Why Do Dog Lick Other Dogs Ears

In case you are a pet owner, you must have observed some odd behaviors in your pet lover. For dog owners, considered one of these things is licking another dog’s ears. Why do dogs lick each other’s ears? Ear licking doesn’t seem to have any valid reason at first glance – it’s hard to think of why they would most likely do this – however your dog may be responding to the prompt. promptings of ancestors or perhaps them Reading: Why dogs lick other dogs’ ears There are quite a few explanations for why dogs lick other people’s ears, so let’s examine this strange aspect of the behavior of the dog.

Why does my dog ​​lick other dogs’ ears?

An important factor to be aware of about dog breeds is that their ancestors were pack animals. In fact, they see us as just other members of their pack, like every good pack member, communication is essential and for your dog that means barking and licking, among other things. other behavior. Licking is one thing team members use to say, “Hey, I’m here!” It’s really an important part of being in a pack, after all, it’s been a long time since dogs have been part of the feral pack, yet genetically they’re still an important approach. It’s important for them to speak. Your furry best friend licks you as an expression of affection, and that’s behavior they recognize as a pet. Puppies pick this up from adult dogs as children, and so they conduct the behavior as part of talking to other members of the pack. Submissive dogs often lick the dominant dog’s ears, and you can tell it’s the dominant dog’s ears by looking at their body language. Alternatively, they may lie down and expose their bellies to the dominant dog as an approach to declaring, “I realize you’re the boss.” ease his anxiety. However, there are several other common possible causes of dogs licking other dogs’ ears, according to the veterinary consultants at PetKeen. Let’s explore a few of these as they will indicate a medical condition in the ear of the lick recipient.

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It’s a brushing method

Your lovely dog ​​may be like other dogs and wants to show it off by grooming them. They lick themselves as part of their grooming routine, however they won’t reach their own ears, so that’s how other dogs will help them out. As a member of an identical family, they turned out to be very amiable with each other. Licking each other’s ears is just one solution to that. Furthermore, it can repel ear mites, however, excessive licking can cause irritation and possibly an ear infection.

They need some snacks 🤢 (Yuck, I know, however…)

I know. There’s nothing like a little bit of earwax to brighten up your day! Earwax has a salty taste on the surface, and many dogs love salty foods. So they can often collect a little bit of earwax in case they get sick. Now, everyone loves to snack frequently, however like something, the consumption of earwax needs to be done in moderation, it can scare other dogs in case your dog is always licking. ear, however it can be irritating and could lead to a medical situation. That’s why if you happen to see your dog doing this, you’ll probably want to stop. Maybe you’ll think about giving your dog an interactive toy to keep them busy so they don’t lick as much.

It can cause signs of an ear infection

Another reason dogs might lick another dog’s ears is that they can detect ear infections. They may even detect this as an infection earlier when it turns unhealthy enough for the dog to point out indicators and signs. It’s simply how good your dog’s sense of smell is. It may sound gross, but your dog might like that kind of discharge (ew). They will deal with it sooner than an infection that leads to other problems like a blood clot in the ear canal. This will happen when the dog begins to shake his head excessively due to the painful and irritated infected ear. A hematoma is much more difficult to deal with than an ear infection that’s prone to infection, so it’s best to get it up and running sooner so it turns into an even bigger blemish.

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Licking is gentle

Everyone buys a little bit of compulsive dysfunction, right? Effectively, dogs can even engage in stressful and compulsive behaviors like licking another dog’s paws or ears. However, if that is the problem, you must stop licking to change the behavior. You will have to direct their consideration elsewhere. That’s where an interactive toy can come in handy. It can get your dog’s attention to something other than the ears of other dogs.

Is it taller than Butt?

Like sniffing another dog’s butt, licking another dog’s ears is one way to say hello to another dog’s friends. In case you are a dog owner, you have certainly seen butt picking behavior, however some dogs are not able to do it, and so ear licking is an alternative to ending the rear end. after. I can’t support, however, assuming it’s also higher for sniffers!

Is ear licking safe?

Read more: 80 Happy Wednesday Morning Quotes and Wishes This may be a pure question for pet owners to ask, however, the answer won’t be so clear-cut – it probably isn’t . It can be protective and even healthy for the dominant dog being groomed, but when your dog is an excessive licker… effectively, an excessive amount is weak. very good element and all. Exactly, the ear is infected. Your dog may also be licking the other dog’s ears too much as it senses the presence of an infection, so in that case you should take that dog to the vet.

How can I stop the habit of excessive licking?

Licking could be your dog’s way of telling you he’s bored or that the other dog may need a medical situation. It can also cause irritation and other problems in case your dog is an excessive licker, so how do you prevent dogs from licking each other’s ears? Here are some methods to curb this dog’s frequent behavior.

1. Distract the licker

As we mentioned, an interactive toy can do wonders to distract your dog from obsessive licking behavior. However, in the event that you do this, you’ll want to give your dog the toy earlier when they start licking or it will act as a constructive reinforcement for the behavior. don’t care about them. Interactive toys often include a deal that your dog has to work for. That is what holds their curiosity.

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2. Try to train a small dog

Dog training is another great way to keep your dog from losing interest and resulting in compulsive dysfunction. It’s also an effective way for you to bond with your dog and make them really feel like they have a job to do. behavior. A little disclaimer right here – it doesn’t fix every blemish and it has to be done with love and constructive reinforcement to really work, however it can work wonders for many behavioral problems.

3. Give your dog something taller to lick

If it seems like your dog’s licking another dog’s ears is to help them self-soothe, you might consider giving them something else to lick. You can actually get a sticky lick on the wall, you can sprinkle some peanut butter on the pad to prevent your dog from licking it all off in no time. It’s an effective way to present them with something to do to reassure themselves that it’s not causing problems for other dogs.

Final idea

Dog licking is considered one of many dog ​​behaviors that can generally be rude, however, is sometimes a criterion for being a member of the pack. However, in case your dog is forced to do it, it can cause problems for the other dog’s ears. It can even cause an ear infection, which is also an indication of the other dog’s medical condition, so that’s an important factor to consider. It can also be a sign that your dog is bored and looking forward to some dog training or other interactions to keep them comfortable in addition to being healthy. Top Q&A

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