How To Shorten A Sweater (without Sewing Machine)

You find a sweater in a shopping mall shelf and find its price and quality irresistible but too long for your comfort and style. What do you do? Leave it and wonder after you get home or buy it and do wonders with it with your skillful hands? You can always cut a store-bought sweater short if you’re crafty and tactful. All you need are staples, scissors and a sewing machine. You’ll give an exciting new life to that gorgeous but bulky, over-the-counter sweater.

Is it possible to shorten a sweater?


Some people (especially those with no sewing experience) will say that a sweater can’t be cut short. A sweater may look harder to change than a regular t-shirt, but it’s not impossible. But you can make them horribly long to fit you.

  • Shorten your sweater without sewing.

The simplest of these three ways, you can shorten your sweater by shortening it to the length you want. This style may look boho to some, but it can also look chic when half-dressed over tight jeans.

  • First, you put on a sweater to measure the length of the shirt that will come off.
  • Use a ruler to mark around the sweater you plan to cut.
  • Cut the part you don’t want on the sweater, including the waistband.
  • Your sweater is now ready for you to wear. Note that the ends will tend to curl up a bit after washing and wearing. You can only use this method on sweaters that aren’t crocheted or loosely knitted, or they may fray.
    • Cut your sweater short and use duct tape.

    The next method creates a clean edge on your short sweater. It is an easy and simple process. You will need a pair of scissors, duct tape, and a sewing machine.

  • Put the sweater on and measure the length you want to cut. Reduce 5/8 inch from this length to prepare the edge band. You won’t need a belt for this method.
  • Mark around the sweater the length you intend to cut. Cut around the sweater the size you need to take off.
  • Take a piece of soft stretchy 5/8-inch rim tape and tape it around the edge of your cropped sweater. Iron a small patch of the area as you apply the tape. Let it cool. Remove the backing paper from the edge band.
  • Fold the fabric edge up towards the wrong side of the fabric. Iron to support the adhesive.
  • To create a clean hem on a sweater, you can use a double needle on the machine or do a zigzag stitch to seal the hem.
    • Shorten your sweater and reattach the waistband.
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    Sometimes you want the sweater in its original shape, just shorter. You can achieve that by reattaching the waistband.

  • Try on a sweater to see the length you have to cut.
  • Mark around the sweater where you need to cut it short.
  • Cut the waistband. But make sure you leave about 1/4 inch of sweater fabric above the binding for you to sew the top.
  • Use a straight pin to secure the top and waistband with the right sides together.
  • Use the Serger machine to attach the waistband to the top of the sweater. In the absence of a Serger, you can use your trusty home sewing machine and sew the edges of the pieces using a zigzag stitch.
  • Iron all around your new seam and newly attached waistband. Your sweater is now shorter and as good as new.
  • How do you shorten a sweater on a sewing machine?

    You only need about three items from your sewing supplies to help you get the sweater just right. You will need straight pins, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine. A Serger can be a great option to use, but a regular home sewing machine can also do the job.

  • Mark the sweater with the length you want, then cut.
  • If your sweater looks good but is too long to look like a dress, you shouldn’t stop cutting it short. Mark the length of the sweater that you like best. Then, cut around following your marks, leaving a small section of sweater fabric on the lanyard where you can sew the top of the sweater. Pin the top and tie. Read more: By Charles Harris ~ Join the top and tie using straight pins. Align the side seams and make sure that the sides are facing each other. Pro Tip: Use an iron to pin the two fabrics together. Sewing two pieces together, you can use a straight stitch to sew the pieces together. Try to sew as close to the book cover as possible. Overlock stitch If your sewing machine is equipped with an overlock foot, you are in luck. It will create a nice and clean stitch along the edge. The Serger machine is the best device for joining your sweater pieces together at the edges. Sew the edges together with a zigzag stitch. Press new seam. To see the final effect of your shorter sweater, press down on your new seam. Let cool, then try on.

    Can you cut a sweater without it coming off?

    You can find knitted and crocheted sweaters that are adorable but can look too ugly when you wear them. For these types of sweaters, there is a high chance that they will fall apart after cutting. But don’t let it stop you from turning that bulky cardigan into something you can be proud to wear. Remember that you can cut a sweater without it coming loose, you can’t crop a sweater that would make it fit. If you want to feel confident in your sweater cutting, you can try making it on an old one from your wardrobe. It will then inspire you to cut every sweater that doesn’t fit to your desired length. Learning this technique is essential when you want to change sweaters and make sure they don’t come apart in the process. Read on for some tips on steeking sweaters. You can take advantage of the stickiness of animal fibers by pressing unreinforced piles. All you need are straight pins, scissors and a long cardigan. Using a straight pin, mark the length of the sweater you intend to cut. Slowly cut along the height you marked. The fibers will stick together without reinforcement. If you’re still worried about unraveling, you can rub the edges of the cut so that the fibers feel together naturally. Top Q&A You can use a sewing machine to make a simple sweater. Straightening with a sewing machine or a Serger will help strengthen your cut lines. Bring some straightening pins, scissors, a sewing machine or Serger, and an oversized sweater ready to trim. Use a sewing machine to sew a short thread around this area so the sweater doesn’t come apart. Using your sharp scissors, cut into the area near the short stitches. You can use the Serger to fix the edges or create a zigzag seam if you are using a regular sewing machine. . The materials you will need are yarn, yarn needles, crochet hooks and scissors. Using yarn in a contrasting color to the sweater and yarn needle, mark the part you need to cut by creating long stitches around it. Using a yarn of the same color as your sweater, knit one around the marked line. The only stitch will be the new edge of the sweater after threading the part you want to untie.

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    Can you shorten a cardigan?

    A cardigan that fits just right is a hard thing to find. If you can’t knit yourself to the right size, most of what you can find in stores doesn’t always look good. few simple steps.

    • Try on cardigans for size. Fold the edge to where you want it. The new edge will be equal to the straight pin.
    • Lay your corset down to mark around the area you need to cut. You may need to leave half an inch for the hem. Make sure there’s enough room between the last button and the edge of your new sweater.
    • Trim the excess fabric around your cardigan.
    • Next, use a Serger to sew around the new edge to prevent the sweater from coming apart. If you don’t have a Serger, you can use a regular sewing machine and use a zigzag stitch to finish the hem of your new and enhanced cardigan.

    Can you cut the sleeves on a sweater?

    You may be annoyed with a sweater that is too loose and too long for your size. Good thing, you can change up a sweater to get the right length. If you can adjust the length of the sweater, you can definitely shorten the sleeves. You can cut it and make it your size and enjoy your sweater. All you need are thread, slime, scissors and a giant over-sleeve sweater. The first thing you need to do is try on the sweater and check how it goes beyond the wrist. Measure the length of the sleeve that you want to cut. Pin the excess fabric along the edge of the hem. Take a tape measure, measure the exact length of the excess fabric from your sweater sleeve and multiply it by two. Do the same for the rest of the sleeve, but knowing how much you need to cut this time, thread the end of the sleeve in. Measure half the length of the excess fabric and pin it around along the hem. Next, you must sew along the hem using an overlock stitch to prevent frayed edges. You can trim the excess fabric outside the overcast stitch. Do the same with your remaining sleeve, and you’re done shortening your sweater sleeve. Nice and easy! Read more: how to crack camtasia studio 9 | Top Q&A

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