Best Weighted Blankets for Sleep Disorders and Anxiety [2018 Updated]

Weighted Blanket is the most popular and successful solution if you are facing trouble to sleep.

So, how does this blanket help to improve sleep?

Basically, these blankets weigh (10 – 25 pounds) more than regular ones. This precise weight will mimic a feeling of being hugged which in turn releases serotonin (feeling good hormones) and relaxes the nervous system.

Thus, your mind stays calm, you can fall asleep quickly and stay undisturbed throughout the night.

This concept isn’t new in the world of medicine as they have been prescribed by doctors to people suffering with insomnia and sensory diseases since many years.

What exactly is this weighted blanket made of?


They are typically filled with plastic/sand pellets into each compartment that is sewn like a quilt. The weight of these pellets is distributed evenly throughout the blanket so that it can provide equal pressure across the body. A weighted blanket with natural and breathable fiber like cotton can be more beneficial.

What Is the Appropriate Weight of the Blanket?

The right weight of the blanket depends on your body weight. Here’s the ground rule: For Adults and Youngsters: 5 – 10% of the body weight. For Children and Kids: 10% of body weight + 1 or 2 pounds.

After being aware of its importance, you might be eager to purchase one for you. If you are not aware of what to consider then read our “buying guide”. If you haven’t got much time then below are the best products we have picked up for you.

List of Top 10 Weighted Blankets: 2020 Review

Out of the best 7 products provided in the list, we highly recommend “YnM Weighted Blanket”. Because it is made up of 100% cotton breathable material, contains non-allergenic sand pellets and can be easily washed in the machine.

1. YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM is one of the most trusted brands for therapeutic and premium grade weighted blankets. It is chosen to the first in our list due to two reasons:

    • All the blankets manufactured by them are specially designed and engineered to be 10% of the body weight.


    Unlike others, the compartments of this blanket are filled up with odorless, non-toxic, hypoallergenic sand pellets. These are more comfortable and cooling than other pellets like glass or plastic.

Precise weight selection enables the blanket distribute the deep touch stimulation across your body. This minimizes the body movement during the sleep and enables a deep REM (rapid eye movement) cycle.

100% pure cotton fabric is used for making this blanket. They are a little smoother to touch when compared to other blankets. You can choose from 21 color combinations and 8 different sizes based on your interest and sizes.

The inner layer can be washed in the machine on a low setting. However for long life, the manufacturer recommends buying a duvet cover or dry clean. For best results, it is better to air dry it instead of machine drying.

The weighted blanket and duvet cover are sold separately so you can pick your favorite duvet cover on your own. During the warm months, you can just use the inner layer without placing the cover. However in colder days, you can add the weighted blanket for extra warmth and support.

Things We Liked:

    • Great for anxiety, ADHD, autism, OCD and sensory processing disorder.


    • Available in different weights, colors and sizes.


    • Weighted blanket and duvet cover can be purchased separately.


    • Inner layer is made up of 100% fabric.


    Compartments contain non-toxic hypoallergenic sand pellets.

Things We Didn’t Like:

    If you want the blanket to last long then is recommended to dry wash it.

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2. Weighted Idea Premium Sensory Weighted Blanket

Premium sensory weighted blanket by Weighted Idea is chosen to be second from our list because it is the most prescribed blanket by doctors for people with ADHD, anxiety and similar sensory difficulties.

However, it contains plastic poly pellets unlike the first product YnM weighted blanket. That is why it takes second place in our list.

This blanket has got an appealing and luxurious fell and touch. The compartments of it are filled with small pieces of plastic poly pellets which are evenly distributed across the blanket.

The weight of the blanket is specially engineered to be exactly 10% of your body weight which is good enough to provide relaxation to your nerves and calm your mind.

The outer fabric comes in several different texture like a dotted texture pattern so that the users can grab it in case of fidgeting. The rhombus textured blanket will give a classic quilted look.

The fabric of the blanket is 100% cotton and accommodates poly pellets. It feels endearingly soft and the stitching looks solid. The outer cover and inner layer can be separated easily for washing and maintenance.

The only downside of Weighted Idea blanket is that it is quite bulky than others which makes it difficult to carry around different places or store when not in use.

The blanket comes in 4 different patterns 3 different colors, 16 different sizes and weights. The manufacturer provides 30 day exchange or money back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the blanket then you can either replace or get your money without any hassles and questions asked.

