Overwatch Guide: How To Play Mercy

Overwatch Guide: How to Play Mercy CoverOne of the most iconic Overwatch heroes, known for her ability to resurrect teammates and reliably keep her allies in the fight. Mercy has always been a largely popular hero due to her more simplistic kit and playstyle, but there is so much more to the combat medic than meets the eye. With a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling, there is a lot to learn from super-jumps and bunny-hops to super-jump resurrects. With this guide, your team will see the true meaning of “Heroes Never Die!”Reading: how to play mercy overwatchWhether you are a beginner or a more advanced Mercy player, you should find something here to help you improve. This guide discusses her abilities, their specifics, how to use them and playstyle tips required to excel with this hero. If you’re a beginner, I recommend reading the abilities first; the more familiar players are welcome to skip down to the playstyle tips section if you feel that you’re already familiar with her kit.If you wish to check out any other Overwatch guides, here are ones for Torbjörn and D.Va respectively.




  • Self-healing: 20 per second

After not taking damage for one second, Mercy regenerates health over time. You may not notice this ability as it is something that is passively controlled, meaning you do not have to manually trigger it. However, it is definitely worth keeping in mind. This allows Mercy to stay with her team and support them while not having to worry about her own health, even when under light fire. If you are under heavy fire, re-position to a safer location and allow the passive ability to heal you up if your second support is not present or tending to another ally.This ability, tied with Guardian Angel, makes Mercy very difficult to eliminate. If you can skilfully dodge and avoid enemy attacks, you will heal back up in no time and sometimes seem like an unkillable target. The enemy DPS can chase you down all they want, but if they’re inconsistent with their attacks or you dodge them well, they won’t be getting much value and may even overextend into your team’s space.


  • Move speed: 2 m/s
  • Duration: Until cancelled

Holding the jump button allows Mercy to slowly fall to the ground, spreading her valkyrie suit’s wings and giving you room to position yourself. This ability can be activated any time mid-air but does leave you quite vulnerable as your movement pattern is suddenly pretty predictable. Its main use is to give you more control over Mercy while you’re supporting your team airborne. This ability is especially useful when Mercy is paired with flying DPS such as Pharah or Echo.


  • Primary Fire: Engages yellow healing beam
  • Healing: 55 per second
  • Max Range: 15 metres

Mercy’s caduceus staff is the essence of her kit. It is what provides her primary function of healing her teammates. Upon activating primary fire, a healing beam tethers onto a nearby ally in front of her, consistently pumping out healing overtime. If an ally happens to move out of the max range, around a corner or is cut off by an enemy shield, for example, the beam will linger for 1.3 seconds, giving them the benefits of it for just a little longer before disengaging.This is a brilliantly consistent tool and it never runs out of healing. This gives Mercy a very strong advantage in her ability to heal since she can essentially endlessly heal, unlike Ana who has to reload her weapon and wait for her biotic grenade to cool down before using it again. Though it isn’t recommended to endlessly heal if you really want to get the most out of Mercy.


  • Damage Boost: Engages blue damage boosting beam
  • Damage Amplified: 30%
  • Max Range: 15 metres

Mercy’s second use of caduceus staff is her damage boost, a highly underrated tool among newer players and even veteran ones. Upon activation it tethers a blue beam to the target, maintaining the exact physical properties of the healing beam, but in terms of function, is entirely different. Whilst attached to a teammate, any damage that they inflict will be amplified.However, you must be damage boosting your selected target when the projectile is being fired, not afterwards. Take Reinhardt’s fire strike, for example. If you damage boost him as he uses the ability, it is boosted, but if you engage just after he has used it, while it’s travelling, it will not count. You will also be able to tell when your ally’s damage is being boosted as you will see and hear the ‘body shot’ hit marker as if you were dealing the damage yourself.There are quite a few ultimates that can not be damage boosted such as Junkrat’s Riptire, Hanzo’s Dragonstrike and D.Va’s Self-Destruct. There are also many abilities that can not be damage boosted such as Symmetra and Torbjörn’s turrets, Widowmaker’s Venom Mine and more. The general rule for damage boost is that if said projectile can inflict damage upon hitting the enemy, then it will usually be amplified, unlike Widowmaker’s Venom Mine which deals no damage if it hits an enemy player, only after it is activated.

