how to unlock pocket slot maplestory

MapleStory has been around for a long time, and with everyone returning to the game, there’s a lot to catch up on. This guide will mainly focus on unlocking that annoying pocket slot to increase range.To open Pocket Slot, you need to get Charm to LV. 30 then go to the left side of your screen and click on the Star to find a quest called “Too Charming”. Complete that quest and you’ll unlock your pocket slot and get a Rose Pocket Item.Read: how to unlock pocket slot maplestory

How to get your Charm to LV | 30

There are many ways to get Attractive arrive LV. 30. The best way is through a Trait Potion. Drug characteristics can be achieved through Daily gifts (Day 20) or Event.img 5f1320b3df818If you login for 20 days, within a month you will get Trait Enhancer that will increase a lot Characteristics level. If you use the potion when you have the least LV. 5 charmsyou will move to LV. 30.Events that usually occur in Maplestory and with events with rewards. In the reward shop there will almost always be Trait Potion for sale. Get money for that event and buy a potion to relieve the headache of farming Charming EXP.Read more: how to start mistress of the mysterious fallout 76Other ways to raise yours Attractive is by equipping the items that first give you Charming EXP.Here’s a list of easy to moderate bosses that you can and should do every day. Note that you only get Charming EXP once when you equip the first item.Item How to getCharming EXPZakum helmetZakum50Horntail NecklaceEasy + Normal Horntail60Chaos Horntail NecklaceChaos Horntail80Black Beans MarkPersimmon Normal + Chaos25Monster Park mustacheMonster Park Store100Vellum’s HelmVellum50Pierre HatPierre50Queen’s TiaraCrimson Queen50Von Bon helmetVon Bon50CologneShop that pops up after being Boss Root Abyss or other bossesNX items will also deliver to you Charming EXP when equipped.

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Excessive seduction guide

img 5f1320b589e97When you accept the quest from Star navigation Big direction will want you to meet him in Hairdressers In Henesys. Go Henesys afterward Market then all the way to the right to find Hairdressers. He will give you a quest to find a Rose Clipping. To find a Rose Clipping you have to harvest herbs and hope it will drop.Read more: how to block phone numbers when talking straight To harvest herbs you need to learn Herbal. Saffron at Ardentmill will teach you that.img 5f1320b7003acAfter you study HerbalGo to the gate to the right of Saffron and choose a map to search Rose Clipping. It will drop from any herb, you just have to keep trying until it drops. This process can take a while because the drop rate is based on random chance. Also, you will be limited to a limited number of harvests because of your fatigue. Fatigue resets daily. Rose Clippingbring it Big direction and he will unlock yours Pocket slot and give you a Rose bag Item.Pocket itemsIn Reboot, the best Pocket entry in the slot (BIS) will be Pink Bean Cup. This can be obtained from Normal and Chaos Pink Bean. This item cannot be given potential but can explode. The best thing to do is get more Cup of pink beans and combine them together to get better flame. Go Ardenmill to combine your items. Read more: How to draw galaxy

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