How To Sponsor A Game On Roblox

Update stats

Once you’ve announced an update, you can track its stats in the Updates tab on the Configure Experience page. This includes: Statistical Description Date The date and time the notification was sent. Sender Roblox user sent the notification. Message The message has been sent. Views The number of Roblox users who viewed the announcement. Play Rate The percentage of users who played the experience by clicking the Play link in the notification. Unfollow Rate Percentage of users who unfollowed the experience from a notification. If this percentage is higher than Play Rate, consider making the announcements more impactful as described above.

Sponsored Experience

This feature allows you to spend Robux to show your experience to players on Roblox. You can target users, schedule ads, and set a daily budget. Read: how to sponsor a game on roblox Read more: How to spin basketball at your fingertips The moderated experience will come in various forms and will be specifically tagged as Sponsored Ads. To start a new sponsorship: Read more: how to stream ufc 207 on kodi

  • From the Create page, select Experience.
  • Find the experience you want to sponsor and click Donors button.
  • Provide all the information required for the sponsored ad and click Preview Your Ad.
  • On the next page, you’ll see an ad preview and summary. To start running your ads, click Run.
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