Things We Liked:

    • Comes in different colors, weight and sizes.


    • You choose the stitching pattern as per your interest.


    • Sensory input to reduce skin contact area and increases air circulation.


    100% cotton fabric, non-toxic hypoallergenic plastic poly pellets.

Things We Didn’t Like:

    • Not easy to carry around.


    A bit expensive.

3. Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket (Editor’s Choice for Adults)

If you are looking for a complete body hugging blanket then Platinum Health Premium Weighted Blanket has to be your choice. It uses Clamforters ingenious Cloudsoft Plolyfill and stardust microbead weighing system which ensures ultimate relief and comfort.

Most of the other weighted blankets present in the market have square pocket stitching that is highly noticeable. But platinum health weighted blanket has a completely different, smooth, non-therapeutic look and the entire weight management is hidden inside the cover.

The outer cover of this product has silk fabric on one side whereas the opposite side has a sensadot texture pattern. This pattern is designed for people whose fingers and hands like to fidget.

In order to make the product easy for wash and care, the manufacturer has made it in 2 part construction. The outer layer of the blanket can be zipped apart for washing and air drying. If the ends are not tied properly then the two parts can sometimes get apart in the middle of the night or while you move or turn during sleep.

With a generous size of 60” x 80″ dimension, it is perfect for adults and doesn’t end up short or way too small. As many user reviews, people who have been using this blanket has observed restful sleep, less anxiety, and less agitation.

Things We Liked:

    • Industry excellence evenflow™ management.


    • Ultra-luxurious fabric cover with unique sensadot ™ texture pattern.


    • 2 part construction for easy washing and maintenance.


    • 60” x 80″ dimension, 12 lbs weight.


    • Select-a-weight versatility.


    Calmforters ingenious CloudSoft Polyfill ™ and Stardust Microbead ™ weighting system.

Things We Didn’t Like:

    Some people felt that the 2 parts get separated it not tied properly.

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4. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for a blanket that stimulates of being held then the right choice is ZonLi Weighted Blanket. It is specially engineered to relax your nervous system by making you fall asleep quick and have an undisturbed sleep.

This weighted blanket is made up of 100% cotton material. The weight of the blanket is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. The pellets present in the blanket are made up of non-toxic poly pellets.

The only downside of this product is that it is a bit heavy so carry around it difficult.

It comes with a removable cover. It can be hand washed or machined washed (delicate cycle) and dry flat it. If you want to keep it spotlessly clean then add a cover to it.

Things We Liked:

    • 100% cotton weighted blanket.


    • Comes with removable cover.


    • Non-toxic poly pellets.


    • Machine washed or hand washed.


    • Hypoallergenic.


    Available in 13 different sizes

Things We Didn’t Like:

    Not so easy to carry around.

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5. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden is a specialist in developing weighted blanket for kids and adults alike. Their blankets are best suited for people with with autism, anxiety and other sensory processing disorders.

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They are known to improve sleep pattern, fall asleep quickly and prevents turns or sudden movements during sleep. Many users have mentioned that after using this blanket, they have stayed asleep for a longer period of time.

The weight of this blanket will calm down the kids (especially with special needs) by putting gentle pressure on their nerve system. It creates a feeling of security like a warm hug.

The inner layer of the weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton and its compartments are filled up with non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odorless poly pellets for weight. The weight of the blanket is evenly distributed.

The duvet cover and weighted inner layer are sold separately. During warm months, you can remove the duvet and use it.

The only downside is that the inner has to be dry cleaned. Machine or hand washing should be avoid if you want this blanket to last long.

Things We Liked:

    • Best suited for children whose weight is around 40 – 80 lbs.


    • Adults who want to cover only their chest, abdomen and upper thighs can also use it.


    • Easy to carry around the house.


    • Super soft and visually attractive.


    • Evenly distributed weight across the blanket.


    • Designed by perfectionists.


    Two piece blanket for easy care.

Things We Didn’t Like:

    The inner layer has to be dry cleaned.

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6. Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (Editor’s Choice for Children)

Do you want a weighted blanket than only covers chest, abdomen and upper thighs? Then Huggaroo has to be your choice. It is perfect for people who travel a lot as it is very carry and can be used multipurpose around the house.

It is a natural alternative for anxiety medications and sleep aid for both children and adults to relax. It reduces the toss and turn during the nights so you can stay in sleep for a longer period of time.

