several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet

Directly, if you can not refill the battery in the standard way. For example, if the gadget breaks the connector or contacts are off. In this case, the charging wire will be useless. But you can pull out the battery and power it directly from the cable or external drive.Read in our article how to charge the tablet directly and how to do it correctlyDoubt, can I charge it directly? This is quite realistic, but it is not safe for the device. Mobile gadgets do not provide such a method of charging. Therefore, use direct connection only as a last resort, when there is no other way out. And do not do it for no reason, just to try it out. Of course, if you still need this device to store energy.If the part is built-in, it will not work. You will not be able to “get” to its terminals. It must be pulled out. But here there are workarounds. For example, you can purchase wireless charging. Although old models do not support the transfer of energy by “air” and a suitable set of equipment is expensive.Before you charge the gadget battery directly, find out if it works. If you can not power it due to malfunctions or hardware breakdowns, take the device to a service center. Do not try to fix the device yourself, if you do not know how to do it. Better to entrust it to professionals.If the device for accumulating energy is constantly charged outside the enclosure, it will quickly become unusable. Direct “connect” is a temporary solution.



You can energize the battery (rechargeable battery) with “bare” wires. You will need an old or unnecessary charging cable. Why “unnecessary”? Because you will cut it. And after that you will not be able to use it for the intended purpose.Here’s how to charge directly: How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletOnce again we note that it is risky. You may be electrocuted. The device for energy storage can overheat, melt or even explode. A charged gadget is hardly worth it.While feeding, do not hold it in your hands, but at the same time watch its temperature. If it seems too hot for you, turn it off.This is not the only option, directly. You can also connect one battery to another. Similarly, cut the cable, remove the insulation and attach the bare wires to the contacts. Only not to one battery, but to two. And a drive with a smaller charge will be replaced by energy. Devays must fully match the characteristics (current strength, power, and so on).How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletWhen plugged into an outlet, there is a risk that the power and amperage will not work for the gadget, and then it will fail. But when replenishing the “battery from the battery” you can break both at once.

Universal charger “Frog”

Since connecting the gadget directly to the charging – not the best idea, you can use a universal charger. It is called “frog” or “toad” (outwardly it resembles this animal).

  • Lift its cover, under which there will be two terminals.
  • Attach the battery to them. If it has more contacts, it’s not scary. The main thing is that the terminals “coincide” with the two end contacts.
  • Close the “frog” cover. It will press and fix the gadget.
  • Plug the charger into an outlet.
  • If it lights up a red light, then everything is fine.
  • If not, try reversing the battery. Perhaps, the “plus-minus” did not coincide.
  • How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletThe conditions for charging the tablet from a personal computer are of interest to quite a few users of these devices. If a person is not aware of how to do it correctly, he might think that it’s enough to connect the tablet to a computer using a normal USB cable, while leaving it for a while.But this is not entirely correct, since no result will be obtained. And on the tablet there will be no information about the charge. And often you can observe a very slow charge, which can last a fairly long time.This problem is due to the fact that the current loads of the tablet and the computer do not dock. How to solve this problem? To do this, use the usual guidelines for properly charging the tablet from the computer.First of all, you need to connect the USB cable to various computer ports. After all, the current at each individual port can contain a different value.After successful connection, you need to put the tablet into sleep mode. This approach will increase the flow of energy and allow the device to charge more intensively. Of course, you should not expect a high charging speed. And in general, the tablet can only be charged when the computer is turned on.To ensure high-quality charging, you should stock up on chargers with powerful USB ports. Only using them you can achieve fast charging of the tablet and even work on a charging device.The best solution is to purchase a special cable that represents the USB adapter. As you know, to charge the tablet you need 2 adapters with a USB connector to connect it to two computer ports. The extra connector in the adapter can be used to connect the tablet using a standard cord.To increase the current voltage, you can use special programs that work in the Windows operating system. They allow you to increase the current by several times. There are currently three such programs: “Ai Charger from Asus”, “GIGABYTE ON / OFF Charge” and “i-Charge”.The first program helps to charge the tablet 100%. It does not require a special launch, it’s just automatically loaded when the operating system boots. This program is designed with maximum compatibility to all motherboards.The “GIGABYTE ON / OFF Charge” software is able to determine if the device itself is connected to the port. It allows you to charge the tablet even from the computer turned off. Only if the tablet is connected before it is turned off. With this program, you can charge about 3 devices at a time.The last program is quite difficult to find and install. In addition, for it to start, you need to install one more additional software.The problem of fast discharge of mobile devices based on Android is a “disease” that many consumers face. The reasons for the rapid discharge due to the specifics of the platform are many. How to quickly charge the Android phone and what problems are typical for batteries – find out from this article.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletHow correctly to charge for the first time a new or second-hand phone, if a nest is broken? What should I do if the battery charge rises and does not fully charge? What programs and applications can I use to save, control and optimize the charge on Asus Zenfon Max or in other phones? How to know the capacity and how to check the battery status?To begin with, we will discuss the reasons and methods for their elimination:

