The Best Remedies to Treat Vaginitis (or Inflamed vagina)

Just like other body parts, the vagina has its own chemical balance and when there is a disturbance in its chemical balance due to any cause, the lining of the vagina will get swollen and inflamed. This condition is generally called as vaginitis or inflamed vagina.

This problem is more common in women and girls rather than men. There are different types of vaginitis like yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal atrophy, trichomoniasis, etc, as it is caused due to various reasons.

Symptoms of Vaginitis:


    • If the vaginitis is caused by bacterial infection then it exhibits symptoms like itching, irritation, odor, burning sensation during sexual intercourse and urination, whitish discharge from the vagina.


    • If this problem is caused by trichomoniasis then you may experience symptoms like yellow-green discharge accompanied by an unpleasant odor. in some cases, they won’t feel any symptoms at all.


    • If it is due to yeast infection then it causes the labia or the vaginal lips become red and swollen.


    • You may experience mild to severe itching and burning sensation of the vagina if suffering from vaginitis caused due to allergies or irritants. You won’t see any vaginal discharge in this condition.


    A dry or sore vagina with redness and irritation along with light bleeding and watery discharge can be seen while suffering from atrophic vaginitis.

After knowing the symptoms of vaginitis, let’s know how this vaginitis is caused in detail.

Causes of Vaginitis:

    • Improper skin hygiene


    • Yeast infection (due to Candida albicans)


    • Hormonal imbalance


    • Changes in the vaginal pH balance


    • Usage of birth control pills, tampons, vaginal wash, antibiotics, condoms, vaginal sprays, etc.


    • Bacterial infections which are caused due to Chlamydia, Gardnerella, parasites, gonorrhea, herpes, campylobacter or mycoplasma.


    • Menopause (reduced estrogen levels)


    • Uncontrolled diabetes


    • Irritation caused by spermicidal products, douches, lubricants, etc.


    Tight fitting or damp clothing

Are you suffering from this swelling and inflammation of the vagina and vulva? Stop worrying, as it is a curable condition. instead of using antibiotics or over the counter medications, why don’t you choose a natural way to treat this vaginitis problem without any side effects on those sensitive parts?

There are many natural remedies that are simply available at your home to reduce the chances of getting vaginitis and treats the problem to promote faster recovery for getting rid of vaginitis.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Vaginitis:

Here are some best natural remedies that offer you with a complete relief from the inflamed vagina (or vaginitis) by relieving your symptoms like burning sensation, itching and pain in the vaginal area.

Always remember that the usage of these natural remedies along with healthy diet and proper lifestyle will provide your quick and long lasting results of curing this inflamed vagina problem.

Scroll down to have a look at these remedies and follow them regularly until you get a complete relief from the vaginitis.

Remedy – 1: (Yogurt)

Yogurt is enriched with a good source of probiotics which makes it as the best remedy for treating vaginitis. The lactobacilli and other good bacteria in yogurt will help to fight against the bad bacteria and balances the healthy vaginal pH balance to relieve you from the vaginitis and its discomforts.

    • Take plain unflavored Greek yogurt in a bowl.
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    • Then dip a tampon in yogurt and place it in the vagina for a few hours.


    • After that, take out the tampons and repeat the same action for twice daily till your symptoms are completely cleared.


    Also, simply include plain, unflavored yogurt as a part of your daily diet to get those probiotics and thereby to get rid of the problem.

Note: For best results, apply fresh yogurt inside the vagina for every few hours.

Remedy – 2: (Oregano Oil)

Being rich in antifungal properties, oregano oil helps a lot in treating the inflamed vagina which is caused due to the fungal infections such as yeast infection.

    • Consume 500 mg of oregano oil internally for twice daily.


    Continue the intake of this oil until the infection has been cleared completely without having any itching or burning sensation on the vaginal areas.

Remedy – 3: (Garlic)

The antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic will help to clear the infections by improving the immune system and relieves your burning sensation and pain. You can use this remedy both internally and externally to get rid of the problem.

Here are a few ways of using garlic to get rid of vaginitis.

    • Take 300 mg of garlic supplement and consume it daily until you get a complete relief from the problem. But make sure to consult your doctor before taking any supplement for proper dosage as per your health condition.


    • Mix 4 – 5 drops of garlic oil in 1/2 teaspoon each of coconut oil and vitamin E oil. stir well and apply this oil mixture on the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes to overnight. Do it twice daily for best results.


    • Chew 3 – 4 cloves of raw garlic throughout the day and repeat it on daily basis. Or simply use it as a part of your daily cooking.


    Take few garlic cloves and crush them finely to make a paste. Apply it inside the vagina and repeat the same action regularly until you get relief from the inflamed vagina.

Remedy – 4: (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Being acidic in nature, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to regulate the pH of the vagina and thereby helps you in dealing with this problem. The antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of ACV will help to clear the infection causing microbes and soothes the irritated skin area.

You can use ACV as a topical application or internal intake to get relief from the inflamed vagina.

    • Mix 2 tablespoons of raw, organic and unfiltered ACV in 1 glass of warm water. stir well and use this ACV water to rinse the vagina thoroughly as an external application. Continue this process for twice daily to get relief from the problem.