The weight is evenly distributed across the blanket. It leaves a feeling of warm hug which lowers the anxiety levels and induce a sense of calmness in the brain.

The constant deep pressure touch lowers the stress hormone levels and triggers a release of neurotransmitters which not only improve mood but also relax and soothe the aches.

The inner part of this blanket is made up of 100% cotton and the compartments are filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, food-grade polypropylene pellets. And the outer cover is made up of chenille (100% polyester).

The huggaroo weighted blanket is visually soothing and incredibly soft to touch. For an easy wash care and maintenance, the manufacturer has provided the weight blanket in two piece model.

The only downside is that it has to be tied properly at 6 different locations once washed. If not, it will tend to get separated and make you feel uncomfortable.

Things We Liked:

    • Best suited for children whose weight is around 40 – 80 lbs.


    • Adults who want to cover only their chest, abdomen and upper thighs can also use it.


    • Easy to carry around the house.


    • Super soft and visually attractive.


    • Evenly distributed weight across the blanket.


    • Designed by perfectionists.


    Two piece blanket for easy care.

Things We didn’t Like:

    If the knots are not tied properly then it can make you feel uncomfortable.

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7. Harkla Weighted Blanket

Harkla Weighted Blanket is the perfect solution for calming your mind and body at night. It is a duvet styles blanket which is best suited for people who weigh 100 – 150 pounds.

The weight of this blanket provides better sleep, calmness and relaxation by grounding you. It helps in releasing feeling-good neurotransmitters which reduce the anxiety and hyper-activity in your nervous system.

This weighted comforter is made up of 100% cotton material and filled up with food-grade poly pellets to provide comfortable and secured feeling.

For providing extra sensory, dots are embossed on the outer fabric. The blanket has a 2-piece cover and padding. So, the outer layer can be removed, cleaned and dried easily. The minky fabric of this weighted blanket stays soft even after several washes.

Some people didn’t like it because the blanket felt to be a bit narrow when compared to others options. And moreover the quilted square are a bit large than others. So, the weight may get clumped together it some sleeping positions.


    • Duvet styled weighted blanket.


    • Easy to wash, dry and maintain with 2-piece cover.


    • Great for sensory input.


    • Lifetime money back guarantee.


    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


    1% of the manufacturing profits go to UW Autism Center.


    • Some people felt that the blanket is a bit narrow.


    • Large quilted squares.


    Not suitable for people living in hot climatic conditions.

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8. The Magic Weighted Blanket

Last but not the least comes Weighted Blanket for The Magic. This company has been designing and manufacturing anxiety blankets since 20 years.

These blankets have high quality construction performed by skilled professionals. The stitching threads are invisible which gives a smooth and non-therapeutic look.

It is most recommended weighted blanket by OT’s and parents. Due to its quality and effectives, it was featured in Dr. OZ magazines and FORBES.

Only of 100% new hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA-free polypropylene pellets are used for filling the magic blanket. The inner liner is made from cotton and constructed with two panels which has quilted squares in which the poly pellets are placed. This keeps the weight evenly dispersed. The outer layer is made up of minky, cotton, flannel or fleece material.

They are proven to be beneficial for people with stress, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Rett Syndrome and other sensory integration disorders.

It comes in 11 different sizes and weights so you can choose any one as per your convenience. As it is available in 5 colors, you can purchase as per your interest or interiors.

The blanket can be machine-washed with cold or warm water on regular cycle. It can be dried on low-heat in the dryer.


    • 18 years of experience.


    • Recommended by OT’s and mothers.


    • Professional Sewing Contractors.


    • Non-therapeutic look.


    • 11 types of sizes and weights.


    5 colors: chocolate, lavender, champagne, navy blue, silver grey.


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What Is The Science Behind Weighted Blanket?

As per medical professionals, weighted blankets are developed with a special technology called “DPT” or “Deep Pressure Therapy”. Our body contains receptors which are located all over the body. The weight of the blanket will stimulate deep pressure on these receptors. This is the reason, why you get the feeling of being hugged or feel secured.

As per many clinical studies, this deep pressure works in 2 ways.

1. Increasing Endorphins

The DPT results in an increase of producing endorphin levels which releases serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin – a neurotransmitter is responsible for mood regulation. It also helps in stimulating brain parts that work on sleep and melatonin production. (3) Dopamine is also known as happy hormone which regulates emotional responses. So, this is the reason you get good sleep and control your emotions when you use a weighted blanket.

