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A scarf turns any drab outfit into a chic casual ensemble with just a slight tug of a fabric square. One of the most complicated and elusive scarf trends is the triangle scarf. Unlike most scarves, which are made from a long rectangular strip of fabric, the triangle scarf requires a certain amount of craftsmanship to achieve the elegant look that promises the triangle shape. bold, impressive. If you’ve always wondered how to wear a triangle scarf and incorporate it into your weekly wardrobe, today your haute couture quest is over.

Why a towel?


Read: how to wear a triangle scarfScarf Add a touch of elegance or a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Dressed in hair, a sweet bandana can give you a beautiful rustic look, ideal for summer camping or lounging by the lake. Closed to the body, a scarf can wash away the winter blues and help you feel warm inside and look hot outside. any elevation. Decorating a scarf often elongates the body, making you look taller and more elegant. It doesn’t even have to fall on your body, you can tie it on a clutch or purse to add some fun to your outfit.

Style your triangle scarf

Depending on the length of your scarf piece, a triangular scarf can transform your look from comfortable and cozy to art deco. Whether you’re looking for an accessory to keep you warm in winter or keep you cool in summer, the triangle scarf is one of the most versatile additions to your outfit. . We’ll break it down into three styles for each length of scarf that you’ll find at your favorite store.

Long triangle scarf

Longer, heavier materials are perfect for adding to any winter wardrobe. Here are three ways to style your biggest triangle scarf to keep you warm when the weather turns cold.

  • Wrap your scarf over your shoulders close to your neck with the points of the fabric resting on your chest.
  • Wrap the scarf around again to form a tight layer around your neck.
  • Finish the look with a loose button at your collarbone for a casual look that’s ideal for top-down any sweater or button-down.


  • Extend the scarf over your shoulders, avoiding immediate contact with your neck.
  • Toss the strap next to one shoulder over the opposite shoulder.
  • Adjust the bottom point to lie flat and parallel to your waist, lengthening the torso and distributing the heat throughout the upper half of the body.

Oversized handkerchief

  • Start with the center point of the scarf hanging down in front of your chest.
  • Wrap the two smaller points around your neck once, so that they cover your back, and around the half-circle again so that they rest on the center point close to the neck.
  • Loosen the points near the neck and leave them above the center point for a more casual look, or tucked below the center point for a more polished look.

Medium triangle shawl

Spring is the ideal time for gentle, romantic scarves like the triangle scarf to make a grand debut. Choose a thin knit or another floral material to add a touch of sweetness to your look.

  • Start with the center point down your chest, with the smaller points down the shoulder blades.
  • Place each smaller point over the opposite shoulder.
  • Go around the neck again until the desired position of the smaller points on the shoulders and upper chest is reached.
  • Note: keep some space between your scarf and your neck so you don’t look constrained, but feel warm and comfortable in the chilly air and soft spring light.
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  • Place the mid-point scarf on your back, letting the smaller points wrap around your shoulders and across your chest.
  • Tie a loose knot at the collarbone, located in the upper part of the breast.
  • Position the scarf so that the sides are long enough to hug your shoulders but still move enough on your arms.
  • For an asymmetrical twist: tie the knot with one side slightly longer than the other so that one point is directly above the other.


  • Place the scarf close to your neck with the center point resting on your back.
  • Tie the two longer points together at the windpipe, just above your collarbone.
  • Adjust the tips so that one point sits higher than the other to maintain a normal, care-free appearance.

Small triangle scarf

Small details go a long way, and adding a small triangular scarf to your outfit is sure to go unnoticed. This piece is perfect for summer and can even be thought of as a hair pin to add an unmistakable bit of whimsy into your day.

  • Place the center point on your chest with the smaller points covering your shoulders.
  • Take the two ends of the scarf and tie it at the nape of your neck.
  • Adjust the crease at the top of the chest so that it falls to your liking.

Sun charmer

  • Place your scarf with the smaller points on the top of your collarbone, the center point pulling down to the base of your neck.
  • Tie the ends together at the collarbone.
  • Set the button slightly off to the side to add glamor to your outfit and protect your neck from the sun.


  • Drag your locks to your favorite work.
  • Fold the scarf over until it becomes a thick, long piece of fabric.
  • Wrap the strip around your head starting at the nape of your neck and tie the ends into a knot at the top of your head, aligning with your ears.
  • For a more casual look, leave your hair loose and flowing.

