. to block the free kick. This will reduce the chances of scoring and reduce the reward received for fouling in the penalty area.

Fix #2 – Expanding VAR

The second way to deal with why footballers fail is to expand VAR. Any league that doesn’t use VAR for penalties is just begging the players to dress up in the box. The 2018 World Cup saw more penalties than any previous World Cup in large part due to VAR adjusting on-field officials. Assistant referees watching playback on high quality video will always be able to put up better calls than referees in the heat of the action. Similar to identifying simulations, although VAR will not immediately prevent players from failing, as VAR becomes more common, they will find that they cannot escape dives and are more likely to fail. chance of being caught rather than a profitable foul. This again skews the risk-reward balance against flopping.Read more: why does my printer print blurry | But for some reason, leagues like the Premier League and Champions League have refused to apply VAR. The Champions League at least has an assistant referee, but the Premier League is stuck in dark times. To judge for myself, England is a football equivalent to a Flat Ball Court. VAR gets the right call more often than the referee. But maybe he just really likes flopping.

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Fix #3 – Improved clock management

One final way to prevent defeat is to improve clock management for football. While the way the sport goes on continuously without any stops on the clock is one of the best aspects of the game, it allows sly players to waste large chunks of the game. Players often pretend to be injured to waste time when their team is in an advantageous position. While umpires will add dwell time to account for some of this, it is almost always less than it actually is, as 538 recently reported. Read more: why does my printer print blurry | Top Q & AEmbed from Getty ImagesSoccer could bring in a fourth official on the field, VAR or a dedicated watch operator in charge of match time to dramatically improve football duration in a match. Although the ball doesn’t have to be played for exactly 90 minutes, few think the umpires could have done better with extra time. Nobody wants to wait 30 seconds for a damned goal. This is fine if the referee regularly exceeds the extra time shown on the board, but most of the time the referee blows his whistle within 15 seconds of the predetermined extra time. Additionally, the umpires rarely add time to extra time stops. A dedicated clock operator, who accurately determines injury time, improves the game and reduces losses. , it took about 16 hours to play the last two minutes. We want teams to play for the required length of the game instead of one team flopping on the ground like a dying fish to waste time.Read more: why is my printer blurry | If FIFA can come up with these three fixes, the question of why footballers fail one day could change to why footballers don’t slip anymore. [Solved] | Top Q&A

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