2. Decreases Cortisol Levels

Generally, people suffering with anxiety don’t have the capacity to reduce cortisol (also known as stress hormone) to normal levels which is the main reason for insomnia and other health complications. DPT stimulates the receptors which will increase the feeling of safety and grounding which discourages the production of cortisol levels.

3. Increases Parasympathetic Activity

Parasympathetic system is a part of your nervous system which helps in regulation of blood pressure, heart rate and stimulates digestive tract. DPT increases the parasympathetic activity which slows down high energy function and supports the regulation.

4. Decreases Sympathetic Activity

Sympathetic system is also a part of your nervous system which is responsible for creating flight or fight response when the person is in dangerous situations. DPT reduces the sympathetic activity which is has very effective positive impact on people who often experience stress, fear or anxiety.

So, this is how the DPT provided by weighted blanket helps in dealing with anxiety and other sensory issues.

Scientific Researches On Weighted Blankets

As per a study conducted on 32 adults found that 30lb weighted blankets are effective and safe alternatives to reduce anxiety. Out of 32 adults, 63% of them reported a consistent lower level of anxiety and improved sleep. (1)

As per a study conducted in 2014 that appeared in journal of Pediatrics, 63 children of age 5 – 16 were given a weighted blanket to use while sleeping for approximately 2 weeks. After the study, most of the parents and children wanted to continue with weighted blankets even after study and reported reduce anxiety levels as well. (2)

Which Factors to Consider While Selecting a Weighted Blankets?

With all the different weighted blankets available in the market, it becomes a daunting task to select the right one for you. In order to help you, our team of experts has listed down the most important factors to consider while selecting a weighted blanket.

1. Which Fabric to Choose?

When it comes to fabric, there are 6 varieties to choose from. As far as our choice, we recommend to take 100% cotton weighted blankets. But it also depends on your convenience, climatic conditions and sleeping habits. If you want a blanket that is soft and warm then fleece and minky are the best. If you want soft and breathable blanket then cotton and satin-cotton are the best.

Below, we have presented a detailed explanation of different fabrics…

a. Cotton

Cotton is one of the best choices because it is completely breathable and reflects the room temperature. This fabric doesn’t make you too hot under it. If it is 100% cotton then it will release the body heat while you are sleeping. Cotton is the right choice for people who have sensory issues, disturbed sleep and have to sleep under certain temperatures.

b. Flannel

After cotton, flannel is the most preferred choice. Though it is made up of cotton itself however its texture is not like quilted cotton. It is something similar to the fleece. The material is completely breathable and keeps you warm. The only drawback of this product is that this fabric can get pilled after each wash.

c. Satin-Cotton

If you love the soft felling of the satin and sensitive to heat then it is the ideal choice for you. Some people prefer to have this fabric inside and other fabric like 100% cotton or minky on the other side. You can choose any combination as per your interest.

d. Fleece

It is a synthetic fabric option but comes in a wide variety of prints. This is an amazing warm-cozy choice however people with texture sensitivities should avoid it.

e. Minky

Previously, this is commonly used fabric for baby blankets. It comes in plush, smooth, and low/high pile. If you love the soft and smooth texture of minky then you can choose this option.

f. Linen-Rayon Blend

If you are looking for an industrial strength fabric then this has to be your choice. People who are sensitive to textures and are allergic to some fabrics can happily choose this option.

2. Which Type of Filling is best?

For the weight in anxiety blankets, different types of fillings are used like polypellets, glass beads, stone, and others. We have provided detailed explanation of them below. You can choose based on this information.

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a. Poly Pellets

Poly pellets are made up of non-toxic plastic that has not been used or recycled before. They are small, round and look just like tiny pebbles. They provide a bulky appearance than other fillings. If you don’t like the bumpy texture then you can go with other type of fillings.

b. Glass Beads

The texture of glass beads is similar to that of minute sand. When compared to same weight of poly pellets, glass beads have less volume so it doesn’t make the weighted blanket look bulkier. In fact, it looks like a normal quilt or comforter.

c. River Stone Beads

This is one of the best safe, smooth and dust free options when it comes to weighted blankets. It has more concentrated weight so it provides amazing deep pressure effect. Stone beads are neither sand nor crushed stone. It is completely natural and doesn’t have sharp edges or porous feature. As long as you wash immediately after the spill, it can’t mildew. In case if it accidently gets fire, it will not produce any harmful and toxic fumes. The weighted blanket made up of river stone beads are completely machine washable.

