How To Hang Pictures On Wallpaper

I’ve hung a LOT of wallpapers in my life. Before, to hang art on wallpaper, I just cut a hole in the paper. But I always worried about what happened when I changed my mind about art. BUT recently I found a really good alternative! Here’s my trick on how to hang pictures without damaging the wallpaper. Read: how to hang pictures on wallpaper

How to hang art without damaging the wallpaper




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step 1

How to Hang Art Without Ruining Wallpaper. A super simple hack to hang art without damaging the wallpaper. Removable wall hooks are not a good idea - do this instead!

Read more: how long to bake bagels in an air fryer | Top Q&A This is my bedroom where I want to hang a small piece of art on the door.How to hang art without damaging the wallpaperTo get started, I simply held my work up where I wanted it and with a pencil marked where I wanted my nails to go. But don’t just put a nail hole in! This will ruin the wallpaper and is really hard to fix!

Step 2

How to hang art without damaging the wallpaperInstead, take your precision knife and cut a V in the wallpaper right where the nail would go. The idea with this is that the nail can then go right where the drywall is showing and if the artwork is removed all you have to do is apply some glue over the opening and put the lid down. ! Minimal damage barely visible!

Step 3How to hang art without damaging the wallpaper

And now, just nail in the place you marked with the pencil. As you can see, the cover of the wallpaper is on top of it. Once the nail is removed, it can be glued down and you won’t be able to see the hole. Magic!

Other thoughts on hanging things on the wallpaper

Can you use command strips or adhesives to hang things on the wallpaper? I will not recommend it. Why? They can tear a hole in the wallpaper if they are ripped from the wall. Again, this is going to be really hard to fix! Read more: How to make a cross shapeCan you use screws? Yeah sure! You can use them exactly the same way I used the V-cut nails in the wallpaper, drilling into the screws. Then the wallpaper can cover the hole. You’ll want to use screws to hang heavy things like drapes, mirrors, or shelves. So this hack will definitely come in handy!Aesthetically, wouldn’t it be nice to hang art on wallpaper? I say definitely yes! It’s a really lovely layered look. Make sure that the art and the background go together and it will look stunning.Any other options for hanging art on wallpaper? One option without 100% damage is to use an image rail. That’s where there’s a rail with a crown molding and the wire is attached to the rail. Hooks can be added to the rope and hung. It’s a truly historic look – beautiful in old houses that can also be decorated in a modern way.

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afterHow to hang art without damaging the wallpaper

Okay! Here’s my little sign that’s all been hung up! It looks so cute on my bedroom closet door. I found this in a closet and decided to hang it up. Hopefully this little tutorial on how to hang art with wallpaper without harm is helpful!How to hang art without damaging the wallpaperThis post contains several affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. If you like it, pin it!How to hang art without damaging the wallpaperRead more: how to remove the mop head from the rotary mop

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