    Stir 1 – 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1 teaspoon of raw honey in 1 glass of warm water. mix and consume this drink to get rid of inflammation, swelling, and pain in the vaginal area. Drink it twice daily for getting quick relief from the vaginitis.
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Remedy – 5: (Cold Compress)

Cold compress acts as an excellent remedy to control the inflammation which is caused by vaginitis due to its cold temperature. It numbs the area and thus provides you relief from pain, itching and other discomforts.

    • Take a few ice cubes and wrap it in a clean cloth.


    • Tie them thoroughly and place this compress on the vagina for a couple of minutes.


    • Then wait for a minute to reapply the cold compress.


    Repeat the same action for a few more times as needed to relieve this infection, swelling, and inflammation on the vaginal area.

Note: Or simply rinse the vaginal area with cold water for several times in a day to get rid of the itching, irritation and burning sensation.

Remedy – 6: (Chamomile)

The soothing and relaxing nature of chamomile will help to reduce the pain, swelling, itching and burning sensation caused due to vaginitis.

    • Take a chamomile tea bag and steep in 1 cup of hot water for a few minutes.


    • Then remove the tea bag and refrigerate the bag for 10 minutes.


    • Take out the tea bag and hold it inside the vagina.


    • Now squeeze the bag so that the water from the tea bag will reach to the inflamed vaginal canals.


    Continue this remedy for once or twice daily till the irritation, pain, and inflammation subside.

Remedy – 7: (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Hydrogen peroxide exhibits the natural disinfecting property that helps a lot in controlling the growth of bad bacteria in the vagina and thereby treats vaginitis. It also helps to reduce the pain, swelling, and itching but make sure to use only 3% hydrogen peroxide to get rid of vaginitis.

    • Take equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water and stir well.


    • Use this solution to rinse the vagina and let it sit for 10 minutes.


    • Finally, rinse the area thoroughly with cold water and dry naturally.


    Continue this process for once or twice daily to get rid of the problem.

Remedy – 8: (Tea Tree Oil)

Being rich in natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil acts as an effective remedy for treat vaginal infections, including vaginitis. It also relieves your itching, swelling, inflammation and vaginal odor.

    • Pour 4 – 5 drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl filled with warm water.


    • Stir well and use this water to rinse the vagina.


    Continue doing this process for once daily to get a quick relief from the problem.

Note: Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using this remedy.

Remedy – 9: (Diet Plan)

Building a strong immune system will help the body to fight against the infections and also reduce the recurrence of any infection. You can achieve this by consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet.

    • Consume a healthy diet which is enriched with vitamins (A & C), selenium, zinc, iron, calcium, etc. to strengthen your immunity.


    • The intake of immune boosting foods like citric fruits, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, carrots, beans, mushrooms, green tea, oranges, carrots, broccoli, berries, sweet potatoes, etc. as a part of your daily diet will help to prevent infections, including vaginitis.
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    • Drink plenty of water (at least 8 – 10 glasses) daily to flush out the toxins and to re-energize your body.


    • Get sufficient amounts of vitamin D to your body for its proper functioning. For this, you have to expose yourself to sunlight in the early morning hours for at least 15 minutes daily.


    • Drinking 1 – 2 glasses of cranberry juice daily will help to maintain the pH balance and prevent the risk of developing microbes with its acidic nature. This will reduce the inflammation and prevent infections.


    Turmeric milk helps you in dealing with this vaginitis and other vaginal infections. So, stir 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in 1 glass of water. stir well and drink this turmeric milk for twice daily to eliminate this vaginitis.

Tips and Precautions:

    1. Boric acid acts as a safe and effective remedy for treating vaginitis with its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It cleanses the vagina along with restoring its pH level. Simply pour some boric acid in a gel capsule and insert in the vagina at night before bedtime. In the next morning, rinse the area thoroughly with warm water. do it once or twice daily but not when you’re pregnant.


    1. Avoid douching, bathing with bubble bath or soap and excessive rinsing of genital areas.


    1. Don’t prefer to wear panty liners and underwear which are made from synthetic fiber and also avoid tight-fitting underwear. Prefer to wear cotton underwear and loose fitting pants or skirts.


    1. Always change your underwear daily and rinse them in hot water. also, dry them under direct sunlight to get rid of microbes and prevent infections.


    1. Stop using perfumed toilet papers and other feminine hygiene products but make sure to wipe the area from front to back after using the toilet. Change your pads or tampons regularly during menstruation.


    1. Take proper rest by enjoying a sound sleep daily to boost up your immunity and to get rid of the problem.


    1. Regular exercises for about 30 minutes, at least 5 times a week will help to strengthen your immune system.


    1. Remember to change your wet clothes such as swimsuits immediately to prevent the risk of getting the infection.


    1. Consume 500 mg of Echinacea for 2 – 3 times a day to fight off several vaginal infections by strengthening the immune system.


    1. Avoid sexual intercourse till the infection and irritation reduces and also don’t scratch the vaginal area why because it irritates the skin more and causes swelling along with a lot of pain.


    Consult your doctor if you’re still suffering from the inflamed vagina for proper diagnosis and treatment till you get a complete relief from vaginitis.

Try these natural home remedies to get relief from the vaginitis (inflamed vagina). Do you know any other successful natural remedies for vaginitis? Then share your experience with us in the below comments box.

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