Best Braces for Sprained Ankle Reviewed in 2020

As per a recent study, 30% of injuries observed in sports medical clinics are ankle sprains. Sharp twists, sudden stopping, landing on another player’s foot, tripping and collision are the common reasons for sprained ankles.

The discomfort, pain and swelling caused by sprained ankle can be frustrating. An ankle brace can be helpful in preventing the injury from worsening as it provides enough support and balance the foot requires. It also quicken the recovery and reduce the swelling.

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Apart from that the most important advantage is – they don’t restrict the movement while the sprain is healing. The braces will provide support to the tendons and joints so that you can walk properly.

Finding the right one can be a daunting task as the market is filled up with so many varied options. In order to help you, our expert team has researched, tested and picked up the best ankle braces for sprain recovery.

Note: If you want to know which features our experts considered while choosing the right one then read our buying guide.

Top 10 Recommended Ankle Braces for Sprain or  Injury


Among the list, “PowerLix” stands best in our list because of its specialized fabric blend, ergonomic design and compression that provides full range of motion and complete protection to the ankle. And when it comes to price, it is totally affordable and budget friendly.

Detailed Assessment of Each Ankle Brace:

1. PowerLix Ankle Brace Support Sleeve

This product is one of the best and highly recommended brace for sprained ankle. Even most of the athletes and sport enthusiasts trust this product for its quality, compression and support.

It is specially designed to apply even pressure across the ankle in order to provide complete relief from the pain and swelling. It is best suited for tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sprains, swelling, arthritis, and other ankle pain.

PowerLix ankle support are perfect for sport activities like basketball, volleyball, soccer, crossfit, running, hiking and many others. A 4 way stretch fabric blend is specially developed for all-round superior protection, compression and support.

The breathable fabric will absorb all the sweat and keeps the feet dry as well as odor free. The manufacturers have designed it in such a way that it fits all body types and sizes. In case if you have sprained ankle, wearing it will improve the blood circulation for speeding up the recovery. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 6 months of period and your money is refunded without any questions asked.


    4 way stretch capability material.
    Ultimate support and good compression.
    Specially knitted technical design.
    Quickens recovery time.
    Breathable material.
    Eliminates sweat and odor.
    100% money back guarantee.
    Fits all body sizes and types.


    Uncomfortable if worn with socks and shoes.

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2. McDavid Ankle Brace Support

If you are looking for level 3 protection for sprained or injured ankle then McDavid is the ideal choice. It is highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for post ankle sprain injuries. It will support and stabilize the ankles perfectly such that you will feel completely comfortable in performing your daily activities.

You can wear it while playing sport to prevent ankle injuries or minimize the risk of re-injury because of its compression and stabilizer straps will avoid the ankle form making awkward movements. It is made up of 100% polyester so it is very light in weight.

The tongue of the brace is completely breathable so there is no chance of moisture, sweat and odor buildup. You can wear this brace during sports like soccer, tennis, football and many more. It can be used either on left or right leg.

The circumferential strap at the top of the ankle will lock everything at place. The lace-up feature is perfect for those who want customized fit as it will provide flexibility of choosing how loose or snug you want the brace to fit.

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    Compression, stability, alignment and protection.
    Comfortable fitting as per your convenience.
    Lightweight and breathable material.
    Figure-6 strap system.
    Available in 2 colors: black and gray.
    Reinforced closures.
    Padded lining.
    Level 3 protection and support.


    Not machine washable.
    It may hamper mobility to some extent.

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3. Zamst Ankle Support Stabilizer

This product is perfect for people looking to support most intense ankle injuries. And moreover this brace is used by Pro NBA player Stephen Curry. Isn’t that amazing!

Zamst ankle brace has a structured shape and Exo-Grid external dual molded support. It will perfectly fit your ankle shape and keep it supported, stable and aligned. It is best suited for moderate to severe injuries. It is known to prevent further injury, pain relief and keep the ankle aligned.

The manufacturer has added so many features to it so that the ankle stays supported even when the feet takes awkward movements. The X-strap will offer 3 way-anterior, medial and lateral support. Though it looks bulky, heavy and stuff, it is completely comfortable to wear.

The Grip-Tech feature will not allow the brace to slip-off the place. The Rom-Tech feature will provide full range of motion while a-fit will anatomically support the ankle.

