Learn How To Break A U Lock In 3 Steps

unlock UWhen you first buy your U-lock, your bare minimum is to ever have to break the lock yourself. In a word, you bought a top-of-the-line security device that will be marketed as ‘indestructible.’ Now, you can’t find your spare key and the bike needs to be moved and used – what should you do? You learn how to break a U-lock. What is a U-lock? A U-shaped padlock is designed to lock between the frame and the bike wheel. Thereby preventing anyone from moving the bike. In this case, it also prevents you from moving it.

  • Try to find a spare key
  • Contact the manufacturer
  • Go to the nearest police station

If none of these situations help, it’s time to look for a way to break a U-lock with a hammer.

How to crack the U-shaped lock of a bicycle easily


The three most common ways to break a U-lock include:

  • Use a hammer and a spray bottle
  • Jimmy opens the lock with a ballpoint pen
  • How to break the lock easily with an angle grinder

The main difference between a U-lock and a chain-lock is its shape and stiffness. The AU lock is designed to be practically indestructible and has therefore been in use for decades. Chain locks, on the other hand, are a bit more flexible and can therefore be easily manipulated by anyone looking to steal your bike. In this case, you should remember and write down your bike’s serial number, in this case no one will steal your bike. You lost your key or the key got stuck in the lock and you need a way to move your bike. .

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1. Using Hammer and Air Sprayer

Your first instinct is to grab a hammer and smash it out. While it might be tempting to destroy the U-lock that way, it won’t work. In this case, a hammer will only work if the lock has been weakened by a previous air nozzle. An aerosol can is a tube filled with compressed air at -13 degrees that contains chemicals, such as difluoroethane – chemicals involved in dropping temperatures below freezing. At -13, the U-lock will be weaker and easier to open with a hammer.

  • Find the right airless sprayer and place it a few inches away from the U-lock while you spray the inside of the keyhole.
  • You will notice the keyhole and the area around it gradually turn white. This is a sign of the U-lock becoming brittle. Brittleness is what we are aiming for when hammering the U-lock as shown on how to break the U-lock guide.
  • After a few sprays and when it’s white enough, hammer through the keyhole of the U-lock. Be careful not to move your fingers around too much.

An important note is that the U-lock is not attached to the bike frame.

2. Jimmy a U-Lock with Ballpoint Pen

Probably the simplest but most effective way to unlock the U is to use a regular ballpoint pen to unlock it. machines’ are in your drawer.

  • Look for a pen with a pop-out cap instead of one without a screw. These are the simplest and cheapest ballpoint pens you can buy. That’s why you can find one, two or a few more at home.
  • Use your fingernail to grab the cap to open the tube. Measure the tube to make sure it is roughly the same diameter as the keyhole of the U-lock.
  • Next, insert the opening tube inside the keyhole of the U-lock. Make sure it fits snugly and comfortably into the padlock. If it doesn’t fit or doesn’t fit some resistors, find another rod pen.
  • Hold the U-lock with one hand and insert the tube inside the keyhole with the other. Jimmy tube inside the keyhole by pushing it in and twisting it along the way. Do not use excessive force to break the U-lock as the tube may break inside the keyhole. You don’t want more problems than you started with.
  • In a few seconds to a few minutes, the U-lock will open if you keep twisting it.
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3. Use an angle grinder to cut through the U-lock

Angle grinders are powerful tools for cutting and piercing metal. The AU lock has a metal component where you insert the key to open it. Read more: how to delete partitions on sd card An angle grinder may therefore be the easiest (albeit the most expensive) way to learn how to break U-lock. Understandably, you must observe some security precautions. Safety when using power tools around the wheel of your bicycle:

  • Use gloves and safety glasses
  • Use the right size disc for the angle grinder
  • Clip the U-lock onto a surface to prevent it from moving

Set the grinder at a 15-30 degree angle and hold it a few inches away from the U-lock. Carrying the blade along with one of the sides of the buckle, you’ll likely see sparks fly, but that’s where the goggles come into play. Slowly cut through one of the edges of the U-lock for about 15 seconds until the lock disappears. broken. Now what? Living with a chained bike and marveling at it while it rusts? What about using any one of the three steps mentioned here to learn how to unlock the letter U? Do you have any questions about this process? Please let us know in the comments section below! Read more: How to get the third candle encoding

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