how to unlock lg g3 verizon

Learn now how to SIM unlock LG G3 and make it work with all sim cards worldwide. In the US, unlocking your phone was not allowed long ago, but now the law has changed and you can unlock your phone and use any sim card you want. When the phone is locked, you can only use one SIM card and this may not be a good thing. Unlocking your phone gives you the chance to use any SIM card you want, no matter what carrier it is. The LG G3 has also made an international version unlocked with all carriers, but most devices are sold with a contract meaning they are locked. They can only use one sim card like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Unlocking LG G3 is quite simple, fast and 100% secure. There are several ways to unlock your device but here you will find out the fastest and safest way to unlock your LG G3. Read more: How to set up hero cloning with rb4 . drums

How to SIM Unlock LG G3

The first thing you must do before starting the unlocking process is to find the IMEI number of your phone. Open the dial pad and enter the following number: * # 06 # and dial it. A window will pop up and show your phone’s IMEI number. SFR, Movistar, TIM, TMN, Telekom and many others). The unlock feature is permanent so you don’t need to enter the unlock code every time you change SIM cards. You just need to enter the unlock code once and then your LG G3 will work with all sim cards.

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  • Get your LG G3’s unique unlock code from here.
  • Go to the dialing screen and press 2945 # * model number # (for example, if your phone is LG G3 D850 then enter 2954 # * 850 #)
  • Select “Network Lock” or “Service Provider Lock”
  • Enter the unlock code.
  • Click Done.
  • Click Unlock.
  • The second method

    • Go to the unlock page here.
    • Choose a Phone Manufacturer like Verizon, AT&T and whatever it is.
    • Select the phone model and then click the “Get Unlock Code” button.
    • Select the country in which you purchased the phone, the carrier that locked the phone, and the IMEI number.
    • Follow the steps on the unlock page and when it’s done, you’ll receive an unlock code.
    • Turn off the phone and enter any SIM card then turn it back on.
    • A window asking for the unlock code will appear.
    • Enter the code you received and that’s all.

    Your LG G3 has successfully unlocked and now you can use it with any sim card you want.Related

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    Note: There are two instructions in this article, both are almost same, but sometimes any unlock page can’t give you unlock code anytime you want, that’s why I demonstrated to you the ways for you to unlock your LG G3 SIM. How to make yourself wet

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