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Fish are aquatic organisms found in river and ocean biomes. Players who enjoy exploring the waters of the Overworld are sure to spot a trout or two at some point. These fish like to be together and are often found in rivers or colder water.Read: how to raise minecraft salmonHealth Points3BehaviorPassiveGearbox sizeIn Java version: Height: 0.4 Blocks, Width: 0.7 Blocks In Bedrock Version: Small Salmon: Height: 0.25 Blocks, Width: 0.25 BlocksLay eggFrozen Ocean and its variationsItems that can be used onWater bucket



Salmon and their worm versions spawn in groups of 1-5 in cold or frozen oceans and rivers. They usually spawn 12 to 32 blocks away from the player underwater. While in Bedrock Edition, they spawn in groups of 3-5 in warm, cold, normal, frozen oceans, their deep variations, and rivers (including frozen rivers). Salmon also spawn on water, they spawn in three sizes: small, medium and large. The rate of minor occurrence is 31.5%, normal is 52.6%, and major is 15.7% over time.


Fishing is the most common method of obtaining live salmon. Gaining 1-6 experience from catching salmon is a good way to start. Elderly guardians and guardians have a 2.5% chance of releasing a random fish upon death with a 25% chance of the salmon being alive. Polar bears have a 25% chance to drop 0-2 live salmon when killed.


When killed, salmon decreases:

  • 1 raw salmon or 1 cooked salmon if killed on fire. This is not affected by Looting. 1-3 when killed by a player or a tamed wolf.
  • In the Java version, there is also a 5% chance of dropping bone meal.
  • In the Bedrock Edition, there is also a 25% chance for small or medium size salmon and a 25% chance for 1-2 bones if the salmon is large.
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    Behavior percentage:

    Salmon seem to swim in groups of up to seven individuals. In waterfalls, they can swim up to 4-5 blocks. The player can catch salmon using a bucket of water on it, resulting in a bucket of salmon. Salmon left in a bucket does not naturally shed its feathers. When you use the anti-fish bucket on an ice block, the bucket will fall out of the bucket, filling it with water and fish swimming in it. An empty barrel can also be used in Bedrock Edition, as almon cannot live in conditions without water. They hovered for a while outside the water before suffocating and dying. Salmon flip around on their sides. They also rotate when flipped in Bedrock Edition. Impaling Enchantment allows a weapon to deal extra damage to most sea creatures, with the exception of Drowned, and the enchantment allows the player to kill salmon faster, resulting in more food.



    Read more: how to do hair like odell beckhamUses of salmon- CookingRaw salmon can be cooked in the oven, smoked oven, or over a fire to produce cooked salmon. 0.35 experience is gained for each cooked salmon removed from the oven outlet slot. However, cooked salmon can also be obtained by trading with fishermen, or by finding it in a buried treasure‌, and even a drop from dead salmon while burning.Raw salmon can be cooked in the oven


    Raw salmon restores 2 Food Points and 0.2 Saturation, while the cooked variant restores 6 Feed Points and 9.6 Saturation.


    Uses of Salmon - Cats to healFirstly, Salmon can be used to heal cats with 2 Hearts. Moreover, they can also be used to tame cats, taking them out of chests, tables and other places; pet cats or ocelots; make kittens and kittens grow 10 percent faster, and even win the trust of kittens.

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    Live dolphins can be fed to the dolphin to increase its trust in the player and encourage it to communicate with them more often. After being fed raw salmon, dolphins swim to the nearest chest in a shipwreck or underwater wreckage. They swim to another structure with a chest if the chest in the nearest structure is destroyed making this method one of the most effective ways to find shipwrecks.


    Raw salmon can only be eaten by wolves that are no longer healthy, healing them with 2. In contrast, the cooked version restores their health with 6 hearts. It’s worth mentioning that this can only happen in the Bedrock Version of the game.

    Polar bears:

    Read more: How to dye white fabric from white Polar bears can be tamed in Minecraft just by feeding them a variety of fish, so players will also have to catch some before attempting tame these adorable yet ferocious creatures in their world.


    Salmon businessApprentice level Fisherman villagers have a 50% chance ‌ (BE) or 2/3 (JE) to buy 6 raw salmon and an emerald for 6 cooked salmon. On the other hand, the Journeyman-level Fisherman villager offers to buy 13 live salmon for an emerald.

    Subsidiary information:

  • Salmon also spawn in rivers because, in the real world in the fall, they travel upstream, from the ocean, back to the stream where they spawned, to lay their eggs.
  • The salmon’s ability to swim up waterfalls is based on the salmon jumping in and out of waterfalls in the real world.
  • They appear to be influenced by real-life black-eyed salmon.
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    AchievementsDescription in the gameActual requirementsI’m a marine biologist Collecting fish in a bucket Use an empty bucket on any swarm of fish to collect it.


    AdvancedIn-game DescriptionActual requirements (if different) Tactical fishing Catch a fish… without fishing!

    Frequently asked questions:

    Can you eat raw Minecraft salmon?Yes, raw salmon is also consumable in Minecraft. Although raw salmon recovers 2 Feed Points and 0.2 Saturation, while the cooked variant restores 6 Feed Points and 9.6 Saturation.Can Minecraft spawn salmon?You cannot raise Fish. There are no Baby Fish in Minecraft. Fish that spawn naturally in Ocean Biomes are like passive swarms on land.How do you fish for salmon in Minecraft?Trout can be fished by using a bucket of water to trap the salmon in, or using a fishing rod and following these instructions. Read more: how to edit a scientific journal

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