Learn to draw a Wizard in 10 easy steps ( with pictures )

For those who are fans of fantasy novels and games, they will surely know the image of witches very well. These individuals have magical powers, can use magic and do all sorts of unbelievable things. So if you’ve ever been scared Witchand you love drawing, then you’ll love these tutorials. I show you how to draw a perfect picture of a Magician from start to finish and we’ll do it in 10 easy steps. The drawing will capture his outfit, staff, beard, and hat. How wonderful is that?!. You should also keep in mind that the more familiar you are with each step, the more likely your final draft is to be perfect and the more likely it is to attract an audience. That said, we’ll start by drawing a dummy. Manikin will serve as the foundation for our final sketch. Ready?. Let’s swing!. Read: how to draw a wizard



To get a great drawing of a samurai, you need to follow 10 basic steps. That is:

  • Draw rib cage
  • Draw the hips and stomach
  • Draw legs
  • Draw the arm
  • Draw head
  • Drawing staff
  • Draw clothes
  • Draw a hat
  • Beard Drawing
  • Drawing Last Line art

    wizard step 1 1024x860 0Using the image above as a guide, Of the mage The rib cage should be drawn using a frontal perspective. rib frame should start by drawing two horizontal curves (the upper one will represent the trapezoid and the lower one will represent the front lower part of the ribcage). The bottom line should have a deeper arc than the top line. You should then draw two curved vertical lines that join the previously drawn horizontal lines at their extreme points. Once done, divide the ribs with a vertical line in the middle. Once that is done, as shown in the figure, draw another curved vertical line representing the collarbone. Once you’re done drawing, continue to mark the position of the head by drawing a small circle at the top rib frame.

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    wizard step 1 1024x860 1Give bellyyou should draw a fairly short vertical line extending down from rib frame. Give hip, you should draw them to have the shape of a man’s panties as depicted in the image. This is where our character’s legs will emerge.


    wizard step 2 1024x860 2Ours Magician The character will be drawn standing with legs spread out almost parallel to the shoulders. Because the legs will be completely covered by MagicianAs clothing, we will simplify by structuring the legs to use only rods and circles. Each leg should be started as a hip seam with circle represent knee. Once you’re done, the next part of the leg should be another vertical line connecting knee arrive feet. Then draw feet The difference between one leg and the other is that the left leg supports the weight of the body because it is roughly horizontal with the center of gravity of the body. Meanwhile, the other leg seems to be longer and separate from the center line of the body.


    wizard step 2 1024x860 3Our character’s arms should be outlined close to the body and they should be drawn using a frontal perspective. elbows. Elbow should be aligned with the bottom part of rib frame.The arm on the right will create a Staff which we will derive in the next steps. The right hand is closed, with the fingers around Staff We will draw later. The arm The left side will be drawn facing down with the hand resting on the hip. The finger will be the only part visible from the hand.


    wizard step 3 1024x860 4Give the headFirst, draw a small neck extending from the circle at the top of the rib cage. Then draw the head as a medium sized oval with a square portion at the bottom, representing jaw. From there, draw a vertical and horizontal line that intersect in the oval. These lines will be useful for drawing facial features later on.

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    wizard step 3 1024x860 5The Staff will be the next element that we will draw. The Staff will be drawn in front of the right foot. The top part of Staff will be thicker on top.


    wizard step 4 1024x860 6On top of our page manikin’s body, we will draw different pieces of clothing. The main outfit will be wizard’s cloak that will be tightened by a wire on the waist. The cloak will be drawn to cover the entire leg and the sleeves will be wide. On the top of cloakwe will draw a cape that will be hung on shoulders arrive feet.


    wizard step 4 1024x860 7One Sorcerer’s pointed hat is one of those iconic elements that people always picture in their mind when they try to visualize MagicianRead more: how to hunt mule deer with a bow In this case, we’ll draw the hat with the point slightly folded and facing down, so we can convey the idea of ​​the hat being old and slightly worn. In addition, the hat will have a large brim to cover the top of the head.


    wizard step 5 1024x860 8Finally, we will draw our beard and hair. The hair will be drawn long and exposed under the hat, like a pair of curved lines on the sides of the head. beard will be drawn covering the jawline one to the chest. The beard bottom will be plotted as a consecutive series of finished curves on a pointed end. You should draw the curves of the beard a little unevenly to make it look more organic and believable.


    wizard step 5 1024x860 9For this stage you will need to fade the already drawn dummy. You can use a kneaded eraser. This is to prevent the manikin’s sketch from interfering with your final sketch. Using traces of the original sketch of the manikin, you will then continue to draw the final lines. It should include well-detailed, well-drawn features face, cloak, beard and cloak. If you want to know how to draw a face like a pro, you should check out my tutorial on how to draw a face by clicking here. Shading has an easy way to make drawings look real and flawless. So go ahead and make your strokes darker. You can then shade places like our character’s waist, his armpits, and his neck area. If you want to know more about pencil shading, you can check out my free tutorial by clicking here. Also, another important detail is drawing wrinkle from clothes. Wrinkle in clothes that come from stress zones, like armpit and beltwhere the gown fabric is being pulled, stretched, or folded.

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    Right here is where we call our drawing tutorials Magician one wrap. You can go ahead and express satisfaction with what you’ve been able to put together on your drawing set. However, you should not hang your drawing tools yet. We recommend repeating the process a few more times. This will allow you to have a better grasp on how to draw characters and early enough that you can hone your skills and draw without having to seek the assistance of a drawing guide. Read more: How many hours does it take to learn a new language if you are a native English speaker?

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