Common fabrics

Read more: How to use WinterBoard | Q&A that you’re an absolute expert on triangle scarves large and small, move on to discover what fabrics exist in the scarf furnishing arena. You may have realized that most scarves serve one of two purposes: to make a statement or to keep you warm. Some materials aim to achieve one goal, like the elegant silk scarf, while others manage to do away with both, like the increasingly popular chunky knit. of winter, or a heavy part in the baking summer sun. Make sure you know how to choose a scarf and fabric that best suits your needs before styling it to perfection.

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Silk is a timeless natural fiber that makes for a beautiful, light and airy fabric. Despite its fragile appearance, silk is in fact the strongest organic fiber on the planet. Fabrics made of silk are unbelievably soft and feel bad for the skin and body. It doesn’t retain heat well, but it does provide excellent coverage, making it a must-have scarf in the summer.


Another summer essential, cotton is lightweight, breathable, and easy to care for. This is the most common natural fiber, spun from a white material plucked from a flower. Cotton scarves come in all shapes, colors and sizes. This material is by far the most versatile and can be used in any season, although it is often worn over the shoulder or around the head for light summer sun protection.


This material is obtained from ungulates, mainly sheep and goats but sometimes includes alpaca or llama. It is known for its remarkable heat retention and insulation properties. Although commonly used in winter to combat the cold, wool has also been used for hundreds of years as a way to stay cool in the desert. A thin woolen scarf works great to avoid the heat of the midday sun. These fabrics are often marketed as being of higher quality because the wool collected produces a softer, silkier fabric. In the end, however, it’s wool.Cashmere Renowned for its legendary softness and super heat insulation, Cashmere wool is obtained from the wool of Cashmere goats and rolled into clothing that is both warm in winter and cool in winter. in the summer. You’ll mostly see Cashmere sweaters, scarves, and lightweight scarves, although some outerwear boast a Cashmere lining that adds warmth and adds a chic touch to any piece. It goes a step further by accepting only the fine cashmere wool of the Himalayan Mountain Goat. This is the highest quality wool fabric available. It is famous for its unmatched softness and light weight.


Read more: how to change your name color in clash royale 2020 This is a fully synthetic material made from acrylic fibers. It is an excellent wool substitute due to its high degree of insulation. Because the texture can be controlled in a laboratory, clothes and scarves made of acrylic can be compared to cashmere in terms of softness, weight and appearance. That being said, there is some controversy surrounding acrylic fabrics. Because the base material is plastic, acrylic clothing and accessories are known to break easily after many washes and lose their shiny texture over time.

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Types of scarves

Surely, your wardrobe is more than just triangular scarves. Here are some other styles that will enhance your look.

Rectangular scarf

The original shape is meant to be wrapped around the neck multiple times, but its basic shape makes it an easily versatile neckwear.

  • The most popular type of towel
  • Usually long, ranging in length from 40 inches to over 80 inches
  • The edges can be hemmed, rough cut, trimmed, or have some embellishment such as tassels or fringes

Square scarf

Usually made of silk, this look adds a vintage charm to any outfit.

  • Works seamlessly around the neck or in the hair
  • Can be tied around another accessory, such as a purse or clutch, for added flair
  • Timeless luxury fashion staples

Infinity towel

This is a contemporary shape that gained popularity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

  • Closed loop with no end
  • Produced in a variety of materials, from lightweight cotton to chunky knits
  • Its flexible fabric makes it an easy style to rock all year round

The Wrap

An elegant and often expensive accessory, the scarf is a variation of the rectangular scarf with a long, wide stem and twisted tassels on each end.

  • Most are usually made from Pashmina, although viscose or rayon alternatives are a fraction of the cost and almost as soft.
  • Classic shapes combined with luxurious materials bring sophistication to any outfit
  • Can be worn as a scarf with layered mass or as a shawl to stay warm during the winter months


As you can see, there are countless ways to update your look with a scarf. No matter the season, there are materials, sizes and shapes to suit all your fashion needs. Start thinking about refreshing your wardrobe and adding a few new pieces, such as a long triangular silk scarf or a pretty patterned rectangular cotton scarf. A scarf can open up dozens of fashion possibilities. Don’t be afraid to try other styles you might come across through video tutorials on the internet or through your super chic friend. You can also combine the styles above with those for smaller or larger fabrics, tying a long, triangular scarf like a hat and letting the end fall behind instead of over your head. Play with your style until it suits you just right. Remember, fashion is about taking risks and being bold. Unleash yourself and open up your heart (and wardrobe!) for a costume revolution.How to wear a triangle scarfRead more: how to draw forward-facing shoes

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