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  • High brightness settings of the screen of the mobile device. The display, whose brightness is set to 80-100%, will quickly discharge your mobile. For optimum performance, 50% of brightness is usually enough. To fix the problem, you must change the brightness level in the Settings menu by going to the Screen section. Choose the brightness for your needs, if possible, adjust the automatic brightness adjustment option according to the lighting. Mobile devices have additional options for automatic screen rotation or intelligent waiting, when the display remains activated while the user is looking at it. These options affect the battery life, so they must be turned off.
  • Use unnecessary modules and services. If the options Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS and others are used unnecessarily, this will lead to a discharge of the battery. Functions, though not much, but sow the battery, and if they are used constantly, then the battery discharges quickly. To fix the problem, just disable the options.
  • The GPS option can be enabled without the user’s knowledge, in particular if the geolocation function is activated, which is used in the camera operation. Turn off GPS and geolocation to prevent a discharge.
  • The use of mobile applications and games at high settings, especially for 3D games that run for at least half an hour. How to save the charge of a tablet or a smartphone and how to make the battery last longer? Do not run applications and games for a long time, if possible, reduce the graphics settings. This will not affect the quality of the gameplay, but will significantly reduce the load on the battery.
  • If the charge drops sharply, this is often due to regular reboots of the mobile device. Without the need to do this, do not reboot the phone when the gadget requires it.
  • If the device incorrectly shows a charge, the battery discharge is too fast or it does not charge at all, it is useless to think how to calibrate and how to save the life of the device. If the symptoms are accompanied by a bloated battery, this indicates that the battery life is exhausted and needs to be changed. Batteries can not be used and repaired.
  • How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet1. Check the status of the mobile battery How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet2. Disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet3. Decrease brightness and turn off auto-rotate

    Solution of the problem of fast charge flow

    How to properly charge your phone, how to charge your smartphone faster without charging? How to reduce the discharge? Read more about how to overclock and how to increase battery life.

  • For proper operation, charge the power supply unit that came with the phone. If the phone is designed for a charge of 1 ampere, then using a 1.5 ampere charger will quickly disable the battery.
  • Faced with a problem, check for updates to the operating system and programs and phone applications. Update the system. If errors appear in the work of the platform, try to restore the factory default settings of the phone.
  • Do not keep the mobile gadget on charge longer than necessary. When the battery is charged, disconnect it from the mains.
  • Before you charge your mobile device, do not unplug it. The battery is put on charge when the smartphone or tablet is turned on (the video was shot and published by the Niksilon channel).
  • More details on how to reduce the discharge, we have already reported – for this purpose it is desirable to reduce the brightness of the display and lower the application settings.How to swing the battery in your mobile device and how to extend its service life:

