How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

Like any tool designed for cutting, the blades on your drill should always be kept sharp. No matter what type of drill bit you use, whether it’s a high-tech mechanical, gasoline or lithium ion electric hand drill, the sharp blades cut faster with less effort and strain. The sharp blade also reduces the risk of shaft bending or damaging the motor and is less likely to get caught in rocks. As they rotate, they cut into the tape, lifting the shaved pieces up and out of the hole as it deepens. and you won’t be able to use your drill when it disappears. Grinding your drill bits at home isn’t difficult and it allows you to sharpen them right when you need them, while you might be tempted to ship them out and leave them too dull to work properly. Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it right.

Auger blade sharpening step by step


Auger blade sharpening is a progressive process, with each step bringing the blades into ice sharpness. You will sharpen them on stone the same way you sharpen a knife. You will need three different stones, a coarse stone, a medium stone, and a fine grindstone.

Quick overview of the process

  • Remove the blades, note the hardware.
  • Check the condition of all blade surfaces.
  • Clean the secondary edge (rough stone).
  • Secondary edge grinding (medium stone).
  • Secondary edge grinding (stone grinding).
  • Primary edge grinding (stone and oil grinding).
  • Reassemble the drill bits into the drill head.
  • Remove and inspect the blades

    Pay attention to how the blades are attached when removed so you can put them back properly. Look out for the small shims used to maintain the angle of the blade, they are easy to lose. Closely inspect the blades for nicks, chips, grooves, dents, cracks, excessive rust and any other damage. Read more: How to add furniture to autocad 2022

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    Clean up extra edges/bevels

    The rock drill blades have two surfaces, a large secondary bevel that separates and lifts the ice, and a small sharp chamfer on the very edge that is the primary cutting edge. Using a coarse grinding wheel, remove all visible defects, burrs, scratches, etc., clean as much as possible to obtain a smooth surface. . You will then sweep the other side down the stone, as if you were scraping a sticker off the stone.How to Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

    Grinding and grinding the auxiliary edge

    Step three of the gradual grinding process is to continue cleaning and polishing the secondary edge. It really should start well at this point.

    Grinding and grinding the auxiliary edge

    This is where you’ll get the surface perfect, or at least as close as you can get. Start by using dry your fine grindstone and finish by honing with oil sharpener. When you’re done, you can almost use the extra edge as a shaving mirror. Read more: How to deposit on a trampoline13 Ice Auger Blades

    Master blade training

    This is where the cutting, spearhead of your attack begins. It’s thin, like on a knife. You will continue to use your sharpening stone and oil to sharpen it. Grinding it to an angle of about 40 degrees or slightly less is a good rule of thumb for best longevity.Hone Blade Edge Ice AugerAnd that’s it. Now you’re ready to reassemble your drill and head out onto the ice. Like most things in life, sharpening a drill takes a bit of practice to achieve mastery. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently. It’s rewarding in many ways; Stopping your losses will be easy, you will save some money and possibly achieve a bit of Zen serenity while you are doing it.19 Ice Auger Blades

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    Tips to Keep Your Auger Blades Sharp

    As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to keep your rock drill blades sharp is to take steps to keep them from tarnishing in the first place.

    • Avoid dirt and debris – If there are many other fisherman on the lake, perhaps on a sled or carrying shaved ice or other equipment, there could be a lot of dirt, sand and other debris that could dull your blade. Find a clean place for your hole.
    • Don’t Bang the Auger – You’ll often be lured into hammering your drill into the ice to try to drill holes faster, and while this can work to some extent, it’s also a good way to damage your blade. friend. Be patient and let the machine do the work.
    • Protect your blade – When transporting or storing your drill, keep the blades away from tools and other metal surfaces where they can bump or rub, dulling and possibly chipping them. Most new drills have a cover that protects the entire head of the drill. There are also special caps you can buy for rock drill bits.

    That’s not too bad, is it? Keep practicing with old tongues, and soon you’ll never have to struggle with dull tongues again. Invest the time in learning how to sharpen rock drills and keep them that way and your ice fishing experience will be smoother and more enjoyable. Read more: how to sharpen a saw blade with dremel

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