how to use a chakra wand on yourself

Looking to get the most out of your healing crystals? Whether you are just embarking on a crystal healing journey or are a seasoned zen warrior, a chakra wand is a powerful healing tool that will break through energy blockages. negativity on the seven chakras. Are you ready to learn how to use the chakra wand for yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place! Bringing a chakra wand into your healing practice will restore balance and alignment along the energy centers of the body. Also, what is the purpose of this comprehensive tool and how can you use chakra wands for yourself? Practical application. Ready to enhance your crystal healing, align your chakras and achieve ultimate zen? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using your own chakra wand.

What is a Chakra Wand?


The chakra wand is a healing device with a linear shape. Some chakra wands have seven crystals that correlate with the body’s chakras. For one reason or another, the chakras can get out of balance and cause negative ripples, chaos, or discontent throughout your life. chakras and target areas that need attention.

The Origin and Meaning of the Chakra Wand

The chakra wand is in deep harmony with the seven chakras as they are the life force in the body, but where do they come from? In Chinese healing, vital energy, or chi (qi), syncs the physical with the metaphysical to promote healing across all complex aspects of the body. Called the chakra. The Crystal Healing Wand allows you to harness divine life energy to heal areas of focus while providing optimal balance.

What is the purpose of the Chakra Wand?

Crystal healing is an ancient method used to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Historians believe that the ancient Sumerians were the first to harness the mystical frequencies of energy crystals for healing purposes. That means crystal healing is an ancient practice that dates back to ancient times. Today, there are many forms of crystal healing, including crystal cleansing and purification, chakra meditation, among other techniques. , and spirit. The goal is to use a specific crystal wand to activate a specific energy wheel. In addition to the different types of crystal wands, there are also different types of chakra wands, each with their own healing properties and benefits.

Benefits of the Chakra Wand

The main benefit of chakra wands is to clear negative or stagnant energy. Ultimately, stressors come to us from different angles. For example, you may feel anxious about a new relationship or financially stressed. The chakra wand breaks these energy blockages by targeting specific vortices, or chakras, to relieve stress and activate chakras to promote healing. Energy.Read more: How to turn men’s t-shirts into women’s t-shirts

  • Strengthen the mind-body connection for healing associated with the seven crystal chakra wand.
  • Target diseases associated with individual chakras to promote the flow of energy to these blocked points.
  • Locate stagnant energy, clear these areas by healing vibrations, and amplify the chakra connection with the celestial realm.
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We know we can bring healing to each energy center, but is there a more important goal for chakra wand use? Glad you asked!

Heal the seven chakras

We have briefly covered the seven chakras in the body, so what are they and how can chakra wands help? Understanding the chakras will be very helpful so that you can aim your chakra wand in the right direction. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase a crystal wand used to heal a specific chakra.

1. Root Chakra

The first and lowest chakras help you gain security and stability. But at times, you may feel tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated, and lethargic.

2. Sacred Chakra

The second chakra swirls energy in the lower abdomen below the navel. When energy is blocked here, you may feel weaker and less energetic physically and emotionally. Restore energy flow to the sacral chakra with a Moonstone, Citrine or Carnelian crystal wand.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the upper abdomen, the third chakra gives you confidence and self-esteem, and regulates the healthy functioning of the digestive system. However, you may experience indigestion and heartburn when storing energy here. In addition, you often feel anxious and lose your creativity during this time of congestion.

4. Heart Chakra

Your heart center is the source of love, empathy, and compassion and fosters connection between you and others. However, despite this passion, energy blockages arise from loneliness, heartbreak, and isolation. Physically, the heart chakra connects the upper and lower chakras, and stagnation can cause heart problems and asthma. Green Tourmaline Chakra Wand.