You can wear it either on left or right foot. It usually fits into any shoe during sport activities. It is completely suitable for sport activities like soccer, basketball, cricket and others. It is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and Xlarge.


    Amazing features like a-fit, Rom-tech, Grip-tech, X-strap.
    Comfortable flexibility with ankle movements.
    Provides optimal support.
    3 way anterior, lateral and medial support.
    Doesn’t slip off the place.
    Perfect for moderate to severe injuries.


    A bit expensive.
    Available only in black color.

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4. ActiveWrap Brace Support for Sprained Ankle

This product is specially designed for foot and ankle support and post-injury therapy. It is best suited for plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, over-stressed tendons, Achilles tendinitis and other ankle joint injuries.

You can wear it even while playing any sport and performing any activity that need ankle support. This product is formulated and tested by physical therapy professionals and doctors. 2 slots are provided inside the wrap for gel packs.

Manufacturer provides both hot and cold therapy gel packs. You can use any one of it as per your therapy needs. The patented design of this product is built for comfort and precise functionality. Active Wrap is FDA registered and medical-grade approved.


    Hot and cold therapy gel packs.
    1 year warranty.
    FDA registered and medical-grade approved.
    Specially designed for ankle and foot.
    2 slots for removable gel packs.
    No leaks and no mess.
    Formulated and tests by professionals.
    Available in 4 colors.


    Heating the gel pad is a bit messy.

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5. Tandem Active T2 Ankle Brace

This product highly recommended and used by many athletes across United States. The support, mobility and compression it provides is known to improve performance on the field.

Tandem Active is one of the most trusted and popular brands who have many years of experience in designing and developing high-grade athlete attires. It is a high-grade stabilizer which comes with top-notch protection to the ankle joint and feet.

It is best suited for sport activities like volleyball, football, basketball, soccer and others. The materials and technology used for making this product are completely durable and sturdy. The hinges will provide optimum compression and flexibility which ensure maximum ankle stability.


    Perfect support and compression.
    Light in weight.
    Durable and sturdy.
    Anatomical bilateral hinge.
    Custom molded EVA padding.
    Maximum performance and protection.


    Quite bulky.
    Not so comfortable with shoes.
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6. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

This product has been very popular and getting lot of praises lately for its quality and support. As per the users, it provides excellent comfort, compression and support to the ankle.

It uses dynamic cuff combined with stability straps which support and protect while minimizing the sprain in high ankles. The Med Spec has designed it to be affordable and durable as well. It has a bi-lateral design which makes sure it fits left and right foot of any size.

Ballistic nylon is used to make this product which provides strength and durability. The Velcro lace closure ensure easy application. It is perfect for protecting against eversion and inversion ankle sprains. In order to provide additional support, the brace has stabilizing straps and the 8-figure styling will provide maximum coverage.


    Ballistic nylon material.
    Durable and sturdy.
    Elastic cuff closure for comfort and support.
    Bi-lateral design.
    Manufactured in US.
    Machined washable.
    Available in 2 colors: black and white.
    Can be worn on socks.
    Available in 6 sizes: sx, s, m, l, xl and xxl.


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7. Trilok Ankle Brace

This product is known for its versatility and complete support for eversion and inversion sprained ankles. It has a footlok strap which provides ultimate support to plantar fascia and PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction).

This brace has 2 individual straps which will stabilize the rear and mild foot. These straps are constructed from high grade patented Ultima 2 fabric and industrial strength Velcro. As this ankle brace doesn’t have laces, it is very easy to wear and remove.

It is perfect for any sport that involve pivoting and cutting like football, basketball, soccer and volleyball. Breathable, neoprene-free and thin materials are used for making this brace. It can be easily tucked into athletic shoes without any difficulty.


    Eliminate eversion for a maximum foot stability.
    100% later and neoprene free.
    Available in 4 sizes.
    Recommended for sport enthusiasts.
    Double strapping.
    Strong Velcro.


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8. DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

This brace is specially designed for those who are returning to sports after an ankle injury. It acts as a preventive brace in order to protect against any future injury. It is specially designed to improve circulation and heat regulation.

Due to its low cut design profile, it feels like it is specially customized to fit your foot. The adjustable Velcro closures and super soft under layer lining will provide ultimate comfort without looking bulky. The brace will fit into your shoes or cleats without making any adjustments.

