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Custom content and 101 . modes


Lots of simulators use custom content and mods to enhance their gameplay. But these items can eventually break and cause problems in your game. Sometimes the game is completely unplayable. First, we need to look at the difference between custom content and mods.Custom content is something that doesn’t change the script/adjustment of an object or item. Like clothes, hair, makeup, furniture, etc. These types of items are usually the last thing that will break down and cause you problems. These “CC” entries will have the file extension .package.Mods are things that change the scenario/tuning of a game or of an object. These bugs are frequently broken and must be checked and updated regularly. Any time there’s a new patch and EA changes or adds things to the game that can break a mod. That’s why something you’re using might work one day and then break after a patch. Some of these mods also contain python script files (.TS4Script File Extension), these files are NOT unzipped or they will not work as expected by the mod. “Mod” entries will have at least one .package file and sometimes a .ts4script file.

How to install custom content & mods

To install custom content, download it from your favorite creator’s site. Some files when you download are in .zip or .rar format. These files must be extracted through programs such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. After extracting the files, you will see the .package files. These files are how the game reads custom content. These .package files will go into your mods folder (Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods). .package files can be placed up to 5 folders deep in your Mods folder (*see next section on categorization), so you can organize these files by category any way you want. . There are two types of mods (as mentioned in the previous section): Script Mods and Tuning Mods. Modifiers are just .package files and can be arranged just like custom content. They will work no matter where you put them in your mods folder. Note: I recommend keeping modding mods in their own folder, as they can break easily and also have to be updated when they do.Script mods are at least one .package file and one .ts4script file. These mods cannot contain more than one folder deep inside your mods folder. (IE Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Script Folder). Do not unzip any files with the .ts4script file extension, or they will not work. These types of mods must be updated regularly (Almost every patch, depending on the mod). I recommend keeping any mods like this in their own folder. (Example: I keep MC Command Center and all its files in a separate folder in a folder. IE Any .packages and .ts4scripts belong to that mod.) Any other mods that contain .ts4script files also get their individual files.

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Organize your Mods folder

One of the best ways to ensure that you continue to have a healthy game is to organize your mods folder. Everyone does this differently, so they can keep track of what’s what. But we’ll take a look at how I organize my mods folder. Here is my mods folder:As you can see, I have specific items separated and named according to the contents of each folder. Let’s go through a few files to explain my sorting method.Default – This is whatever is the default replacement item. Items directly override game content. Such as default skin, eye replacement, etc.Main Modes – These are mods that I use and must be checked for updates regularly. I keep them in one place so I know exactly where I need to go and what I need to update after each patch.Others CC – Here we have all the regular (unmodified) custom content that I use, these are forked by the creators. This way I can add new items, find broken items or update an item easily. (as shown below)ssssIt doesn’t matter how you name or organize your files, as long as you know what is what. Just keep mods separate from custom content. It’s much easier to have one or more folders for mods than having to sort through tons of custom stuff to find a broken mod later.

Rename your custom content

Read more: how to remove crayons from the ceiling of a car One of the worst things about using a lot of custom stuff is that your game loads slowly and can become sluggish. Any .package file named with special characters or even just a space can cause the game to run and load slowly. This is because the game takes extra time to read these files with those types of characters. You can rename your file manually or you can use a program Batch rename utility. I personally use Bulk Rename Utility because you can edit multiple .package filenames at once. Don’t worry, we won’t change much! In the top left corner you will see a window where you can navigate to the files that you want to rename. When you find the folder containing the files, you’ll see the folder’s contents next to that window. Select all the items you want to rename. (you can select them individually or use Shift + Right Click to select them all.) Once they are selected, they will turn blue. Next, look for the box named “Delete (5)”. Change only the following: In the box next to it “Characters” put a space. Next is the word “Sym.” there is a checkbox. Make sure it checked.When you have Sym. close the selected box and have your space in Chars. You can click “Change name” at the bottom right of the screen. You will be prompted with a few pop-ups saying that the program is changing files, just click “Okay”.Once done, your file will be renamed! Without any spaces or special characters. Now your game will load/run faster. Here is a gif of each of the steps listed above where I renamed a few of my .package files:bruising

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Merge package files

Another great way to speed up your load times and help game performance is to merge your custom assets .package files. This means you are taking multiple .package files and creating one .package file containing all the files you have selected. The creator will personally do this. So I know exactly what is in the merged file.NOTE: DO NOT merge Mod files, this will make the mods corrupt and barely work. Merge Custom Content only. This means, do not merge any .ts4script or .pacakge files that come with the .ts4script file. As this will cause the mod to crash 9/10 times. To merge .package files, you will need the Sims 4 Studio program. Available for both PC and Mac. After you download and install Sims 4 Studio, open the program. “Content Management” in the navigation window. Click on it and select “Merging packages”. (as shown below)2018 08 08 11 19 56 WindowRead more: HOI4: How to recall volunteers | Top Q&AA new window will pop up. You can drag and drop all the .package files you want to merge here. After you have all the .package files you want in the window, select “Unify”. Now a window will pop up asking you to name and save your new merged .package file. Name the file (I named it after the creator) and click “save”This process may take some time depending on how many files you are merging. Just let it do its job. Once done, you will get a message saying the x/x files have been merged. (as shown below)peace

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Bulk fixes for custom content

When the new game is patched everything breaks. Sometimes a lot of things… But thanks to Sims 4 Studio, we can quickly and easily fix some of these issues with our favorite custom content. Are you having problems with objects not working as they were intended? Then check out what you can bulk fix. NOTE: Be sure to run any batch fixes before you merge custom assets. Also, even if you don’t own a package for batch fixes (IE Cats and Dogs Batch Fix, etc.) Go for them. Because EA makes these changes to the items for the Base Game, not to the packages themselves. You can fix many issues by running regular batch fixes on newly downloaded custom assets. 4 Studio here!

Last exception file

What are the final exception files?The Last Exception or “LE” file is the .txt file Mc Command Center and other mods give you to notify that your game has encountered an error. These causes can be caused by outdated mods, not updating the game and not clearing your cache, or even caused by EA itself. When your game generates a “LE” file, you will receive a message like the one shown below. The text on the warning will be different depending on the mod you use. But they are all telling you the same thing.DownloadYou can find the actual .txt file in your game directory. Where you can explain the error and find out how to resolve and/or cause the error.

  • Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4

File named “LastExceptopn.txt“Is your most recent last exception. If you see a person named with numbers like “LastException_1234567.txt“This is an error that has happened before. If you are having problems with your game and are receiving”Last exception“But not sure how to read them, you can learn how to get here or join and share your bug in Deaderpool Discord!Don’t ignore the last exception files! This may cause you to have your save corrupted and lost forever! Read more: How to use vape pen

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