  • When placing a mobile device on charging, activate the mode in the airplane. This will save up to a third of the time needed to recharge. When this mode is activated, the smartphone will not spend its charge on the Wi-Fi adapter, search for mobile communications, and these functions spend a lot of energy. When using the phone in Airplane mode, the user will not be able to communicate over the phone with other subscribers, send messages and use the Internet.
  • As we have already reported, the charging time should not be increased. When the mobile gadget is charged up to 100%, the phone’s battery will begin to lose capacity, though not much. Therefore, at night, before going to bed, put the smartphone on charge is not worth it.
  • Periodically perform a full discharge of the battery, at least once a month. This means that the smartphone needs to be discharged before it completely turns off, then plug it into the network and wait for it to charge. This is how the battery is calibrated and this process is especially important for lithium-ion devices.
  • Use original memory for charging. This is important because the technical parameters and characteristics of the battery and charging are the same.
  • In the absence of charging, it is not recommended to recharge the phone via a USB cable connected to the computer. Connecting to a laptop or computer will not allow you to provide the right amount of amperage provided by the original charger. In addition, the use of a cord connected to a PC, quite strongly affects the charging time, which increases. This affects the technical parameters and the battery characteristics in general.
  • If you are in the absence zone of the mobile network signal, which makes the use of the smartphone for its intended purpose impossible, disconnect the device. For example, going down the metro or driving out of town, where the mobile network does not catch. When the phone is in an area where the network is too weak, it will automatically perform its search, which will lead to a decrease in charge.
  • If you use the sound method for notifying about calls and messages, then turn off vibration. Vibration “eats” a significant portion of the battery’s charge.
  • Do not put the desktop animation, it also affects the charge. If possible, use black images for the working screen. Displays developed with AMOLED technology consume significantly less energy when they display black instead of light colors.
  • Remember that too high or low temperatures affect the discharge. Lithium batteries are more sensitive to both overheating and overcooling, the most appropriate option is to use the battery at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. At a temperature of 0 degrees, the battery will lose about 6-8% capacity in twelve months. If the air temperature is 25%, then the battery capacity will drop to 20%. At higher temperatures – 40-50% – the battery can lose 40% capacity in a year.
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    How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet What are the options for charging the tabletIf you actively use your tablet for work, communication and entertainment purposes, it is often discharged and requires replenishing these losses. And the battery can be discharged at the most inopportune moment. If you are at home, you do not need to go anywhere and charging at your fingertips, then there is no problem. And if you are out of the house or need to run away urgently? A tablet you need in a charged state. That’s when different non-standard ways of charging the tablet are used. We’ll talk about them in this article.

    From the cigarette lighter in the car

    Since today many people have a car and do not travel by their business, the most common question is how to charge the battery in a car. And specifically, how to charge it from the cigarette lighter, which is in any car. In the case of charging through the cigarette lighter, you will need a charger, adapted to the electrical network of the car. They are now a huge number and they are sold both in car stores, and with mobile gadgets. In these chargers nothing difficult. On the one hand, they have a connector for a car cigarette lighter, and on the other, a USB interface, to which the tablet is connected.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletBut here you need to remember the next moment. You need to make sure that the memory specifications match the standards for your tablet. Manufacturers put them on the body of their devices.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletTo charge the battery of the tablet, you just need to connect the tablet through the cable to the USB charging port and insert the device into the cigarette lighter.The advantages are mobility, cheapness and convenience. As a minus, it should be noted that the charging current is low, which means that the process is greatly stretched in time.In addition, this is an additional load on the generator and reducing the voltage in other consumers. Let and a little, but charging will eat off a resource that could go on charging.

    External power supply

    Now on sale you can find a large selection of external batteries. They are often called power bank. They connect to the tablet via a cable and, as a rule, have a set of adapters. That is, the devices are universal. From them you can charge cameras, smartphones, tablets, video cameras, etc. The system works simply to disgrace. After connecting, the charge of the external power source flows to or from another device.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet It is worth saying that this is the most mobile version of all that we are considering here. You can always take this power bank with you on the road.Among the advantages are mobility, decent capacity, slow discharge, high efficiency. The disadvantages include the need to precharge the most external battery.

