Best Twin Gear Juicers Reviews 2020

Having fresh juices has becomes an integral part of healthy diet. However, if you are using a blender or centrifugal juicer then you are doing it completely wrong. Because juices made from these juicers don’t contain any nutrients as they get damaged due to heat generated while juicing.

Fortunately, we have twin gear juicers in the market. Twin gear juicers works based on the concept of crushing and grinding. This typical action opens up the cell membranes of the ingredients and releases the deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. The phytochemical of the ingredient also gets broken up which results in a pure and rich colored juice.

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This juicer has a low speed of 80 – 160 rpm and 0.1 precision between the two gears which helps in preventing heat generation, foaming and oxidation.

Wondering how to purchase a twin gear juicer…?

We understand that market is flooded with several options. So, to simplify the process, we have mentioned certain factors to consider in our buying guide. Apart from that, we have also researched for 80 hours and picked up the best among available options.

List of Best Twin Gear Juicers


Among the above list, Samson Green Power KPE1304 has stolen our hearts. Its juice extracting capability, other features are really top-notch. If you are going to purchase it then it is surely a bang for your every buck.

1. Samson Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer

Samson Green Power KPE1304 has stolen our hearts with its quality of extraction and other amazing features. This juicer uses rotating stainless steel gears which crush the ingredients and extract the juice. The gears of it rotate at 160 rotations per minute.

It can juice even the hard vegetables and fiber rich fruits and leafy greens very easily. Apart from making juices, you can also make sorbets, nut butter, coffee grounds and others with this amazing multi-purpose juicer.

It comes with a magnetized 1 liter juicer jug which gives an option to prepare large batch in advance in 3 days. It has a 1.5 inch feed chute so for small fruits, vegetables and green leafs you don’t have to cut them before adding into the juicer. For bigger ones, you have to cut them accordingly.

The juicing screen and gears are easy to clean. This product comes with a cleaning brush which will speed up the cleaning process. A 10 year warranty on the motor and 5 year on operational parts is provided by the manufacturer.


    Quiet operation.
    High quality and reliable components.
    Multipurpose storage.
    Easy to clean up.
    1 liter juice collection cup.
    Low rotation speed: 160rpm.


    A bit bulky and heavy.
    Not BPA free.
    Narrow chute.

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2. Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite

For freshest and high quality juices, you have to purchase a Tribest greenstar elite cold press juicer. Using an exclusive jumbo twin gear juicer, it compresses the ingredients to extract the juice preserving its vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

With slow 110 RPM cold compress, it provides minimal oxidation and foam content in the extracted juice. It has only fewer parts which makes it easy assemble. You can turn it into a food processor and homogenizer in order to create nut butter, sorbets, salads, pasta and others.

It has stainless steel twin gears with special points to replicate the human mastication system. You can adjust the amount of pressure easily pulp ejection in order to effectively handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging.


    Stainless steel bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears.
    Simple and easy to assemble and clean.
    Slow 110 rotations per minute.
    Food processor and homogenizer accessories.
    12 year warranty.


    A bit noisy.
    It is a bit huge, so it is not idle for small counter-tops.

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3. Omega Juicers TWN305 Twin Gear Juicer

Omega TWN305 is an amazing twin gear juicer. This model contains stainless steel juicing screw and adjustable knob that helps to extract the juice. An extra juicing screen is also provided to adjust the pulp level. It has a right size of chute so it is not necessary to pre-cut the vegetables.

This triturating motor extracts the juice from even hard veggies and fibrous fruits. The twin gear juicer runs at 160 rotations per minute, the ingredients will get squeezed perfectly. This makes sure there is no oxidation and nutrients get preserved. This also accounts for the added juice quality and efficiency.

This juicer squeezes out all the juice of the ingredient and leaves behind the very dry pulp. For assembly, this juicer has lock latch system. Once you disassemble, the juicer parts are not very difficult to reassemble them.


    Pulp free juicer.
    Easy assembling.
    Easy to clean.
    72 hours juice shelf life.
    Quite operation.
    Continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection.
    BPA free parts.
    Slow 160 RPM minimizes rotation.