This ankle brace is capable of protecting the ankle against eversion, inversion, roll control and instability. Molded TPU shell adapts to match the anatomical shape of any foot; Low profile design and adjustability ensure a customizable fit.


    Molded TPU shell adapts.
    EVA underlying.
    Low profile design and adjustability.
    Prohibits ankle roll and common ankle injuries.
    Max level of support.
    Fits easily in any Shoe or Cleat.
    30% lighter for enhanced footwork.


    Limited flexibility.
    Painful to wear if it is not your size.

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9. Aircast A60 Ankle Support

This brace was designed by keeping the athletes and sport enthusiasts in mind. It is perfect for anyone who is looking to prevent ankle injury. It is known for supporting the weakest point of the ankle so that it can prevent ankle sprain.

Its design incorporates a stabilizer which is located on either side of the ankle. It can be molded at 60 degree angle in order to support the guard against rollovers and ankle sprains. As it is light in weight, it is very comfortable to wear and easily fits in athletic footwear.

As it is packed with full of amazing features, compression and support, most of the athletes, amateur and professionals. This product has lightweight design, which makes it possible to use during your extensive physical performances, without actually getting in your way.

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    Light in weight and fits comfortably.
    Made of high quality breathable material.
    60 degree stabilizer guards.
    Sleek and anatomic design.
    Breathable fabric.

    Single strap application.
    Mid to moderate ankle sprains.


    A bit uncomfortable if you don’t find right size.

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10. SENTQ Compression Ankle Brace

From relieving ankle ailments to preventing ankle injuries, this is perfect solution for all. It is made up of breathable, comfortable and flexible fabric which provides complete support to high-impact activities such as basketball, football, running or jumping.

The snug fit around the ankle provides perfect alignment, improves blood circulation and quickens the recovery of fatigued muscles. The manufacturers of SENTEQ have combined innovative technology and high quality materials to provide the best medical equipment like no others.

Each piece undergoes vigorous testing as per the highest standards in the industry. The special multi-hole design will provide full range of movement so you can wear it while playing sports and doing any activities. The elastic neoprene provides enough compression and protection. It is registered with FDA as a class one medical device.


    Unique compact design.
    Doesn’t restrict movement.
    Registered with FDA as medical grade.
    100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
    Non-toxic eco-friendly material.
    Superior craftsmanship.
    Undergoes testing.
    6 available sizes.


    It can be a bit uncomfortable is the area above ankle is meaty.
    Not as much support as rigid brace.

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How to Choose the Right Ankle Brace?

Below is a brief explanation of factors you have to consider while purchasing a brace for sprained ankle.

1. Right Ankle Size

The first important thing to look in an ankle brace is – whether it fits your ankle. In order to determine the right size, measure the circumference around the ankle 5 cm above the ankle.

MeasurementAppropriate Size
20 – 22 cmSize 1
22 – 23. 5 cmSize 2
22 – 23. 5 cmSize 3
25 cm – 26.5 cmSize 4

2. Sleeves/Wraps/Rigid Braces

Depending on what sort of injury and support you require, you have to look for the options. If you have serious injury, arthritis, or ankle joint issue then go with rigid braces. If the sport you are playing requires good ankle support then rigid braces are best suited.

If you require moderate levels of support and compression for level 1, 2 sprains then semi rigid or canvas wraps are better. For mild sprains and muscles strain, you can go with sleeves. You can tuck them into your foot wear.

3. Material

Most of the braces are made up of Velcro with straps. The extended adjustability will help you correct the tightness as per your convenience. Some of the braces don’t have straps which can be effective in relieving pain but they are not recommended as they cannot be adjusted.

4. Warranty

It is better to choose a product that comes with good warranty period as it ensures how much the manufacturer is confident about the product. It also helps to replace or return the product if it turns out to be faulty or defective after certain period.


If you play sports regularly or an athlete then it is better to invest in an ankle brace rather than suffering from the discomfort caused by sprain. Every brace is designed and developed differently. So, it is very important to choose the right one as per your requirement.

We hope the information we provided in our buying guide and review of the best products we selected will help you make the right decision. If you still have any queries related to it then write to us in the comment section below. We will more than happy to answer them for you.

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