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  • Damage: 20 per shot (40 per headshot)
  • Ammo: 20
  • Automatic Weapon

Mercy’s answer to self-defence is an automatic pistol that she can swap to when in danger or when she’s feeling particularly aggressive. Doctor Ziegler is seen as the worst hero for defending herself, but once you learn how to truly utilise this little gun, it can become incredibly deadly. While the weapon is very simple, enemies that don’t expect you to be able to land headshots and predict their movement patterns will be unpleasantly surprised. Getting better with this weapon is a matter of learning and training. Playing Deathmatch with Mercy in order to really learn how to become a defensive and independent Battle Mercy when the time calls is a great method to mastering the caduceus blaster.Read more: the division how to get weapon skins | Top Q&AAs a quick note, this weapon automatically reloads if it is unequipped for 1.4 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about reloading the blaster when swapping back to it unless you alternate too quickly.


  • Max Range: 30 metres
  • Cooldown: 1.5s

Your best friend forever, Guardian Angel is a key tool that has a high skill ceiling. To activate the ability, look at an ally within range and hit the ability, Mercy then flies over to them and stops just before them. This is an absolutely crucial ability to master and learn to control, it is what will keep you alive and subsequently, your allies too. Using it well to avoid enemies, reach teammates and even escape certain situations is vital.You can even use this ability on deceased allies or their, what I like to call, “souls”, referring to the little yellow orbs of light left behind where a teammate was eliminated. This allows you to escape sticky situations where you may have ended up alone or are in desperate need of an escape, and so you can use these souls to catapult yourself away.You can also cancel this ability mid-flight if necessary by pressing the hotkey again.


  • Max Range: 5 metres
  • Cast Time: 1.75 seconds
  • Cooldown: 30s

One of the most controversial and impactful abilities in the game is none other than Mercy’s resurrect. Pressing the ability hotkey on a deceased teammate’s soul will bring them back to life after a short cast time. During the cast time, Mercy will have reduced movement speed and will be very vulnerable so be careful when deciding whether or not to use it.One quick tip to really master this ability is to activate it and then attempt to manoeuvre around a corner or some sort of cover in order to safely perform it. Don’t move too far from the ‘soul’, however, else the ability will stop casting and it will be placed on its unforgiving cooldown. Another thing to note is that if an enemy uses a CC ability to stun or push you, the resurrect will cancel, so be mindful of this.A resurrected ally also receives 2.25 seconds of invulnerability which prevents them from being eliminated right away. It’s best not to use it if you believe that they will simply die again, due to being too far out of position or if enemies are guarding the ‘soul’.


  • Duration: 15s
  • Caduceus staff enhanced to 60 healing per second, gains chaining beams, infinite blaster ammo, flight, constant regeneration and extended Guardian Angel range

Long ago, Mercy’s ultimate ability was very different, in the form of a huge resurrect that could save your entire team, but after the rework, Valkyrie allows Mercy to unleash her true potential. Using this ultimate can be a tricky one to call, but it is often used to either initiate a team fight and head in strong using the chain damage boost and healing to capitalise on the objective or to escape an enemy’s ultimate such as Genji’s Dragonblade or Wrecking Ball’s Mines by flying far away.Many newer players make the mistake of using it defensively to counter a largely damaging ultimate like Hanzo’s or Reaper’s, but Mercy’s healing is simply not enough to keep her teammates alive during these, even in valkyrie. It’s best to use the ultimate to initiate a team fight or to help allies through ultimates that don’t have as much burst damage potential.

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Mercy is a support hero, your main role is to keep your team alive and also help them to achieve their own individual role goals. It’s best to focus on your healing output when starting out as Mercy as well as on your own ability to stay alive. More advanced Mercy players will want to really squeeze in that damage boost and take out the pistol when needed as well as have quick-decision making skills in terms of resurrecting and which element of the staff to use and when.


When healing as Mercy, use the caduceus staff’s long beam range to your advantage to stay a safe distance from your own team, since that’s where the enemies themselves will be throwing out large amounts of damage. You don’t actually need to stand right next to your Reinhardt or your Zarya to heal them, you can stay a safe distance back and still get the same value.If you’re healing an ally that is full-health, you’re pretty much AFK. It’s easy to forget that you’re linked up to someone and to just keep holding that heal button. Remember to keep focused on the rest of your team. You also don’t need to heal your teammates to full health each time. Sometimes it’s best to help them reach decent, survivable health and let your other healer top them off.

