How To Beat The Luca Goers

Final Fantasy X How to get the first win against the forerunnersThis page has instructions for your first blitzball game with Luca Goers in Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF10). This page will teach you how to win your first blitzball game and win the tournament.

How to beat Luca Goers


Switch to normal mode

Don’t leave it to the AI, or you will lose badly. At the start of the game, immediately switch to normal mode (kinda won’t make a difference). Once you do, the game will become easier.

Shoot like crazy

Read more: How to insert a vertical line in gmail signatureTidus is the only shooter on your team with a higher shot than the opponent’s goalkeeper. Tidus is placed in the same ward as Abus. Abus has 3 ATK (Go must go forward). Go past him with Letty or Jassu. Go back and lure Balgerda. Tidus will cross in, pass the ball to him and score a free goal.

Second Half Jecht Shot

If you learn Shoot Jecht, you can easily get a free point. Attracts Go midfielders and strikers.FFX Blitzball Jecht ShotRead more: How to clean parking sensors | Top Q & AP: Pass the ball to Tidus and make him use Shoot Jecht at melee range. This will eliminate the two behind allowing you to get some free points.

Shooting ball in the second half

If we don’t learn Jecht Shot, we’ll need to use the same strategy in the first half. Lure in Balgerda, pass the ball to Tidus, score a free goal.

Second half Wakka

Again, the same strategy from the first half will work. We’ll trade Wakka for Tidus. There’s only 2 minutes left of the match, so let it all count.

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Strength Sphere and a trophy

Final Fantasy X Strength SphereAfter the battle, you will be rewarded with a Strength Sphere. This is extremely valuable in the early part of the game and will increase the damage of your chosen character. Final Fantasy X WakkaThen you’ll also see a cutscene with Wakka holding the cup before saying goodbye. Read more: how to train your lego dragon | Top Q&A

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