How To Prevent Barn Swallows From Nesting

The Barn Swallow spends at least half a year in North America. They are a common nuisance found across the country. While these birds are around, they carry droppings, feathers, and chirping all the time. Here are some ways to deal with them.

Set up a bird fence


Swallows often build nests in the same place every year. A great way to keep them away is to put up a fence and show that your barn is no longer an option. These barriers can be made of sheet metal, bird netting or, for those who want something more aesthetic, potted plants.

Using sound determinants

Read more: how to get rid of a seamless nose ring Sound blockers are another option when trying to scare away swallows in a cage. They work by using a bird’s natural instincts to drive them away from a particular area. Sound suppression measures come in many different forms, each using a different type of sound to frighten birds. Here are some examples of sounds you can play in your barn:

  • Ultrasonic sound waves
  • Birds’ pain calls are recorded
  • Recorded predator calls and more

The good news for sound suppressors is that they are relatively low maintenance once set up. The downside is that noise can be annoying, and some birds can become tolerant of sounds over time, reducing their effectiveness.

Create an alternative living environment

Swallows take shelter in cages to protect their cubs during the colder months. To prevent them from taking over your coop this winter, create alternative habitats elsewhere on your property. This may include:

    • Bird’s nest and nesting platform – the traditional choice
    • Artificial nest – small bowl-shaped pieces attached to the wall
    • Cage-style birdhouse – larger structure simulates the inside of the cage
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Read more: how to keep rats out of the fridge Make sure you place these habitats away from crowded doors and near sources of mud that swallows will use to build their nests. By keeping birds somewhere else to stay, they are more likely to avoid your cage.

Liquid bird repellent spray

The most active way to scare away swallows in the cage is prevention. Instead of chasing them away when they arrive, liquid bird repellent spray will prevent swallows from entering the cage. Simply by stimulating your bird’s taste and smell, repellents can drive swallows out of your home. Before purchasing one of these products, be sure to check that it is light enough to be used around people and plants.

Scare Away Barn Swallows for Good

Often, standard solutions are not enough or ideal to prevent swallows from entering the cage. It’s frustrating when you see these birds still finding their way into your barn, farm or even your home. In this case, bird repellent spray could be the solution for you. Instead of messing around with methods you’re not sure about, try Avian Migrate as an effective and long-lasting solution. How to banish Barn Swallows Read more: how to unblock someone in league of legends

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