3. What is Appropriate Size of the blanket?

If you are purchasing the weighted blanket for first time then it is important to consider its size. Blankets that are oversized or under-sized can lead to sleepless nights too. And moreover the blanket should fit on the mattress and do not over-hang on the bed sides. You can refer the below chart for making an informed choice.

Size (W/H)Suitable for
20 / 24”Best suited for children and elderly. Small enough to use on lap and large enough to cover upper body or shoulders.
24” / 42”Best to use on lap, couch or as leg blanket by adults.
36” / 42”Preschoolers to 6 year olds can use this size. Adults can use it as shoulder or lap blanket.
42” / 42”Generous enough for children.
42” / 50” Pre-teen, people with less height or for adults who don’t want to cover their feet.
42” / 60”Perfectly fits an average adult.
42” / 70”Suitable for a tall person who loves to tuck his/her feet under the blanket.
58” / 75” This size is perfect for a full sized bed or twin bed. It perfectly stays in place so teens or adults can use it.

4. Do They Provide Warranty

Before purchasing a weighted blanket, make sure the weighted blanket comes with a minimum or at least limited warranty. So that you can return it if you are not achieving any improvement with it.

5. What are the other things to keep in mind?

    • Make sure the blanket maintains an even distribution of weight while in use. If not, the beads will end in any corner of the blanket. This problem is actually solved by stitching some pockets into the blankets. The pockets will be helpful in distributing the weight evenly throughout the pocket.


    • Is the blanket easy to wash? Is it compatible with machine wash?


    • Some people may not like certain colors. So, make sure the color of the blanket is appealing for you.


    Make sure to consider dimensions of the bed before purchasing a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket should be smaller than your bed size so that it doesn’t slide off.

Who are subjected to Use Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets can be helpful for…

    • People with low serotonin levels – often associated to depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and bi-polar disorder.


    • People dealing with trauma, mania or paranoia.


    • People undergoing detoxification.


    Patients suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome, Tourette’s, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s, and PMS.

Who Should Avoid Using Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets can be used by anyone but certain people should avoid it as they add weight and produce some heat. Discuss with your medical professional if you…

    • Have respiration or circulation issues.


    • Chronic health diseases.


    • Blood pressure.


    • Cannot regulate temperature.


    • Going through menopause.


    Have fragile skin, rashes or open wounds.

Note: Never use weighted blankets for kids below 2 years of age. Beware while using the blanket heavier and bigger than what is required. If these blankets are used as restraints then the results can be fatal.

Advantages of Weighted Blankets

DTP (deep touch pressure) of these blankets is helpful in several different ways, especially for people with sensory issues. Apart from that, even others can use it to get relief from daily stress and treat insomnia. Below, we have provided a detailed explanation on how weighted blanket helps…

1. The Effects of Weighted Blanket on Autism

As per Indiana University of Resource Center for Autism, 40% of children with autism have sensory issues like OCD, phobia, anxiety and others. As per many clinical trials, the deep touch pressure provided by weighted blankets has helped them a lot in terms of sleep and mood. As per science, this is how exactly it works: kids with autism have sympathetic nervous system for most of the time. It just takes a very less time to re-trigger the sensory issue even if they calm down. When a weighted blanket’s DPT is applied on the body, their parasympathetic nervous system activates which brings a sense of well-being. It helps them reduces heightened anxiety, calm the mind and sleep properly.

As per American Journal of Occupation Therapy, DPT stimulation has shown a reduction in sympathetic arousal and non-stimulus-driven-occurrences. This states that, the pressure has mentally calmed the subjects. (4)

They are help in improving transition times in the classroom. For example, when children with autism come back to classroom, they become too excited to lose focus which becomes difficult for teachers to make them sit. In this case, the teacher will dim the lightings and use blankets for 5 – 10 minutes which helps the children transition.

2. Improves Sleep and Decreases Insomnia

The deep pressure touch increases serotonin hormone in the body which promotes relaxation and regulates mood. This hormone is important to produce melatonin – a chemical responsible for indicating sleep action in your body.

