How to Tighten Bra Straps Correctly

Bra straps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Either they leave embarrassing, red impressions on each shoulder, or they slip off completely, revealing themselves at inappropriate times (like during a presentation at work.) the correct size or not adjusting the belt correctly. So first thing, learn how to determine your bra size. Next, it’s time to go bra hunting! When you try on bras in the store or even in the comfort of your home, try to pay attention to the straps to make sure you really get the right fit. It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually appropriate steps that you should follow. Leonisa teaches you how to tie your bra correctly to avoid painful red marks and uncomfortable shoulder slips.

Easy steps to properly lacing a bra


To tie your bra correctly, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • First, locate the metal or plastic slide adjusters on each strap. Whether the slide adjusters run full length or halfway, you’ll find them along the back of the new bra, close to the hook.
  • Next, loosen the straps before you put the bra on, making it easier to adjust and tighten.
  • To tighten the bra strap, hold the slide adjuster with one hand as you pull the back of the strap away from the adjuster, moving it toward the cup of the bra. The closer the slide adjuster, the tighter the bra straps.
  • After you’ve tied the first bra strap to your liking, reach for the second. Keep in mind that more than half of women have an asymmetrical breast size, where one side may be a different shape or be larger in size. So when it comes to tightening bra straps, be aware that the slide adjusters may not align and each strap may have a different length.
  • Now tuck into your bra and tighten or loosen it appropriately to make any minor adjustments. Make sure your straps are fitted properly and that they lie flat on your chest in a way that can provide better support from the cup.
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Important Tip: When trying on a new bra, pay attention to how far you slide the adjuster. If you have to move the slides too tightly because the straps will come off, you may need to change the size or style of your bra. The longer you wear a bra, the more loose the straps will loosen as the elastic stretches, so it’s essential to never start with a new bra that’s fully tightened. Instead, try a bra with a slightly smaller strap size.

Reasons why your bra is too loose or too tight

black strapless braIf you find that the belt is still falling off your shoulder or breaking the skin, even if the belt is as tight or loose as possible, there could be another underlying cause.

Why are your bra straps so loose?

One reason your bra straps are too loose may have nothing to do with bra straps at all. If this happens to you, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Narrow or Sloppy Shoulders – If you find your straps keep falling off your shoulders, even at the tightest, you may need a bra with a different style. Even if you’re wearing the right size bra, some women with narrow or sloping shoulders still choose bras with convertible straps or straps closer to the mid-back, like racerback bras, criss-cross bras, and bras. wire. For women with narrow or sloping shoulders, one bra you should avoid is a camisole that zips straight down and secures to the bra straps.
  • Straps Lose Elasticity – Over time, bra straps gradually lose their elasticity, causing you to tighten as much as possible and still slip on your shoulders. Once you can stretch the straps to your ears, it’s clearly time to buy a new bra!
  • Your bra size is too big – The bra should fit snugly against your back and your breasts should fill the cup without causing pain. Otherwise, have our Personal Shopper professionally fitted to determine your current bra size.
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Why are your bra straps so tight?

If you find that bra straps still create a red line across your shoulders to support your breasts, they are too tight. Here are a few reasons why this is happening.

  • Check bra strap size – Bra straps are not fully supporting your breasts. That’s the bra band’s job. When the strap is too loose, the belt will tighten and literally the belt will sag. So make sure to choose a bra that’s just the right size. Bra straps should be snug but loose enough to slip a finger between the strap and your skin.
  • You need a new bra – Similar to a loose bra strap, there are times when bra straps become too loose. As a result, the belt (and your shoulders) will carry most of the weight. If this happens, treat yourself to a new bra!

After you find a bra you like, take care of it to keep it long. Wash bras on a gentle cycle and dry by hand to avoid drying out the elastomer. Please note the position of each strap and put them back before wearing.

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