How To Reset Element Tv When Screen Is Black

If you are wondering how to fix black screen on Element TV, You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss the black screen randomly appearing problem on Element TV and how to prevent it from happening in the future. .Reading: how to reset element tv when screen is blackWhether you are seeing a black or blue screen it most definitely means that no signal is reaching your TV Element. To resolve the issue, you will need to check and hopefully troubleshoot a number of issues, including the power to the TV and the built-in operating system.Later in the post, we’ll go into the details and give you everything you need to know to get your Element TV working again.

How to fix black screen on TV Element – Best methods


We will now introduce some troubleshooting methods that have been proven to work by people having the same problem as you. Remember that the goal of these methods is to quickly identify the problem and solve it. check your glo number in ghana | Top Q&ANote: After successfully applying a method, try to turn on your TV to check if the screen is fixed.

Method #1 – Restart your TV Element

The first measure you should take is to restart your Element TV. This will restart all services and will most likely solve your black screen problem.

  • Plug out power cable out of the socket
  • Wait for about 3-4 minutes before reconnecting the cable
  • Turn on the TV
  • Check if your problem is still there

The easiest way to check if your Element TV screen is working after a reboot is to check one of the cable channels. If not, just try navigating in the menu. Is your problem still ongoing? If yes, please continue with our next method.

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Method #2 – Factory Reset Your TV

By performing a restore factory settings, you will most likely get rid of any TV Element screen problems and also solve any problems that have arisen so far. : how to check your glo number in ghana | Top Q&ANote: Remember that by performing a factory reset, all your personal configurations will lost foreverIf your Element TV screen is not working at this point, there is no practical way to review your settings one last time. Knowing all of that, here’s how to do a factory reset on the Element TV:

  • Find the pinhole, located on the back of your TV
  • Take a sharp object such as a pencil
  • press and hold button inside the pinhole at least 50 seconds for the TV to reset
  • You are done!

When holding the button in the pinhole, you will notice that your Element TV will reboot. At this point, it may take up to 5 minutes for the TV to turn on, but once online, the TV will be reset to default settings. If not and the problem persists, continue with our next step.

Method #3 Plug in all inputs

Most likely a certain input is causing your Element smart TV screen problem. We recommend removing all such inputs (HDMI, AV-IN and etc.). When there is no input, go back method number 1 and restart your TV.Tips: Also, if you are using any 3rd party remote app or any screen sharing service, no matter if it’s on your phone or PC, remove it now hours to ensure no interference. no, continue.

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Method #4 Check Connection

If your Element TV is still unresponsive, make sure that the power source is actually supplying current. Just try the power outlet and, if possible, test the cable yourself.

Method #5 Contact Support

If nothing can get your TV Element screen working again, we recommend contacting customer serviceThey will most likely walk you through a long list of troubleshooting steps, most of which are similar to ours and hopefully, more successful. There is a way to solve them.

Possible element TV screen problem

problem tv screen elementSo, if you have tried the above methods and failed to solve your TV Element problem, we regret to inform you that there is nothing more you can do at home if you are not a techie. . home tattoo equipment Below we will list and describe some of the possible causes of your screen problem so you can better understand what you are experiencing.

TV console problem

There is a possibility that your TV control panel is damaged or damaged. If your TV Element was recently bumped, got water, or had a power surge, it’s possible your hardware is at fault. the only way to go.

Backlight problem

LCD TVs are using a backlight to illuminate the image on your screen. If the backlight has any problem, you won’t be able to see anything on your Element TV screen. The recommendation here is to seek professional help, as fixing TV backlight problems requires insight.

Power cable problem

As we mentioned earlier, the power cable can be the cause of your Element TV screen randomly turning black. that the whole problem was with the cable. So if you’re going to troubleshoot your TV Element, whether it’s at home or with a professional, we recommend that you tackle the power cable first.

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TV power board problem

You can easily find out if the problem you’re having is related to your TV’s power board. Signs of a faulty power board will be no response from the TV Element when performing a power reset or reboot. Troubleshooting your source board is a really complicated business, so again, you should seek professional help.ConclusionWe hope that we were able to illustrate most of the possible causes and all possible solutions. However, the answer to the question “how to fix the black screen on TV Element?” In this regard, we hope that you have found a solution to your Element TV problem and if you are interested in more technical solution content, our blog certainly has some problems for you. you like to read.Continue reading: Find out how you can reset the TV Element without the remote? Read more: how to clean a teak shower bench

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