As per a study published in Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, they have observed an increase in sleep bout time and decrease in movements in the people who used weighted blanket. They even felt more settled while sleeping and woke up refreshed. (5)

3. Helps Kids with ADHD

Adults or children with ADHD have a lower level of serotonin levels. And weighted blankets help in increasing this neurotransmitter hormone. This is the reason why people with ADHD, especially kids have shown improvement in focus, seat-time, better task completion and others.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Due to its grounding effect, weighted blankets improve the feeling of calmness and secured. As a result, you will fall asleep quickly or relax. It just takes few minutes to reduce anxiety. According to a pilot study conducted in 2006, 75% of them preferred weighted blankets as a treatment for treating anxiety and calming them. And 63% of them expressed a reduction in anxiety levels after using it. (6) As per another study that was published in 2015, weighted blankets have increased the average sleep length and reduced disruptive movement while sleeping. (7)

4. Calms Meltdowns

Meltdowns often experienced by kids with special needs. Whatever the reason might be – sensory overload or unexpected change, meltdowns are something very difficult to deal with. However, this one can be prevented by calming the nervous system and promoting the sense of hugging which are possible with weighted blankets.

As per a recent pilot study, researchers have confirmed that patients who used weighted blankets have experienced reduction in clinical-rated anxiety and distress. (8)

5. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

This is a condition where the body becomes too tired of relentless stress on the body. People with AFS often experience cortisol issues, stress and anxiety which make them struggle with sleep problems like not able to get sleep, waking up tired, poor quality of sleep and others. In a study conducted on few people, cortisol levels were significantly reduces and 24-hour circadian cortisol levels were reduced to normal after using weighted blankets.

6. Depression

The DPT provided by a weighted blanket increases the production of dopamine and serotonin which stabilizes the mood and treats depression. If you are in initial stages then weighted blankets can be enough. If you have chronic depression then you can use it along with treatment.

Risks Associated with Weighted Blankets

If the weighted blanket is used properly then you may not experience any possible risks. We recommend to read the instruction manual and warnings specified by the manufacturer to be on safe zone.

When it comes to children, caution has to be taken while using an weighted blanket. If the blanket has too much weight then the pressure of it can be overwhelming for the kids.

Guidelines and Tips to Consider for Using Weighted Blankets on Children:

It is always recommend to consider certain guidelines in case of the kids and children. We have mentioned few of them below….

    • Make sure the weight of the blanket can be handles by children. They have to be able to put it on and remove it off without any help.


    • The head and neck should always be free of blanket at all times.


    • If your child doesn’t like blanket then respect their feelings. Do not pressure because it may not work well if it is not self-administered.


    • Avoid using adult weighted blanket for children.


    • If your kid is below 2 years then avoid using a weighted blanket as it can be dangerous.


    • Rolling up the child in the weighted blanket or using a heavy one that they required can be dangerous.


    If your child has a care taker then make sure to educate her/him about the proper use of the weighted blanket.

Which one Best Homemade or Store-brought?

People who like to craft usually prefer stitch their own weighted blanket. However, we recommend to leave it to the experts. Stitching an inappropriate weighted blanket can waste of time as well as money.

However, if you are still interested in making a weighted blanket at home (either because of crafting interest or to reduce money), we recommend to research well and follow proper guidelines mentioned by professionals.

If you are in still in doubt whether to choose homemade DIY weighted blanket or store-brought one then here are the few considerations:

1. Material to Use

Usually, manufacturers research well and use the materials which pass certain quality and safety tests. But most of the DIY weighted blankets use questionable materials for making them. We recommend to consider using 100% cotton fabric as it is non-allergenic and completely breathable.

2. Weight Matters

Analyzing the proper weight and stitching in such a way that it is evenly distributed through the blanket can be a bit difficult.

3. Time or Cost

Making a weighted blanket at home can surely save some money. However, you may have to spend more time in making it. If you have enough time then it can be a good trade off. But if you want to save time then it may be worthy.

5. Warranty

A store-brought weighted blanket will have a limited warranty period during which you can get a replacement or return the product if it turns defective. However, homemade weighted blankets will not have such protection.

6. Mistakes

If you make any mistake while stitching a weighted blanket then you have fix it or restart the whole process. This can be become frustrating and time-consuming.

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How to Make Weighted Blanket at Home?

Making them is a bit time consuming however it is definitely worth trying. Here, we have provides a detailed DIY for making weighted blanket.