    Price is bit more.
    Not dishwasher safe.

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4. Tribest GS-1000

Tribest GS-1000 is comprised of exclusive heavy duty twin gear technology which extracts juice perfectly. The gear will run at 110 rotations per minute which will preserve the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in the juice. As a result of slowly rotating and magnetic, bio-ceramic technology will prevent oxidation.

This juicer can also handle vegetables with a tough fiber like celery or others very easily. When you are processing foods, you can keep on going without taking a break. It comes with a lot of attachments like fine screen, glass juice pitcher, cleaning brush, wooden plungers and others.

There is a nylon safety buffer which separates the two steel gears which prevent any stainless steel shavings from inadvertently entering into your juice or pulp. This juicer can be used both as domestic and commercial product.


    4/1000 clearance between the gears.
    72 hours shelf life.
    Quite operation.
    Detachable parts are dishwasher safe.
    Neatly hidden cord storage.
    Built with handle for easy transport.
    Effective in juicing even driest greens like wheatgrass.


    5 years warranty.
    Too heavy, almost 26 lbs.
    Not BPA free.

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How Do Twin Gear Juicers Work?

Triturating is the working principle of a twin gear juicer that is why it is also called as triturating juicer. This juicer’s cold-compress style can convert even the most delicate and stringy produce into fine juice.

Just like masticating juicer, it crushes the produce very hard for separating the fibre and liquid. This juicer has 2 gears which rotate inwards having a very small gap of just 0.1mm. While moving between these gears, the cell membranes of the produce open up to release deep-seated enzymes and nutrients. Even the phytochemical ingredient breaks up, resulting in rich coloured and pure juice.

Usually, this process occurs at a speed of 80 – 120 rpm with very less air and heat exposure. This is relatively a very low speed when compared to centrifugal juicers which rotate 6,000 – 14000 rpm.  As the juice is extracted in a very low speed, the cell structure will not be destroyed, oxidation will be eliminated and enzymes, nutrients are preserved in their natural form. With this juicer, you can extract maximum amount of juice with no foam and oxidation.

Twin gear juice kit includes different attachments for vegetables, fruits and leafy greens individually. Some of the manufacturer’s even provide attachments for making pasta, pulp control knobs and others.

Why Should I Buy a Twin Gear Juicer?

Though triturating juicers are high in cost, they last very long because of the high quality materials used in making them. Usually, they range between $400 – $1400 based on the brand and additional attachments. As this juicer works very slowly, it is almost whisper silent compared to others. So, even you want to make juice early in the morning, you will not disturb other’s sleep.

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How to Choose Best Twin Gear Juicer?

Whenever you are purchasing a twin gear juicer, make sure to consider the following factors so that you can choose the best as per your requirement.

1. Durability

Make sure the materials used for making the product are of high quality, sturdy and last long. Stainless steel will be a better option than plastics.

2. Easy Operation

Make sure the juicer you choose has a large feeding chute, this helps in reducing the time required preparation like chopping fruits/vegetables into small pieces. Having large disposal spouts can also be beneficial because small spout clogs easily.

3. Versatility

Usually, a juicer that has less number of parts is capable of performing only few functions. However, juicer with other attachments has more functionality. For example: a multi-tasking juicer contains pasta attachment which is helpful in churning butter and making pasta. So, if you love a device with a multi-tasking option then choose a juicer according to your needs. If you just want to make juice then simple juicer is good enough.

4. Power and Speed

The power of double auger (twin gear) is 400 watts which is good enough. The speed of the twin gear juicer should be between 80 – 160 rotations per minute. Anything more than that may not be appropriate for perfect juicing. Look out if the juicer has dual or multiple speed setting for added advantage (just in case if you have to make juice for more people). Though the speed of the triturating juicer is slow compared to centrifugal, the slow juicing actually helps in preserving the nutrients.

5. Cleaning

Cleaning the juicer should not be difficult and if their parts are dishwasher friendly then it can be a major advantage. Some juicer has separate space for dumping the dry waste of the ingredient after juicing. This makes to clean the juicer even easier.

