How To Record MIDI in FL Studio

Video How to record midi in fl studioFL Studio has changed the music landscape for many rappers, beat makers and producers. instrument digital interface). Read: how to record midi in fl studio If you’re just starting out with FL Studio, here’s great news for you! Entire songs can be produced via MIDI where the keyboard can trigger all kinds of sounds and samples including Beats, synthesizers, and other virtual instruments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to record MIDI in FL Studio and turn that song in your head into a real recording!

Set up your MIDI device in FL Studio


First, make sure that you connect the MIDI device to your computer via a USB cable. Older MIDI devices require “IN” and “OUT” MIDI cables. New devices are powered and communicate with your computer via a USB cable. Not sure what to use, a simple 49 MIDI keyboard is a great place to start. Alesis, Akaiand M-Audio makes affordable and quality MIDI controllers if you are looking to buy one. For a full list of recommendations, check out ours Midi keyboard tutorial for FL studio here.Once your controller is connected and powered, hover over “MIDI Settings” in FL Studio and make sure it is being seen and registered by FL Studio.

Create and assign a track

With your MIDI device connected, you’re halfway to creating a rhythm.MIDI input detectedMost FL Studio projects will have a mixer built with multiple channels. You can choose one of these or add a new channel.FL Studio will automatically recognize your MIDI controller and select the source for you. Before recording the MIDI part, right-click on the record button and double-check that “Notes” is turned off. Read more: How to make adderall more efficient This allows you to record individual MIDI notes from the controller.

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Choose your virtual instrument & recording

Tab View plugin selectorThere are many advantages to using MIDI over traditional audio. One great thing about MIDI is that it allows you to load and trigger any sound imaginable. FL Studio comes preloaded with synths, bass presets, drum samples, keyboards, and more. Some instruments will be full-scale and can be activated with any MIDI key on your controller. Other instruments like drum sets will have only 10 to 30 different sounds and will only be triggered by the first set of keys respectively.Plugin selector listIn addition, you can purchase many audio tools and load third-party plugins into FL Studio. The most famous tools include Omnisphere, Native Instruments and Output.MIDI is really a place where you can present your sound any way you want. It can take years to master if you’re just starting out. So if you’re just starting out in production, start with your core, foundational instrument like a piano part or synth loop. Record in the next layer with kick and snare, then add bass etc until you understand all parts of your song.

Once recorded, manipulate MIDI notes

Another strength of MIDI is the ability to go back to your music and manipulate the notes. This is a game changer for manufacturers! You don’t have to go on a perfect note anymore. You can now transform certain paragraphs as you wish. Say you record a 4-bar loop and accidentally miss a note. Just go back and delete the note. Later you want to change one of the chords Read more: How to make sticks in minecraftMIDI gives you flexibility and ease of forgiveness during recording.

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Harnessing the quantization function

Perhaps the biggest draw to MIDI is the piano grid that syncs with your FL Studio project’s BPM. select a piece of MIDI data and “tune” it to a perfect time fit. You can choose the time (minor note, eighth note, third note, etc.) you want to apply to the MIDI part. songs that require mechanical perfection like trap hi-hat or EDM compilations.

Layered MIDI sections in FL Studio

One key to getting that “full” sound to your song is to put parts and instruments together over and over again. FL Studio allows you to quickly copy and paste MIDI parts so you can add Add specific synth lines, piano pieces, you name it. do this, take your MIDI recording and copy it to another channel strip in FL Studio. You can now tune one track to the left and one to the right. and decrease or raise it by one octave. You should now have the same riff or line but one octave apart, which will create a more powerful, layered sound. Imagine replicating the same MIDI part on an orchestra. Cello, violin, viola and bass sections, you can copy MIDI tracks and assign different virtual instruments to each track.

Start recording MIDI in FL Studio today

MIDI has changed the way music is composed and recorded today. It gives everyday bedroom artists access to thousands of sounds, orchestras, drum sets, etc. setup processes. Now you know how to set up and recording MIDI in FL Studio, it’s time to unleash your creativity and start programming your own songs! In no time, you’ll have a fully produced recording for the world to listen to. So what are you waiting for, open your laptop and start creating!Also Read: How to Record Guitar in FL Studio (Beginner’s Guide)Read more: How to convert a pull chain light to a switch

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