How To Target Small Business Owners On Facebook

Facebook sets the social media standard by offering some of the most powerful advertising tools. Using Facebook Audience Insights, marketers can create unique characters to reach people based on basics like age and location. We all know Facebook ad categories are anything but basic with categories ranging from niche to downright weird like friends of newlyweds, family members of foreigners and even those interested in ecotourism. % of B2Bs running paid campaigns are still having trouble figuring out how to target business owners on Facebook. If Facebook ads leave you feeling overwhelmed, down, or stressed, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll explain some of the best B2B Facebook ad categories and how to use them to their fullest potential.

Key lessons for targeting businesses on Facebook


  • Install and use Facebook Pixel
  • Create custom and audience-like audiences
  • Targeting Facebook business page admins
  • Reach followers of B2B media publications on Facebook
  • Targeting B2Bs titles on Facebook
  • Target business owners based on interest or industry
  • Reach B2Bs on Facebook who have started a new job
  • Targeting businesses using Facebook payments
  • Targeting technology-driven business owners
  • Target Facebook business event creators
  • Reach your business email list subscribers
  • Reach specific companies for account-based marketing.
  • B2B targeting from specific generations on Facebook
  • Create Facebook Ads for Your Competitors Followers
  • Target small businesses with Facebook ads
  • A few tips to figure out how to target business owners on Facebook

    Facebook ad spend has increased dramatically. In 2017, businesses spent 324 million on Facebook ads, but by 2019 that number has grown to more than $1.5 billion. Additionally, more than 140 million businesses used the Facebook app as of October 2019.

    • Combine multiple ad categories to create a unique personality: You don’t need to use the underlying objects individually. Layer related categories like job title, industry, and technology to create a distinct audience for each of your buyers individually.
    • Optimize your business page: Make sure your branding and site content are on point before running a new targeted campaign.
    • Set up specific landing pages: Facebook allows you to create in-app landing pages to engage your potential customers. If you’re not using Facebook’s landing page feature, you should at least create campaign-specific landing pages so they load faster than your regular domain name and keep visitors focused.
    • Consider the stage of the buying cycle: Using the information you’ve gathered through the Facebook Pixel (more info below) or your favorite analytics tool, do your best to design each campaign for the specific stage of the buyer’s funnel. Your B2B Facebook ads will be much more relevant and increase your chances of conversion.
    • Keep is very simple: Every paid Facebook campaign deserves its own call to action. A single CTA keeps the visitor focused on the task and avoids any confusion. Plus, your ad will be more relevant.
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    How to target business owners on Facebook: 15 strategies to reach the right people

    Not every targeting strategy below will work best for your business. Keep your buyer persona handy as you go through the listing so you can take notes.

    1. How to Target Facebook Business Owners with the Facebook Pixel

    Anyone running Facebook ads MUST integrate their website with the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is a small piece of code that helps you better understand your audience and campaigns. You can do things like:

    • Create dynamic ads for Facebook users who have visited your website.
    • Measure your conversions across devices.
    • Optimize your audience to reach the Facebook users most likely to take action.

    When you run the Facebook Pixel on your website, you can gain insight into things like brand awareness. This is because you’ll know if someone converted after seeing your ad even if they didn’t engage with it. In addition, Facebook Pixel is easy to set up; You have no reason not to use it!

    2. How to Target Business Owners on Facebook with a Lookalike Audience

    Once you’ve linked the Facebook Pixel to your website, you can create a custom lookalike audience. Start with the existing criteria you’ve gathered about your audience. For example, you could start with groups like:

    • B2B visited your website as a lead and converted into a lead
    • Potential customers that eventually converted into customers
    • Your most loyal customers or accounts

    Facebook will use its secret sauce to add more details so you can target the best business owners possible. This is also very useful for creating account-based marketing campaigns. You can also optimize your good-looking audience with data on your best-performing customers. on Facebook with location, age group, job role, industry, etc.

    3. Target Page Admins with Facebook B2B Ads

    Targeting site admins alone is not the best idea. You don’t want to waste money on a 15-year-old after a page of meme. Instead, target business page admins, admins in specific industries, or a combination of other categories like job titles. Read more: How to Stretch a Shirt

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    4. How to Target Facebook Business Owners Through Media Publications

    What websites, blogs or news sources does your ideal business owner read? Name ad creators to target their Facebook followers. media sites

    5. Facebook Business Targeting with B2B Job Titles

    Targeting specific job titles within your audience ensures your messages are personalized and, therefore, more effective. To target business owners, go for gold! title

    6. Use Facebook B2B Ads to Target Unique Interests and Industry

    Facebook’s advanced ad segments give you lots of opportunities and sub-categories to target like banking, design, technology, etc. industry

    7. Reach B2Bs who just started a new location

    You’ll want to combine the ad categories here to target Facebook business owners. Start by adding CEO as the job title. Next, ask the ad engine to target users who are just starting a new job. new job

    8. Target Facebook Business Owners Using Facebook Payments

    This smart category allows you to target not only people who have spent money on Facebook within the last three months, but also big spenders. Targeting this group is useful when reaching Facebook business owners who are key or B2B decision makers with control over a company’s budget. facebook payment

    9. Create B2B Facebook Ads Using Technology

    Running a B2B SaaS startup? This is the directory for you. You can combine roles such as manager with high-tech users or specific owners who are the first to learn new technology: TechnologyYou can also target people at the management level based on factors like device, browser or operating system – perfect for account-based strategy or software marketing. operating system

    10. Find and Target B2B Event Creators

    Events may look a little different in 2020, but they’re still an important part of B2B networking and marketing. Target business owners who recently created an event or who are interested in webinars. Read more: 1986 to 2021 is how many years event

    11. How To Target Facebook Business Owners With Your Email List

    Facebook allows you to upload your email list to reach potential customers with unique ads. Divide your subscriber list into groups based on their title (in this case, owner) and stage of the buying cycle to personalize your campaigns.

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    12. Hone your account-based marketing with targeting companies

    Run ABM campaigns for CEOs at your target companies with ease. You can use employer demographics to create unique campaigns for different job roles at each organization: Company

    13. How to Target Facebook Business Owners from Specific Generations

    21% of millennials working in B2B hold C-level positions and countless other jobs in decision-making roles. Tech-savvy millennial shoppers demand content that empowers them and makes their lives easier. For example, you can run similar campaigns for C-level employees but with different languages ​​for each generation. generations

    14. Target Facebook Business Owners Through Your Followers (or Competitors)

    Facebook makes it very easy for you to reach your competitors’ customers. Just plug in a competitor’s site (or several): competitorFollow this up by adding your target title to reach C-level owners or employees. Plus, reach the Facebook friends of your existing followers who are a good fit. business owner demographics.

    15. Use Facebook Small Business Targeting Ads

    Sometimes the companies you want to reach don’t have a significant enough presence to show up on Facebook’s employer listings. Just select small business owners as demographics. small business ownerNext, narrow down your search using other demographics like digital behavior, location, and interests to reach exactly the type of business owner you want. small business owner1

    Find out how to target Facebook business owners the way that works for you

    Don’t be discouraged if your B2B Facebook ads aren’t delivering the results you want right away. It takes time to figure out how to target business owners on Facebook with the best strategy. Your buyers and their respective businesses are all unique. Keep an eye on your stats and try something new! Need a little help with your Facebook advertising strategy? Schedule a Free Facebook Consultation with our experts or call us now at 970-224-1494. Read more: how to sleep in a rusty sleeping bag

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