How To Change Language On Bluetooth Headphones

Besides licensed branded headphones, there are many headphones from unknown brands. They are usually made in China or some other country that offers cheap manufacturing. If you buy one of these headsets, you will notice that the default language is not English. So you may be wondering: How to change language on Bluetooth headset?You can change the language on your Bluetooth headset as long as it has multiple languages. You can change the language by holding the On and Off button for 5 seconds. Restarting the headset also works, it changes back to the default language. Not all headphones have the option to change the language.Read: how to change language on bluetooth headset I will explain in detail how to change language. Keep reading if you are facing this problem.

Can you change the language on the Bluetooth headset


Before moving on to the step-by-step guide, we need to explain which headphones can change the language. Like I said, you can’t change the language on some headphones. If you have such a headset, you will only have to get used to the foreign language. Or, buy a new headsetCurrently, most licensed brand headphones are able to switch from one language to another. Well-known brands have customers around the world, so it makes sense to add more languages. Usually, the default language is English. But if you buy headphones from another country, the default language may not be English. For example, if you buy headphones from France, the default language will be French. Pay attention, we’ll explain how to do that in a moment. You cannot change the language on the headset if the headset has only one language. Most of the headphones made in China only support Mandarin. These are cheap headphones that you can find in stores that sell unknown brands. Read more: how to add a waterfall to a swimming pool A list of supported languages ​​is required in the packaging of the headset or in the instructions. There’s no other way to find out if you can change the language than by going through the step-by-step guide, so let’s get started.[Related Article: How To Pair Bluetooth Headphones With Mac Guide]

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Change language on Bluetooth headset

If your headphones support multiple languages, you can change between them by following this guide. You will find that it is really easy. There are two ways to change the language on the headset. Now, we will go through the main way to scroll through the language options. If your headset can’t change the language, you’ll find that out in a minute.

  • Turn on your headset and pair it with a device. Bluetooth must be enabled if you are changing the language. When you hear that the headset is connected, in any language, you can move on to the next step.
  • Press and hold the ON and OFF button simultaneously for 4-5 seconds. Can you change the language on the Bluetooth headsetThis step will give you access to your headset’s Language Preferences. With most headphones, you need to hold both the On and Off buttons for 5 seconds. You will hear a voice saying “Welcome”. Of course, it may not be in English. When you hear that, you can stop holding the buttons.
  • Scroll through the languages ​​or wait for the desired language to appear. Once you’ve entered Language Preferences, you’ll hear instructions on how to select a language. This guide will be repeated in each available language. If the headset does not automatically switch to the language, you need to press the Volume Down button to switch to the next language.
  • Select the language you want. You can select the desired language by pressing the multifunction button of the headset. When the language you want appears, press the multifunction button.
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    Remember, if your headset cannot enter Language Preferences, or if your headset only lists one language, you cannot change the language.

    Reset Bluetooth headset language Back to English

    I guess some of you bought headphones with the default language English, but somehow you can’t change this language. If this happens to you, there is an easier way to switch languages ​​than the instructions above. Many people tend to press and hold buttons erratically when the headset is not working, so they change the language. That’s why brands add a “reset headphone preferences” option. That is what we will do here.

  • Disconnect the headset from the device and make sure that Bluetooth is turned off. This will only work if the headset is not connected to any device. Since the headset can automatically pair with a nearby device, it’s best to turn off Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold both the multifunction button and the Volume Up button for 10 seconds. Doing this will reset your headphones to factory settings. Means your language will be set to default. After turning the headset back on, you should see the language set back to English.
  • However, keep in mind that this only works if you accidentally change the headset language. If you want to scroll through languages, you must use the first tutorial.[Related Article: Why Are My Bluetooth Headphones Not Connecting]

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    How to change the language on Bose headphones

    Read more: How to tell if a leopard chameleon is under stress Bose Headphones There are many voice prompt languages. You can follow the step by step instructions I wrote, it will work. You can also visit the official Bose website, there’s an explanation there. Bose also has an app that lets you change the language, it’s available on Android. The app is called Bose Connect.

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    How to change language on AirPods

    Changing the language on AirPods means you have to change Siri’s language. You don’t have to press any buttons, just pair your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad. Go to “Settings” and select “Siri & Search”. Then select “Language” and choose your desired language. This will change the language of the voice prompts on your Air Pods.

    Stop thinking

    That’s how you change the language on your Bluetooth headset. You can usually find how to change the language in the manual that came with the headset. In the manual, you should also look for languages ​​that your headset supports. Avoid headphones of unknown brands as they can only have one language, usually Mandarin. What is the best VR headset for watching movies? or Why do headphones have left and rightRead more: how to install a combustion vent

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