All the materials you need…

    • Poly pellets or any kind of filling. Weight of the poly pellets should be 10% of your body weight plus 1 pound. If it is for kid then it has to be 5 – 10% of their weight.


    • Fabric of your choice for top and bottom of the blanket.


    • Thread


    • Scissors


    • Measuring tape


    • Small scale


    • Pins


    Sewing machine


1. Using a sewing machine, stitch the 3 sides of the blanket. If you are making a large or twin sized blanket then sew the 2 sides and a center seam so that you can fill from the center out. This makes it easy to stitch.

2. Using a fabric marker or pen, first draw vertical columns measuring 4 inches apart from each. You can also increase the measurement based on your interest. Now, stitch along the vertical column markings.

3. Divide the poly pellets or any other filling equally as per the number of square compartments you will make. We divided it ¼ cup of pellets for each 4 x 4 inch compartment. Let us tell you a simple formula for accurate division.

Volume of filling per square = number of filling’s volume/number of squares 

4. Fill the each column with the amount of pellets per square.

5. Once the column is filled, stitch across the row.

6. Repeat the 4th and 5th method again until the fabric is complete.

7. Bind or serge the finishes of the blanket.

How to Wash or Maintain the Weighted Blanket Clean?

Most of the weighted blankets available in the market are durable. So, you can machine wash them and dry it (hang outside or use a dryer). But there are some instructions to consider if you want your weighted blanket to last long.

    • Use only gentle detergent. Avoid dryer sheets, chlorine bleaches and fabric softeners. Chlorine can be too harsh on the blanket as it may break down the fibers of the fabric. Softeners can build up in the blanket which may make the fabric scratchy, rough and less soft.


    • The blankets can be air dried or tumble dried at low. If you want to hang it outside make sure the blanket hangs evenly on the laundry line so that it maintains its shape. Never hang it from one edge as it can worsen the shape of the blanket. However, if you want to dry in a dryer machine then set it at low. Because the spinning too fast can squeeze the blanket really hard and this can worsen the shape.


    • Never ever think of ironing the blanket as the heat can have impact on the pellets especially if they are plastic.


    If you are still concerned or more specific about the durability of the product then use a duvet cover so you can have less washing trips of the weighted blanket.

Note:  If the weighted blanket is over 15 – 20 lbs then do not wash them in your residential washing machines as they are not capable of handling such weights. It is better to use commercial washing spaces like Laundromat.

Washing Guidelines Based on the Fabric:

1. Minky

This is one of the best fabrics that stay as soft as new even after so many washes. They should always be washed alone with mild detergent as the friction from other laundry items cannot be good for the fabric. If you have to remove any particular stubborn stain then add non-chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach. However, if you want to just spot clean it then use a toothbrush for scrubbing the stain.

2. Fleece

To wash a fleece weighted blanket, then all you have to do is – warm wash, rinse and drying at low heat. For removing specific stains, soak the weighted blanket for 45mins so that the stain can loosen up. For fleece fabric, you can use mild – gentle detergent powder. As fleece is capable of tolerating fabric softeners, you can use them. However make sure to rinse it twice in order to eliminate any softener or detergent build up so that it remains soft after drying. We recommend air drying this blanket to avoid pilling.

3. Flannel

For this fabric, it is only recommended to wash either warm or cool with gentle detergent. If hot water is used for washing then the fabric will quickly wear off. Make sure to dry it only on low heat and remove the blanket as soon as the process is completed because it prevents over-drying of the fibers.

4. Cotton

Most of the weighted blankets available in the market are made up of 100% cotton fabric. Make sure to wash it alone without any other loads. Heat generated by the friction can wear off the blanket quickly. Make sure to wash with mild detergent only. For keeping the colors bright, we recommend using ½ cup of vinegar while washing.

5. A blend of Rayon and Linen

For rinsing, warm wash and mild detergent is perfect for this type of fabric. For drying, you can either tumble dry at low or air-dry it. For stain removal, we recommend using diluted bleaches or oxygen bleach to avoid the cellulose fibers from weakening.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can toddlers use weighted blankets?

Children below 2 years of age should not use weighted blanket. If they have crossed the 2 year age limit then they can use it. However, make sure to consult your physician beforehand.

2. How to know if I need a weighted blanket or not?

In order to know, try to answer the questions mentioned below…

    • Do you cover yourself with more blankets for weight while sleeping?


    • Do you press your body against the couch in order to get the pressure?


