why do cats paw at water

5 reasons why cats touch water before drinkingYou may have seen how cats dip their paws in water before drinking. Why do cats touch water before drinking? Here are five possible reasons. Which sentence is more like your case? Reading: Why do cats pounce on water?

1. Water bowl shape and size


Cats dip their paws in the water and then lick them as they try to avoid letting the bowl of water touch their whiskers. Your cat may not like the feeling, which can be upsetting for them. A lot of cats like shallow water and food bowls. Choose a bowl with plenty of room for the beard, not narrow or deep so that the whiskers don’t touch the sides of the bowl. (We all know how some cats love to drink a glass of water. Is your cat one of them?)

2. Static and flowing water

Read more: why does my car lock and unlock on its own | Top Q&A Some cats like to drink moving water. When they put their feet in a basin of water, they will try to imitate the sound of running water. Moving water can look fresher and, therefore, more appealing to cats. Standing water can smell in a way cats don’t like. Have you ever seen your cat drink from the faucet? Your kitten may like a fountain, choose a cat drinking fountain, especially in the hot summer. Send us a review of your cat fountain.

3. Consistent water level

Cats dip their paws in the water before drinking if unsure of the water level. This can happen when you occasionally fill the bowl to a different level. Keep the water level consistent over time and when refreshing the water. Cats love routine and consistency. (How far do you fill your cat’s water bowl – the highest or the middle?)

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4. Age and health

As your kitten ages, a number of functions may decline, including vision. Elderly cats and cats with vision problems can touch the water before drinking to determine the depth of the water. Then they tend to dip their feet in the water and drink. If you have an older cat or you suspect something is wrong with your cat’s vision, ask your vet to have it checked. (What’s your usual vet clinic? Let us know in the comments section below.)

5. Feeling unsafe

Read more: Why a married woman eats breakfast in bed By splashing water with her paws by drinking water, the cat may be looking for a quick escape if the need arises. If cats experience changes in routine or environment, they may feel less secure. In order for your cat to feel safe and stress-free, keep the water bowl well positioned, have a routine for feeding and other interactions, introduce new pets to the family correctly, make sure You have many water bowls of different shapes and sizes for cats.

Quick Tip: How to Clean a Bowl of Water

When cats dip their paws in the water, dirt, debris, and other debris will wash off their paws. This helps bacteria build up in the bowl. (Have you ever seen a pink rim in a cat’s water bowl?) To clean the bowl, use a mild dish soap, rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of it, then fill it with water. new to the bowl.Does your cat touch the water before drinking?Tagged behavior, bowl, cat, dip, drink, eyesight, health, paw, senior, water, whiskersRead more: Gravitation: Potential | Top Q&A

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