how to sleep on christmas eve

The excitement for Christmas is one of the best parts of the year. Its only downside is the effect on how we fall asleep on Christmas Eve. For young people especially, Christmas Eve can be unbearably exciting, leaving you unable to sleep until you’ve been told for the thirteenth time that the big Indian won’t be visiting. if you don’t close your eyes. But it’s not just kids who struggle to doze off on Christmas Eve, adults too! Here, we explore tips on how to get a good night’s sleep without sacrificing the magic of the most enjoyable night of the year.Reading: how to sleep the night before Christmas You’re an adult now. And if you’re like me, the inner child will be out on Christmas Eve, ruining a good night’s sleep by waking you up with excitement, leading to an exhausted Christmas Day where even the idea of It also makes you crave sleep. How can you ensure that you have a good night’s sleep on Christmas Eve?Related: How to Sleep on Christmas Eve [Infographic]

How to Sleep on Christmas Eve


In our Better Sleep Study, 54% of women and 45% of men said they find it harder to fall asleep after a stressful day. And what more stressful day than Christmas Eve? Aside from the lucky, organized people who have everything ready, most of us are running around like headless chickens trying to fasten loose ends before the big day. To help, we’ve put together the best tips for getting to bed on Christmas Eve:

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1. Avoid caffeine

Read more: how to recover deleted records on directvCaffeine which has a half-life of 6 to 8 hours. That’s how long it stays in your system. When you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine stimulates all the nerves in the frontal lobes – waking up your brain, boosting adrenaline and blocking the chemicals that induce sleep. Caffeine also increases your chance of getting a headache and can cause your heart rate to spike, wake you up, or disrupt your sleep. Without a doubt, we all get a little excited for Christmas without throwing adrenaline-boosting chemicals into the mix. And with what’s likely to start early the next day, avoiding caffeine is one of the best ways to ensure a happy night’s sleep on Christmas Eve.Related: How to get back to sleep at midnight [Infographic]

2. Always busy during the day

Make sure you have a well-planned day so that the weight of productivity puts you into a deep sleep. Hopefully the gifts will be wrapped so you can focus on cutting vegetables for the big day. The best way to ensure a productive day is to make a checklist of things to buy, pack, cook, and decorate. All the energy that can keep you awake at night will be exhausted, making you sleep like a baby regardless of whether or not you’re eager to celebrate Christmas.Related: 7 sleeping mistakes you don’t know you’re making and how to fix them

3. Limit exposure to light

Get ready for some science! When your body decides it needs to sleep, the small pineal gland in your brain wakes up and produces a hormone called melatonin. Once it enters the bloodstream, you will naturally become less alert and ready to fall asleep. This usually happens around 9 p.m., and melatonin levels will stay high for about 12 hours. However, our modern lifestyles are working against the production of melatonin. The pineal gland relies on the dark to become active, and staring at a television, tablet, or smartphone screen has the negative effect of delaying melatonin. This causes sleep disturbance and a surefire way to ensure you have a hard time falling asleep on Christmas Eve. Steps can be taken to limit harmful blue light, such as reducing the brightness of the display, or better yet, adding a special screen protector, such as from Ocushield.Read more: how to make hooves out of high heelsRelated: Should children’s bedrooms become a TV-free zone?These tips will help you doze off on Christmas Eve. Don’t spoil the evening by skipping the excitement, it’s a wonderful time of year and should be enjoyed, but you don’t want to be sleep deprived on Christmas Day. Relax and sleep well!Christmas Eve Sleep InfographicFor further reading, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has a leaflet on getting a good night’s sleep, Click here to read it.If you have any more tips to help you fall asleep, feel free to share them in the comments below!Read more: how to install micro sd card in roku ultra

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