    • Does placing heavier pillows on shoulders help to sleep or relax better?


    Do you think blanket have to be thick and weighted but not thin?

If the answer is yes then you would really enjoy having a weighted blanket. However, if the thought of being under the weighted blanket is making your anxiety worse, then avoid purchasing a weighted blanket.

3. What are the washing options of weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets can either be hand-washed, dry cleaned or machine washed. You will have to check the instruction manual or manufacturer for suitable option.

4. Weighted blankets make me feel hot. What is suggested for me?

You can choose a weighted blanket comes with removable outer layer. This helps you stay cool in warmer months.

5. Can I share weighted blanket with my loved one?

Purchasing 2 weighted blankets can be a better option instead of sharing one. However, if you still want to share the blanket then purchase a bigger size or double sized weighted blanket. Make sure the blanket you choose distributes the weight evenly throughout the blanket.

6. Are weighted blankets safe for pregnancy?

Yes, they are. Pregnant women often suffer with poor sleep or insomnia. Using a weighted blanket helps them get good sleep and rest they require. It provides the feeling that is similar to a hug which stimulates the sense of security and calms the mind. However, it is better to consult your gynecologist before using them.

7. Is it safe to use weighted blankets for baby?

The answer for this question is surely “NO”.  Seeing your baby suffer with sleepless nights may prompt you in choosing weighted blankets. But it is dangerous for them. Babies, infants and toddlers cannot move their body in lifting the blankets or moving pillows so they experience overheat and suffocate. Sometimes, this can lead to death too. So, it is better to wait for at least they grow up until they can handle the blankets by themselves.

8. What should I do if weighted blanket gets damaged?

Even though manufacturer’s claim that their weighted blankets are durable and long lasting, it may get damaged. Especially in situations like when your dog scratches or your kids experiments his new scissor skills. Here is what you can do…

    1. If some poly pellets are leaking then use a needle and thread or sewing machine to stitch the holes even if you cannot find the leaked pellets. This avoids in leakage of any other pellets.


    If 2 – 3 squares are completely ruined then remove all the pellets and secure stitch the surrounding squares to prevent leakage. Removing weight from 2 – 3 squares will not make much difference.

Hopefully, this information may help you in fixing the blanket.

9. Are weighted blankets covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies cover the expenses if you have a prescription from a certified medical professional. Since they are considered as medical expenses, they are tax deductible to a certain extent allowed by the law.

10. Where Can I Purchase a Weighted Blanket?

There are many websites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and other therapy stores who sell weighted blankets. You can even purchase on in our “List of Best Weighted Blanket” Section. If you are too handy with needle and stitching then you can even make one for you by watching many DIY’s in the internet. However, we recommend to leave it to professionals who are experts in making them with perfect weights.

Some insurance companies cover the expenses if you have a prescription from a certified medical professional. Since they are considered as medical expenses, they are tax deductible to a certain extent allowed by the law.

11. Will weighted blankets make me hot?

A good quality breathable weighted blanket will not make you feel hot as it releases out the heat accumulated. Cotton or quilt fabric are some cool fabrics for hot weather. Other fabric options may keep you warm or hot. Climatic conditions should also be taken into consideration so, If living in a tropical climatic condition then cotton is the best. If you live in cold climatic conditions then any fabric with good breathability will not be good enough.

12. What do I do if I spill coffee on my blanket?

If you have spilled coffee or any liquid on the weighted blanket – take a toothbrush, apply some mild-detergent or toothpaste on the spilled area. Gently rub the toothpaste for 2 minutes and machine wash it. Hang it dry on laundry line or tumble dry it at very low setting.

13. How much beneficial is a weighted blanket for college students?

College students experience anxiety, fear and stress on daily levels because of deadlines, workshops, adjusting to the room-mates, or exams. So, using weighted blankets makes them less anxious, focus more on the readings, improve sleep and build confidence.

14. How much beneficial is a weighted blanket for elderly?

Due to age and health issues, elderly often suffer with insomnia or improper sleep. So, using weighted blanket helps elderly get good sleep and relaxation they require in that age.

Few Words of Note…

Was the information provided in the above article helpful in choosing the right anxiety weighted blanket? As per our choice, we recommend “YnM Weighted Blanket”.

Which one of them did you choose? Which weighted blanket were you using earlier? Share your experiences and queries in the comments section below. We are more than happy to guide you.

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