How To Teach Your Horse To Bow

Getting your horse to do some tricks is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a pony friend. The bow is a great trick to start your riding journey; it’s relatively easy and you can do it with or without ropes, which adds to the fun. This can be a great way to build trust, nurture your relationship, and boost your pony’s confidence. new trick. As you’ll see, you really don’t need to be a pro to teach your horse bows — a little patience and insight into your horse will go a long way. So let’s get started!

You will need:


  • A lead wire
  • A suitable wire
  • Whip Lunge
  • Compensation (optional)

A step-by-step guide to teaching horses to bow

Below is a description of two methods you can use to train your horse to bow.

Method 1

Step 1: Ask your horse to step back

Before you can teach your horse to bow, you must train it to back off. Backing up is one of the basic but important foundational tasks your horse needs to learn. If you don’t teach this, you will have a hard time getting your horse to do something else. Backing up is important because the horse needs to easily move its hind legs to stretch one of its front legs to bow. Otherwise, it will just sit on its hind legs. Face him with your body parallel to his head and shoulder blades. Apply slight pressure on the rope and move the lead towards the horse’s chest as you walk towards the horse. Release pressure as soon as the horse moves back to signal that it is doing the right thing. The goal is for you to ride your horse back automatically when you ask him to bow.

Step 2: Make sure your horse is comfortable

Read more: How to sharpen a meat slicer blade This method of teaching a horse to bow involves touching the legs and raising the hoof. To do this, your horse must be comfortable with touch and lift; otherwise he might try to get behind you or even worse kick. This will relieve his stress and signal that there is something you need for him to do. Next, lift your hoof and bend your leg so that the nail is facing back and your knee is touching your chest. Avoid pulling the leg out, this can injure the horse, making it associate bowing with pain. Be sure but gentle when handling your horse.

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Step 3: Apply pressure to the horse’s leg

Put pressure on the horse's legsNow that your horse is used to touching its legs and lifting, it’s time to give the first signal to get it to bow. Ideally, you want him to bend one leg and bring it to the ground while straightening the other — this is the classic bow. Stand a few inches behind the horse’s feet. If you’re standing on your right foot, lift his leg with your left hand and bend it so that the toenail is facing out. The horse’s bent legs are just below the shoulder blades. This will signal the horse to step back, bend, and touch the ground with its right foot, allowing the front left leg to extend. Remember to put some pressure on the lead rope to cause the horse to back up. The combination of these actions will cause the horse to wobble again. This is a good sign because it shows that he is following you, understands the signals, and is learning to bow.

Step 4: Issue and reward

Release and rewardRelease the pressure as soon as the horse kicks back. This will let it know that it is doing the right thing, so it will continue to wobble every time you ask it to do so. Give him his favorite food and a pat to get the job done. If you choose to handle your horse, make sure you bring the treat to him and he doesn’t take it out of your hand. Read more: League of Legends: How to play Zed | Top Q&A Some people use junk food to get their horse to bend and bow. While this method is generally effective, I generally discourage it as the horse may refuse to bow if you don’t take advantage of its favorite treat, which puts it in control rather than the other way around. You should control your horse! I always think it’s best to see it as positive reinforcement for a good job.

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Method 2

The second method of teaching horses to bow is the fallback ad touch method. Follow these steps to train your horse with this method:

Step 1: Go to the right place

Stand with your body facing the horse. Position yourself between the horse’s head and shoulder blades so you can bring it back, then, applying pressure with the lead wire, gently tie the rope towards the horse’s neck. With this move, you will signal the horse to step back and get ready for a bow.

Step 2: Backup and press

For this method, you will prompt the horse to step back while tapping on the knee or any part of the leg where you want the horse to come together and bend to the ground. . Otherwise, whip any part of the horse’s leg. This will cause him to bend one leg and bring it to the ground while straightening the other.

Step 3: Release the pressure and stop tapping

After the horse bows, release the pressure on the lead and stop tapping. Now is the perfect time to reward your horse with a favorite treat and a pat. Release the pressure so that the horse stands up from a bowing position. This method takes longer to teach and will require a few training sessions for your horse to master bowing. The down side is that the bow here is more defined, and the horse will hold it a little longer. That’s all it takes to teach a horse to bow. Before we wrap up, though, I’ll share some insider tips you can use to improve your and your horse’s experience.

Extended tip

  • A horse depends entirely on your cues when it comes to learning new tricks. You must calculate the time of pressure, release and reward sequence for the horse to understand and obey you. If you pressure when you should let go of the horse, the horse will think it is being punished for obeying your will.
  • When training a new horse, do some simple obedience training and basic exercises to build a relationship of trust. You can even go for a walk or ride to get used to the horse’s temperament.
  • Make your horse more comfortable. Male horses are very sensitive to their surroundings. The more comfortable he is, the faster your horse will learn new tricks. Help him calm down by walking him around the training ground, talking to him softly, and patting him reassuringly.
  • Keep your training sessions short. As smart as they can be, horses have a short attention span. To keep you interested in learning, limit study sessions to 10 minutes at a time. Don’t try to teach him everything at once; he will resist and rebel, putting you back on your progress.
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As you can see, the bow is one of the simplest tricks to learn a horse. That said, every horse is different; You must understand your horse’s personality in order to train him successfully. Be patient and never use a whip or any other object to punish your child when it seems to take a long time to learn a new task. Immediately, he will immediately bow his head when you ask. Read more: how to get free orbs in fire icon heroes

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