    From a personal computer

    This is another common option to charge the tablet, if you do not have a full-time memory. To do this, you only need a USB cable that connects the device to the computer. With such charging, the voltage is regulated by the motherboard power system, on which the USB controller is disconnected. The interface can be controlled by both third-party chips and the “south bridge” of the motherboard.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletThis is a more accurate and safe option compared to a conventional charger. This method can be called the most sparing for the AKB tablet. But the charging process will last much longer. The same is true when charging the tablet from laptops and netbooks.To charge the tablet from a PC, you only need a cable. Usually, it’s USB ─ mini USB.The advantages include simplicity and accessibility. Among the shortcomings, we can note the limitation on the charging current and voltage. As a consequence, the duration of the process.In some cases, it may be necessary to charge the tablet battery directly from the charger. In this case, the battery is removed from the gadget, its wires are connected to the wires from the charger and charging is performed. This charge can be called extreme and it should be used only in case of emergency. Take it, if you understand what and how to do. In this case, you will need to take technical measures to limit the input current and voltage when charging in accordance with the characteristics of the battery. Otherwise, the battery of the tablet will easily fail. Often, chargers are used to directly charge the tablet PC battery, which are popularly called frogs.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet Pros are the speed of charging and small losses of electricity. The disadvantages are the risk of overheating and battery failure. In addition, this method of charging requires constant monitoring of the process.You need to quickly leave, for a fee of just twenty minutes, you grab a tablet – and there’s only a 5% charge! Even if it is immediately connected to the network, the battery will not have time to “fill”. A device you desperately need on the road. What to do? Do not worry, there is a way out of this situation too. Read a few of our recommendations to understand how quickly.A working device requires a lot of resources. Open applications, background processes, touch screen, widgets, radio modules – all this puts the battery. And part of the incoming energy goes to these functions. To make the battery fill faster, disable the gadget. So the charging process will be 30-40% more efficient.Are there any other options. Close the background programs. In Android-devices it is done like this:

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  • Go to settings.
  • Item “Applications” (it is in the section “Device”).
  • Tab “Working”.
  • Select the active utility that you do not need at the moment.
  • Click Stop.
  • Close this way games, photo editors, players, social networking applications. But do not touch important processes and programs that you do not know anything about. If a warning pops up that stopping the utility may affect the operation of the device, do not take any chances. Although the tablet will restart automatically when the tablet is restarted.
  • Also temporarily disable active widgets. They work and consume energy, even when the device is in sleep mode – update the data through the network, search for fresh information.
  • In iOS, there is no similar function, so Apple devices should be simply turned off. So they will be charged much faster.If you close all applications manually, this will take a long time. But there are utilities that complete the background processes. For example, “Avast Battery Saver”, which is designed to save energy. He disables active programs on command.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletBut this is not all available ways. Wireless connections also affect: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS (or other type of navigation), mobile network, modem mode, NFC and so on. They need a lot of energy. They are also better off, in order to charge the tablet faster. Of course, only if you do not expect an important call. To tear them up one at a time is long and inconvenient, so it’s best to use “Flight mode”. To deactivate all connections at once, just move one switch.


    How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tablet


  • Open the settings.
  • At the very top of the list will be “Aircraft”.
  • You can turn it on or off.
  • How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletThe charging process is also affected by temperature. When it’s too hot or too cold, energy is filled up slowly. Ideal conditions – 22 degrees Celsius.The charger is one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of energy recovery. It is better to use the cable that came with the device. But the wire itself must be of good quality. If he is very thin, there will not be much use from him. Do not use the “charging”, which is designed for other models.Each battery is designed for a certain voltage and current. You can choose a cable that provides more energy. Suppose your battery is capable of “accepting” an input current of 3 amps, and only 1 ampere is fed through the wire. It is better to buy another cable – say, 2 Amps. Just make sure that the battery does not warm up – such conditions may not be good for her.

    Socket or USB?

    And what should I plug it into – an outlet or a computer? It is better to connect the device to the mains. The PC does not have enough power.But if you do not have a choice, and the only possibility to “charge” is the USB port, remove the synchronization and debugging. These options need a lot of energy. But in any case, you can forget about fast replenishment of the battery.Another thing, if the computer is a motherboard with the function of accelerated charging. Such a pleasant trifle is added to some ASUS products. To use this option, download the program “AiCharger” to the PC.How to charge the tablet directly: several effective ways. What are the options for charging the tabletIt has the item “3x Speed”, which means “Triple acceleration”. To enable it, place the marker next to “Enable” and click on the “Auto Tuning” button. And charging will happen faster three times. To disable the option, select “Disable”. The principle of the utility is that it increases the current that goes from the PC to the device.


    In Android, there are specialized applications that accelerate the charging process. They can be installed through the Play Market.

    • Charger Booster.
    • Fast Charging.
    • Super Charger.
    • Battery Master-Save.

    There are many such programs. But they do not need to be customized – they start automatically when you connect the gadget to the mains.Do not know how to quickly charge the tablet in 10 minutes? The most effective option is to turn off the device and. Then all the energy will go only to the battery. If the gadget is necessary for you in working order, close the background applications or break the wireless connections. Or at least turn off the display.

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