How To Make Chocolate Fried Pies With Canned Biscuits

Chocolate cupcakes with powdered sugarHow to make fried chocolate chip cookies with canned cookies In the world of donuts, I have two favorites: Peach and Chocolate. For a great peach pie like my great-grandmother did, you have to start with dried peaches. Just fresh or canned can’t pack in the same flavor as dried varieties do. And for deep-fried chocolate pies like I grew up with, you have to make your own chocolate filling from sugar, butter, and cocoa powder, just like my aunt Sue does, and you have to use the recipe I gave you. included in my first cookbook, as I’m sharing with you here.

Can I use canned cookie dough?


Note: You can make these with canned cookie dough but they won’t be the same. Even so, they will still be good for a short while. You can also make these simply by sticking a small chocolate bar inside each one – but it won’t be the same either. However, they will still be good for a short while! Just do what you have time to do and put your heart into it. The most important step in cooking is not the ingredients you use or how complicated the preparation is, but the process of making something delicious for someone because you love them. That makes everything tastier. Now let’s make some fried chocolate cupcakes…chocolate cake ingredients

Ingredients for Crispy Chocolate Pie Crust and Fillings

For the crust, you’ll need: Shortening (like Crisco or coconut oil, I’m using general), milk, salt, and all-purpose flour.For the chocolate filling you will need: Sugar, butter and cocoa powder.Most of my old family recipes don’t use baking chocolate and such, but cocoa powder instead because it’s so much more affordable.fried chocolate cupcakes step 1Place flour, salt and shortening in a bowl. Stir together and then use a long fork to shred into the dough.Or a pastry cutter if you feel like it. Read more: how to fix bent metal on a carmilk chocolate cupcakesPour milk into the flour mixture.chocolate cake mix dough step 4Read more: Scrabble Slam Game RulesStir it up well. You may have to add extra milk, and that’s fine. Add a tablespoon at a time until it forms a dough.chocolate roll cupcakes step 5Divide it into ten ball-shaped parts.fried chocolate cake fillingIn a medium mixing bowl, add melted butter, sugar, and cocoa powder.mixed fried chocolateStir it wellIt will form a paste. Note: This is a smooth chocolate blend and it is absolutely delicious.Rolled Chocolate CakeOkay, now we need to take each of those dough balls and make a 6 inch (or so) circle. Deep fried chocolate cake with fillingNow place about 2 tablespoons of filling in the center of each one.THEN, dip your fingertips in the water and run them around the edges to help them stick together.prepare cakeUse a fork to fold and fold the edges.fried chocolate cupcakesRead more: Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide: How to Increase Your InventoryHeat about 1/4 inch of oil in a large skillet over medium-high for about five minutes, then turn low to medium and carefully add the pancakes at a time, being careful not to overcook.Dough fried chocolate cupcakesLet them cook until golden on one side, then flip and cook until golden on the other side. This process will only take a few minutes.fried chocolate cake finishedRemove to a plate lined with paper towels.chocolate cakeLet cool slightly before serving.Chocolate cupcakes with powdered sugarOr add some powdered sugar on top before enjoying. Or no, do whatever spins your tractor! Share with your friends!

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