Overwatch Strategy, Tips, And Tricks

Described as “an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions”, Lucio Correia dos Santos is a prominent Overwatch hero with a positive nature. very contagious. DJ healing and speed boosts are the useful backbone of most competitive lineups. When playing Overwatch, it’s important to master a variety of heroes. That way, when the situation calls for it, you can take on a role when the team needs it. Most players will be comfortable enough with at least one hero from each class of the game. For a long time, he’s been the most played hero at competitive level – and for good reason. His kit is one of the most powerful in the game. Here are some basics to learn how to play Lucio and be the active healer your team needs.

“Look at this team. We will do very well. “


Lucio has the ability to heal multiple teammates at once thanks to the ability Crossfade Healing Boost. The area of ​​influence is visually represented by a field of radius 12 meters that surrounds him. When Healing is active, it will glow yellow. When Speed ​​Boost is activated, it will glow green. This ability is arguably one of the best in the game due to its effectiveness and versatility, allowing him to be picked in a variety of team synergies. 30 meters. That makes it always difficult for Lucio to always support his teammates most effectively, while in the past, he was able to step back more.

Always fighting

Whether Lucio is using Healing Boost or Speed ​​Boost, he’s always actively helping his team. One of the more important aspects of playing Lucio is figuring out when to use each skill, using his Crossfade to switch back and forth between healing and speed. The team is in poor health. That can be the main difference in winning and losing in a skirmish as his constant healing plus his Amp It Up skill will keep their health bar moving up. on rather than towards death. number of situations. It can be used both offensively and defensively as a response. The ultimate grants 750 shields to all allies within a 30 meter radius, but it only lasts for 7 seconds. Read more: how to tie your paddleboards to the roof rack or to protect them when you’re on the defensive against any number of ultimatums from the opposing team.

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King of “boop”

cdb7fc5f 39f0 43b4 9d83 8dbf05cb3e6cImage via Blizzard Entertainment As a support, one of Lucio’s main goals is to protect and keep his teammates healthy. He can do this in a variety of ways, first and foremost his healing. He can’t keep up with the likes of Ana or Mercy when it comes to quickly filling a tank’s health bar, but his area of ​​effect healing can keep the whole team on top if he’s close enough. Acceleration is also an effective way to keep the team safe. He can use this ability to quickly dash a team out of danger, much like D.Va’s ultimate. Speed ​​Boost is also extremely useful in helping teammates “catch a taxi” back from spawn to quickly return to the fight or return to the target to contest it in the short term. Probably Lucio’s best offensive weapon in his kit, this ability (which defaults to Mouse 2) deals 25 damage but has a strong knockback effect. It helps if you see a teammate being chased, just to get close to the enemy and “beat” them to give them the time needed to escape and have you heal them.

Kill speed

While Lucio is primarily a support character, he can also be extremely disruptive in many situations. His mobility makes him difficult to track while scrambling for a target, even more aided by the recent 20% speed boost to his wall-penetrating skill. for a surprise attack with his Soundwave ability or just a nasty way to prevent them from taking over. It helps him navigate the game’s environments quickly.

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8fba7bff d58d 4716 9539 6743b6e7ee37Visuals via Blizzard EntertainmentLucio works in a variety of situations, and it doesn’t matter who’s on the opposing team against him. That being said, he has his strengths and weaknesses against some heroes.

Against strong

It’s hard to pinpoint a hero that Lucio is strongest against in a one-on-one setting as his main strengths in most battles are his ability to self-heal and/or increase speed to be safe. Also, Lucio’s best bet in a duel is to try to poke enemies with his primary flame and push them away if they get too close, while also healing or speeding up to run towards them. teammate. That’s not to say he’s not completely defenseless against some heroes, because he is. But calling him “strong” compared to any number of characters on the list would be misleading.MercyWith only a meager pistol for self-defense, Lucio was able to take out Mercy in most one-on-one battles. But anyway, there shouldn’t be too many situations where these two confront each other.ReinhardtEven with Reinhardt’s large hammer swing radius, Lucio could be a pain for the big guy to take down. Using mobility to his advantage is a great way to get rid of Reinhardt’s slow movement speed, but will quickly end if Lucio gets too close to his range.Troops: 76One of the more frustrating things about playing as a Soldier is hearing that “I got you in the sights” quickly answered with “Droppin ‘the beat” by Lucio because his ultimate Sound Barrier is often will nullify most, if not all, of the damage.

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Weak for

McCreeHitscan heroes like McCree go well against Lucio because they’re the best way to quickly damage him while he flips and jumps around a target. McCree’s stun grenade is particularly useful in stopping him in his path.MeiMei’s main flame was a nightmare for Lucio as his speed was basically taken away when she started locking him down. Her Ice Wall ability is also capable of stopping him in her path.GenjiLike all supports, a good Genji can be a nightmare for Lucio to confront. When the cyborg ninja lunges at him, it’s time to push him away or speed up and get out of hiding while asking for help from teammates.RoadhogThis is a fight that Lucio will need help from the environment to win. The only real way for him to win is if he can push Roadhog off a ledge. Lucio can maneuver the tank steadily, but a well-positioned hook will spell the end for him. He fits into almost any team composition and does a lot of little things well that can help make the difference in victory or defeat. stable of heroes — and Lucio is at the top of the list. Read more: how to prevent patio furniture from blowing away.

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