5. Throat Chakra

A healthy, energetic throat chakra helps to build strength in communication. When the energy blocks the throat, communication with yourself and others is weakened. As a result, you may experience sore throat, sensitive teeth and gums. If you are struggling with expressing your feelings, lack the filter, or are in small talk, you may have a blocked throat chakra.Wand Lapis Lazuli

6. Third eye chakra

Also known as the brow chakra, the third eye is the source of divine energy located between the eyes. Here, you are most connected with your intuition and foresight. If you feel more headaches than usual and have trouble concentrating, it could be that your third eye is misaligned. Use your Amethyst or Black Obsidian healing wand to remove the noise and reconnect with your third eye chakra.

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7. Crown Chakra

The seventh and highest energy center of the body is the crown chakra. This sacred smart well connects you to the divine, celestial universe. When energy flows freely, you will experience enlightenment and a higher sense of direction and purpose. However, when the energy is blocked here, the mind narrows and stubbornness emerges. Read more: how to get rid of bed bugs from wooden furnitureclear quartz and maethyst wandAnd that envelops the seven chakras and their respective crystal wands. As you can see, we can target certain auras or all seven chakras, depending on the wand.

Types of Chakra Wands

There are many types of chakra winds, including large and small, colorful and monochromatic, transparent and non-transparent. Despite these differences, the goal remains singular: to heal the mind, body, and spirit using the specific techniques involved in crystal healing, which we will be discussing. expand later. Find the right one for you.

Crystal Wand

These are wands intended to serve specific chakras. Instead of having multiple crystals forming a wand, they contain one crystal. For example, an amethyst chakra wand contains only amethyst, the purple crystal that is associated with the crown chakra.

Ending Chakra Wand

These crystal wands are either ending or double ending. Ended wands have a point at one end, while end wands have a point at either end of the wand. These wands can be used multiple times with different crystals or consist of a single crystal.

Small and large chakra wands

How big is the chakra wand? They come in a variety of sizes, with small wands ranging from 3-4 inches long and large wands falling around 7-10 inches. When purchasing chakra wands, remember that size doesn’t matter; That is the purpose and intention of healing. Magic wand. Are you ready to learn how to use the chakra wand for yourself? We thought so!

How to use the chakra wand for yourself

Using chakra wands depends on the type of healing you need. For some people, gently massaging an amethyst wand at the temples and base of the skull can relieve headaches and neck tension. For others, placing the wand under your body or on your hand and establishing an intention sends the wand’s energy frequency pulses to the desired area.

Physical healing

When energy stagnates in the chakras, tension takes place. Chakra wands are great for physical healing because they alleviate discomfort and pain. The important step is to choose the chakra wand crystals connected to your pain area. Refer back to the seven chakras above and their associated crystals to find the right chakras for you. Locate your painful area – whether it’s acupressure or targeted pain points – and gently massage the crystals at the problem area.

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Emotional healing

As many of us know from experience, emotional pain is often invisible but just as debilitating as physical pain. The chakra wand helps to target emotional and mental stresses caused by stress and personal circumstances.

Practicing Chakra Wand for Beginners

Let’s learn the steps to use the chakra wand for yourself.

  • Choose a seven chakra healing wand or a specific crystal wand for each chakra.
  • Find a quiet place, meditate, and start breathing by counting to four while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Ground your root chakra to the ground and relax your body
  • Hold your chakra wand in hand to target alignment of all seven chakras, or direct it to specific areas of discomfort.
  • Set the intention for your practice, i.e., if you need help with digestive issues, direct the magic wand to your solar plexus chakra.
  • Begin your healing practice by meditating with your chakra wand or gently massaging the chakra that needs attention.
  • Continue this practice daily to bring consistent relief and balance to the chakras and, in the process, for holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Conclusion: Wand your way

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about chakras and crystal healing wands; It’s time to use your knowledge effectively with chakra wand healing. Crystal healing is about longevity and consistency, and as you open your heart to a higher frequency, you will gain high vibes that will help you further toward your life purpose. Ready to wander your way? Browse our chakra wand set to begin your crystal healing journey today! BROWSE ALL CRYSTAL WANDSFollow my blog with BloglovinRead more: how to make a bow with yarn

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