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When you sell ads directly or want to test the performance of new ads, you might want to display them not only for a specific time but also for a particular amount of impressions or clicks.

This is very easy to set up using the Tracking add-on.

Limit ad impressions or clicks

Navigate to Advanced Ads > Ads in your WordPress dashboard and select the ad you want to limit.

Scroll down to the Statistics meta box. It might look similar to this:

You can limit ad impressions or clicks for every ad unit

If you change the values in the limit column to anything >0 and save the ad, Advanced Ads will consider these limits.

When you set an expiration date for the ad, Advanced Ads will distribute the impressions and clicks evenly over that period. You can switch off this behavior by setting the constant ADVANCED_ADS_TRACKING_NO_HOURLY_LIMIT in your wp-config.php.

click and impression limits for ads

The ad is not showing up anymore after reaching the first limit. You can manually increase the limit or reset the stats to show it again.

Check the calculation of the limits

The real ad impressions and clicks are not summed up with every page impression to limit the impact on the site’s performance. The hourly pace is recalculated every hour to make sure unused impressions are rolled over to the remaining time.

The plugin also recalculates the pace when the ad options change.


Starting in 2009, Thomas’ own word game website grew to 40 MM page impressions per month. He then built Advanced Ads to help his colleagues to place ads and test different ad positions and networks tests without any coding skills. Thomas now enjoys improving the product for our more than 150,000 users worldwide.

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