How To Check When A Discord Account Was Made

How to check Discord account age

Curious to know when a particular user’s Discord account was created? Or, confirm if the account is really a real person or a bot? Maybe you want to find out the Discord account age of your own account? In this guide you will find these answers and more


Discord is a chat application and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service becoming a communication tool for gamers worldwide. Discord can do more than just send a plain text or a voice message, and it offers a bunch of great features that are great for gaming – like custom servers, voice channels as well as Lots of personalization and integration. has become popular even among teams and remote workers due to its wide customization options and unique functionality. It also provides a way for people to find others in their field of interest, and has servers dedicated to almost any topic in the world. less important. In any case, if you are curious about finding the account age of a particular Discord account in your server, you can do this easily. Read on to learn how to check a user’s Discord account age. Read more: How to keep your synthetic wig tangle-free

  • How to check age of any Discord account
  • How to check Discord account age
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to check age of any Discord account

    To check the age of a Discord account, you need to first make sure that the account has Developer mode enabled and Streamer mode disabled on Discord.

    How to Enable Developer Mode on Discord

    • Step 1. Sign in to Discord and go to User Settings (gear icon) next to your avatar in the bottom left corner
    • Step 2. In the left sidebar, scroll down to ‘Advanced’ and enable the Developer Mode buttondiscord-account-age-2
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    How to turn off Streamer Mode on Discord

    • Step 1. In User Settings, go to ‘Streamer Mode’ on the left sidebar
    • Step 2. Make sure the ‘Enable Live Player Mode’ switch is turned offdiscord-account-age-3

    How to check Discord account age

    First, you need to copy your account’s Discord ID. So if you want to check the account age of your own account, you have to copy the ID of your own account. If you want to check account age for other users, you will need their Discord ID, which you can copy from the right sidebar on Discord.

    • Step 1. In the right sidebar on Discord, right click on the name of the user you want to check account age and click ‘Copy ID’discord-account-age-4

    Note: If you want to check your own account age, just right click on your username and select ‘Copy ID’ Step 2. The Discord ID will now be copied to your clipboard Step 3. Go to Discord Lookup discord-account-age-5 Step 4. Paste the ID in the ID field and click ‘Look Up’ Step 5. Complete captcha verification discord-account-age-6Read more: how to edit audio in sony vegas pro 13 That’s it, the website will show you details about that Discord user like username, badge, account creation date and whether that user has Is it a bot or not? discord-account-age-7 From the user’s account creation date, you can easily calculate their Discord account age.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the minimum age limit to create a Discord account?

    To create a Discord account and access the Discord app or website, users need to be at least 13 years of age or older depending on local laws.

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    Does Discord delete inactive accounts?

    No, Discord does not delete any old or inactive accounts. Read more: How to find a stolen switch

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