6. Noise

Noise is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a juicer. Nobody wants to experience noise in the morning. It can be even more annoying the kids, elders and neighbours. So, make sure the juice doesn’t make much noise while operation.

7. Value

Actually, twin gear juicers are a bit expensive than centrifugal juicers. However when you compare the nutrition value and wastage, they are much worthy. Though they have slow juicing mechanism, they are much better than single auger or centrifugal ones.

8. Size

The size of juicer you choose depends on the requirement or demands of your family. And if you are small family then low capacity ones is good enough. However, if you are a large family then it is better to invest on a bigger one. And you should also consider storage space in your kitchen too. If the kitchen counter-top is small then go with a small one so that it doesn’t occupy much space.

9. Warranty

Warranty is an important factor because it states the manufacturer’s fidelity in it. If the product doesn’t have warranty then it is better to avoid using it. A longer warranty ensures that you can replace the product if there is any fault. Some brands even provide lifetime warranty. However, they can be too pricey.

The power and speed of the twin gear juicer should be between 80 – 160 rotations per minute. Anything more than that may not be appropriate for perfect juicing. Look out if the juicer has dual or multiple speed setting for added advantage (just in case if you have to make juice for more people).

Unique Features We Love About Twin Gear Juicers

Actually, there are only few twin gear juicers present in the market when compared to centrifugal and masticating juicers. That is why they are much expensive and more popular. However, people who have been using this juicer are impressed with its qualities. Though not everyone, the advantages of this juicer make it worthy to invest. Below are few feature, we (and customers also) impressed with…

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1. Dry Pulp and More Juice

If a juicer leaves dry pulp, it means that the juice yield is high. When it comes to wringing out the pulp properly, twin gear juicers are the best. Though they are expensive, people who used felt that they are totally worthy for the juice yield they produce.

2. Maintenance

We observed mixed reviews over this issue. Some people felt cleaning is a bit difficult for twin gear juicers. That is why manufacturers have developed new model of twin gear juicers that are easily to clean and maintain. Some of the twin gear juicers available in the market can be disassembled for easy clean up.

3. Ability to Juice Fibre Rich Produce

Some of the difficult and fibre rich produce are greens and wheatgrass. Twin gears are not only capable of handling hard vegetables but are also efficient in juicing the greens. They are capable of extracting and collecting calcium, iron, chlorophyll and other nutrients present in wheatgrass and other greens.

Health Benefits of Twin Gear Juicers

When compared to juicers (centrifugal), triturating juicers are much better as they extract better yield from the produce. As the juice is extracted carefully by ripping the fibre, it has a longer shelf life.

Usually, juicers who produce the juice fast with oxidation will strip off the beneficial nutrients present in it. However, twin gear juicer provides juice without oxidation which leaves it rich in enzymes and nutrients. Drinking juice rich in nutrients help to improve immune system and lose weight.

Some of the juicers available in the market only specialise either in vegetables or fruits. However, triturating juicer can handle all produces. Even vegetables that have a lot of fibre like celery or ginger can be also juiced slowly – this is because of the dual gear system.

The additional attachments available with the juicer are bread stick maker, mince grinder, and pasta maker. As the quality of the machine high durable, it lasts very long compared to others.

It operates very silently when compared to centrifugal juicer. The extracted juice will be stable so you can store it in the refrigerator for 36 hours. You can make high quality juices that not only rich in color but also concentrated. It is best suited for green leafy vegetables.

Drawbacks of Twin Gear Juicers:

    They may not be suitable for beginners as they are a bit expensive.
    The feeding chute is generally small so takes time for preparation.
    Juicing hard ingredients like carrots can be a bit challenging.
    The product is heavy so it is not easy to carry around.


Twin gear juicers may be expensive than other juicers but they are totally worth of the investment. If you want to enjoy rich and concentrated juices with nutrients and enzymes then you have to purchase a twin gear juicer.

As per our opinion, “Samson Green Power KPE1304” will be the best choice for any one. Its features, quality of juice extraction and capability has stolen hearts.

Which twin gear juicer are you going to choose? Have you tried any of them earlier? Share your experiences and queries in the comment section below. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. If you like this article, please share it so that others can also get benefited.

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