How To Make A Paracord Flogger

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a paracord flogger generator. There are many flogger designs out there. I made this using a variety of whip-making techniques. Because I’ve been showing a lot of tutorials on how to knot and braid Aboriginal hair lately, I thought it would be a good idea to put them to use in a real project, hence the flogger paracord. cotton manDue to my cheerful nature, I feel compelled to state the uses of the whisk: That being said, let’s see how to make this whisk.


I’ve used the supplies I have around and what I think will work best: nylon-flogger

Guide to paracord flogger

We start by cutting our wire. I cut 6 ropes of the same length for the torso and fall (the rope is made for hitting). They will be folded in half on the steel ring, meaning the actual length needs to be twice the final length of the slurry.paracord-flogge-step (1/7)Fold your rope in half and place the O-ring in the middle.paracord-flogge-step (2/7)Wrap the handle of the whisk. You can use electrical tape or sinew cord, I use the inner threads of the paracord Read more: how to size a slalom water slide I used a knot to start and end the wrap. The tighter the wrap, the rounder and firmer it will be. In my case the handle was very stiff, almost like it had a wooden/metal core.paracord-flogge-step (3/7)Treated after being wrapped with yarn inside. In fact, several yarns were used for the entire length. Start with a knot, as does the end. Before running out completely, I added a new yarn, and still used the previous yarn to wrap up the new yarn.paracord-flogge-step (4/7)The next step is to braid the made core by wrapping it. There are several styles to choose from, including herringbone braid (I used this one), diamond braid, circle/checker braid, or even gaucho braid. The secret to a beautiful braid is the tightening process. The tightening will start from the moment you start moving the rope, so it should be under force most of the time. on the ground and rolling it with your feet will make the braid more beautiful.paracord-flogge-step (5/7)To secure the top of the braid (at the top of the handle), another wrap is done the same way we used for the core. This will ensure the braid stays in place.paracord-flogge-step (6/7)Then wrap the top with a decorative button. You can do it with the tip of 5L4B cotton yarn, tie a gaucho knot (I used gaucho) or any other decorative knot you feel like. You can also see that I cut the wire used for the braid. You can easily cut more ends, hide them under the knot, or just let them fall for more ends.paracord-flogge-step (7/7)I also cover the beginning of the braid at the bottom using a spanish loop knot. I really like the look and feel of this one, although looking back, I think I’ll use a wider player’s head in my future.paracord-flogge-step-extraI gutted the falling ends to finish. Waxing the whisk, especially the handle, should be considered (the whips are usually dipped in wax – be careful not to let the wax get too hot though when dipping, or you’ll damage the cord). The tutorial may also be helpful: With that, the flogger generator is done. Thank you for joining me on this project, it’s been fun and I plan on making many of these, trying out different grip lengths and braid styles.Read more: Destiny 2 how to get a car | Top Q&A

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