How to Draw A Cave – A Step by Step Guide

The cave is inherently very mysterious. They can contain anything from an angry bear to some ancient cave paintings. It can be fun to imagine what secrets a cave might be hiding, and a good way to explore the possibilities is to learn how to draw a cave. You have a great time working with this step by step tutorial on how to draw a cave.

How to Draw a Cave – Let’s Get Started!


Step 1

In the first part of the tutorial on how to draw a cave, we will draw some of the rocks and boulders that make up the side of the cave. by creating a slightly wavy horizontal line. Once you have it like our reference image then you are ready to move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Next, draw some more mouths of the cave

With these rocks at the base drawn, we can now start drawing the mouth of the cave itself. , you can add some more circular shapes to the side of the mouth of the cave. Read more: how to prevent insects from flying through a window air conditioner We’ll continue to draw the mouth in the next few steps, so keep it up.

Step 3 – Now draw the top of the cave

In this part of us how to draw tutorial a cave, we will draw the upper part of the mouth of the cave. The width of the mouth on the left side is quite thin, it will be a bit thicker at the top. Otherwise you will simply use some more bumpy lines for the crater.

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Step 4 – Next, draw the right side of the cave

Your cave drawing is really taking shape! We will continue to add to the mouth of the cave in this fourth step, we will continue the trend of the top of the cave where this right hand part will also be quite thick. You will again use the same bumpy lines that you used for this part.

Step 5 – Now you can complete the final details of your cave drawing

In this fifth step of the tutorial on how to draw a cave, we will perfect the final details and elements. You’ll also be able to add some of your own details and additions! However, before we do that, let’s finalize the details first. more curves into the hole of the cave to suggest that it has some depth. Then you can draw some horizontal, jagged lines near the top of the cave to look like treetops in the background. Finally, we’ll finish by drawing some lines and rocks into the ground in front of the cave. That should wrap up the details in this tutorial, but you don’t have to stop there! Read more: Modifying an Existing Contract with a Contract Amendment There are many cool things you can add to a drawing to help personalize it. One of the fun ways you can do this is to point out things that you think might be in the burrow, be it a bear or wildlife like we mentioned earlier, but you also maybe drawing a scary troll or maybe some caveman! What fun ideas can you think of to add that would actually end this image?

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Step 6 – Finish your cave drawing with some color

Now you have reached the sixth and final step of the cave drawing, and this is where we finish the drawing with some color. Here’s the part where you can get really creative with it and see what you can come up with. We’ve shown you a way you can use it in our reference image. green for the trees, brown for the cave and some dark yellow for the ground. You can also choose these shades, but don’t be afraid to change it up and use your favorite color! You can also experiment with some cool art media, and you have a huge selection of colors and art tools that you can use.

Your cave drawing is done!

Now you have successfully completed this tutorial on how to draw a cave! We hope that this tutorial has shown you that by breaking it down into steps, a drawing like this can be made easier and even more enjoyable. You can also really make this look great by experimenting with your favorite colors and art mediums. We upload new ones regularly, so don’t forget to check often! We’d also love to see your finished cave drawing, so you can show it to us by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest to draw a cave in 6 easy stepsRead more: How to poop at the party

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