Damage Boosting

When damage boosting as Mercy, it is a good idea to select a safer target such as Ashe, McCree or Widowmaker who thrive off staying in the backlines, dealing damage and getting picks. Targets like Genji and Tracer are more situational as they are often diving into the enemy which is an unsafe place for a defenceless Mercy to be flying around. Damage boost these targets when your team has the advantage, and when it is safe to go with them.Read more: how to ask a woman to sleep with youAnother thing to be aware of is damage boosting allies with missing health. This is something that I encourage players to become more comfortable with. Sometimes it’s about life or death; if that Widowmaker headshot will kill your McCree, your healing is suddenly almost useless. But damage boosting the McCree might just be enough to take Widowmaker out before she can land the shot. Again, it’s about the situation and being more aware of what choice may be the best for it.Please don’t damage boost your critical Genji crying for help while he’s jumping around in front of you, though!


When you stick with an ally for a lot of the game, this is known as “pocketing” and this is actually where Mercy shines the most. Her ability to sustain a single target is incredible and I recommend using this strategy depending on your team’s DPS.Damage boost when they’re full health and heal when they’re under fire. A simple yet effective game strategy, especially when you have quite a consistent and reliable DPS lineup. However, know when its time to help your team. If your second healer doesn’t have as much healing potential, like Lucio or Zenyatta, it may be best not to pocket too much as these healers can’t quite protect your team by themselves until their ultimates are ready.

When to Pull out the Pistol

A really important part of Mercy’s playstyle is learning when you should pull out your pistol. Players vary from not using it at all to using it too much, it’s about finding that balance, but there are many times when it’s better to use it than not.

  • In a 1v1 situation – You have no other option in a small room, trapped with an enemy. It’s time to see if you can outplay them and get back to your team. Or, if an enemy is flanking and trying to take you out, don’t be afraid to take them head-on sometimes.
  • When you’re the only teammate remaining – You’re on point and everyone is dead, there’s no way to save the point so you’re stalling for time. Don’t just stand still and accept death, the enemies may stagger you. Instead, use the blaster to try and gain ultimate charge for the next team fight.
  • Picking off Enemies – Now this shouldn’t be something you do in each and every game, but when the opportunity arises to take out the Widowmaker or Ashe, using valkyrie and the blaster to take them out and initiate a team fight is quite a play.
  • As a Third Defensive Option – So you’re healing your DPS who is losing a 1v1 against an enemy DPS. You initiate damage boost, but they’re missing all of their shots. Body blocking and grabbing your caduceus blaster to take the enemy out is occasionally the faster and better option. You’ve just gotta make the call.
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    Bunny Hop (Beginner)

    As mentioned earlier, this is where Mercy propels herself forwards past her targeted ally. The input for this is to press Guardian Angel and upon approaching your target, press and hold the jump button.

    Super Jump (Intermediate)

    One of Mercy’s more difficult Guardian Angel techniques. This jump propels Mercy vertically in the air, rather than horizontally past the target. The input for this is to press Guardian Angel and Crouch at the same time and then press the jump button upon reaching the target. You will know whether your initial input was successful or not, as Mercy will ‘dip’ before landing next to her ally. If you jump during the ‘dip’, Mercy will catapult into the air, giving you a lot of height and space.This allows you to avoid pesky DPS like Tracer or Genji who pursue you but leaves you more vulnerable against DPS like Ashe or Widowmaker who can shoot you down whilst you’re in the air. Be careful when using it.

    Super Jump Resurrect (Advanced)

    Using the Super Jump technique along with a resurrect can be a safer way to resurrect an ally who has fallen in the middle of the battlefield, with no cover to help you. This technique performs the Super Jump, but resurrects the fallen ally, unexpectedly taking their soul into the air. The input for this is to perform a Super Jump, and just before the dip, jump and resurrect at the same time. If done too late, you will jump too high and the resurrect will cancel, if done too early, you’ll resurrect as normal or with a little bit of vertical height. This takes a lot of practice, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it first try!


    You’re not always going to be able to select Mercy and use her kit to its full potential, but with the right teammates, it’s difficult to go wrong. Some of Mercy’s best damage boost targets are:

    • Ashe & Bob
    • Echo
    • Genji (During Ultimate or Advantaged State)
    • Hanzo
    • McCree
    • Moira (During Ultimate if aiming at enemies)
    • Pharah
    • Soldier: 76
    • Symmetra (When on High Charge)
    • Tracer (During Advantaged State)
    • Widowmaker
    • Zarya (When on High Charge)

    Mercy is a truly wonderful hero to play. Her message, Heroes Never Die, has reminisced with players for five whole years now and it only became stronger with the release of her short story, Valkyrie. Let’s hope that she’ll continue to shine in Overwatch 2 when it eventually releases and brings even more heroes onto our screens.If you haven’t already purchased Overwatch and you want to try out the combat medic, it’s available on all major platforms.(Mercy Superjump published by Tristanboy.)Read more: How to draw a raven with open wings

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