Why has it been foggy in the morning lately?

Video Why It’s Foggy Lots of morning fog has been a recurring event in our region’s forecast since the weekend. But why do we have so much of it lately? How did it form? And what takes it out of our forecast this weekend?Let’s start with how the fog forms. The type of fog that we often see recently is called radiation fog. It forms when warm air and moisture cools at night as long as the sky conditions are clear and the winds remain light. When the air temperature cools to dewpoint, the air becomes saturated and a process called condensation begins. Condensation is when water vapor (gas) turns back into a liquid. You see real-life examples of this any time you see it cloud.Reading: why is it foggy Read more: why do singers wear earplugs | Top Q&AS Since the weekend we’ve had light but steady winds coming in from the south. As the air moves in this direction, it will bring warmer and wetter air to Southwest Florida. As this air cools at night as the sun goes down, the drop in temperature cools the air forcing it to condense again. Since this is happening right above the Earth’s surface, instead of calling it a cloud as we would normally call it if it were happening in the air, we would instead just call it a cloud. fog.With clear skies, mild temperatures and mild southerly winds tonight, our area will experience another dense local fog Wednesday morning. Visibility forecast in areas where fog develops could drop below half a mile during driving Wednesday morning, before the sun warms to the surface causing temperatures to rise above dew point and mix up the atmosphere , removes fog from view.Shoot 59Read more: Why do girls bite their boyfriends One way you can visualize fog formation is to take a glass and fill it with about half a glass of warm water. This is quite similar to the weather conditions on a warm and humid day, without much wind. Then, if you put a bag of ice on top of the glass, you will notice that water begins to condense on the walls of the glass and even a small cloud will appear inside it. The ice pack mimics what happens at night when the temperature drops, starting the condensation to form a layer of fog glass in the experiment or fog in the morning when similar conditions occur outside. In the situation where we were late, all we really needed was sunshine. As the sun rises, incoming solar radiation begins to heat up the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. This raises the air temperature and pushes it above the dew point. The change in temperature also encourages the atmosphere to mix, creating winds that sweep away most areas of fog. However, this is only temporary because at night the whole process will repeat itself unless you can get some kind of weather change. It will reach Southwest Florida on Wednesday night as a cold front. The front moving our way from Wednesday night to early Thursday will bring our region much drier air, cooler temperatures and usher in a cool northerly wind. The change in weather patterns will eliminate the chance of fog in our area for a while, as conditions behind will remain drier and cooler. Read more: why do some vegetarians eat fish | Top Q&A

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