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Tools Avid ProThe concept of warping sound to be Transient Event Creator movement in context with relevant underlying sound. Music editors can fit Event Marks to a grid, thus “locking” the drum into place and creating a “solid” timing. The dialogue editor can skew the ADR to the location dialogue when trying to achieve perfect synchronization. Whatever your reason for using Elastic Audio, this guide focuses on keyboard symbols, techniques and functions their relationship to the warping techniques in Avid Professional Tools. Read: how to use elastic sound in professional tools

Elastic sound


Before we begin, there are a few things to discuss when it comes to warped audio. Pro Tools provides real-time processing for Elastic Audio (rendered as a plug-in) as well as rendering processing for CPU conscious users. There are five types of Elastic Audio plug-ins to choose from: Polyphonic, Rhythmic, Monophonic, Varispeed and X-Form (later features only handle rendering). The way you adjust the sound will vary greatly depending on the type of track you’re warping on. Percussion sheet music with definite transient vertices such as which drum or hand to use Beat algorithm. Outstanding sound vocals or dialogue works best with Monosyllabic algorithm. Select the Exact Elastic Sound option in the Elastic Sound pop-up selector on the track title (for multiple tracks, tap right to buy to activate):

Analysis and warping

To start, we will choose analysis look from track view selector. You should now see the Transient Trace of the event that Elastic Audio generated. These markers record the highest (loudest) transient peaks in your waveform. For vocal and dialogue performances, the Event Sign is usually placed at the beginning of each syllable and a place where the last syllable ends of a vocal phrase. To add a marker, press control + grab tool. To delete, press option + grab tool. Additionally, Warp Markers act as the boundary for the Transient Markers Event. Read more: How to remove discovery resultsStep 1If you have a long piece of audio, it’s a good idea to split it up into several chunks, as various types of warping can affect the entire clip.

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Warp Range

Range Warp is often the most useful from Elastic Audio, as it will compression sound on one side of Event Marker while extend it’s on the other side. To perform Range Warp, just hold change and use gripper tool to drag an Event Highlighter. This forces the adjacent Event Markers on either side of the Range Warp to a Warp Marker, which acts as the boundary of the Range Warp. This allows you to change the relative time for each syllable without moving or warping any nearby audio in the clip.Step 1

Telescoping Warp

Unlike Range Warp, Telescoping Warp applies time compression and expansion on the whole clipor up to Warp Marker. To perform Telescoping Warp, just click and drag the Event Mark. There must not be any Warp Markers near the Event Markers. As each warp is completed, Elastic Audio creates a Warp Marker at the end of the affected clip. Read more: How to get the third candle encoding create a Warp Marker, press option + click + grab tool. Arrive removed a Warp Marker, double clickor option + click + grab tool. Arrive change a Transient Event Marker into a Warp Marker, just hover over gripper tool on the Event Highlighter until the ‘Telescope Warp’ pointer appears, then option + click.THIS

The Accordion Warp

Accordion Warp can only be performed when there is a Warp Marker inside the clip. This is important because this warp type affects the entire clip, compressing/expanding on all areas equally. For this reason, Accordion Warp is generally unsuitable for dialogue and voiceovers (although you can hear this warp when speaking unbelievably fast at the end of the radio spot). To perform an Accordion Warp, drag an Event Marker on either side of the Warp Marker. Observe how the entire area compresses/expands equally.THIS

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With many different varieties Elastic sound plug-ins to choose from, along with three types of warping, experimentation is key when determining which is best for you. Additionally, there are third-party plug-ins such as VocALign PRO by Synchro Arts that do this both manually and automatically.How do you warp your sound? Share in the comments section below. Read more: how to play gba game on tv

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