how to turn off hyphenation in indesign

InDesign is a great and powerful tool, I will never get tired of talking about it! It is filled with automation features to help you create beautiful and amazing documents that are still practical and user-friendly. However, more often than not, these same automations can lead to some confusion when it comes to hyphens, and confusion can lead to mistakes. Control and disable InDesign hyphen. I have divided the topics of this post into sections to help you navigate better. Click the links to jump to each section:

  • How hyphens work in InDesign
  • Remove hyphen on a single word
  • Manually adjust the hyphen of the word
  • Remove hyphen on entire text
  • Edit hyphenation settings in InDesign

How hyphens work in InDesign and how to avoid mistakes


The hyphen is a very important element in the document; it controls how the text is displayed in the page.InDesign has very advanced features for the best control over hyphenation. These features are called “Composer”. There are basically two types of “Composers”: Adobe Paragraph Composer (usually the default) and Adobe Single Line Composer. These two editing methods calculate the possible line breaks according to:

  • setting language,
  • install hyphen,
  • install justification.
  • Without going into too much detail, the paragraph editor analyzes the entire paragraph to distribute words in different lines, while the single-line editor analyzes, you guessed it, single lines. In my opinion, I feel Paragraph Composer gives the best results, but if you want to change this setting you can find more information here.

    How to avoid hyphenation mistakes

    Setting the language in your document is essential, not only for spell checking but also for hyphens! Read more: How to install aboveground liner with deep end If you set the wrong language, the hyphen will be disabled. The image below is an example of that. Caveat: if you’re working on documents with multiple languages, you’ll have to make sure to set the correct language for each section.

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    How to remove hyphen on a word

    You can control the hyphen on a word by:

    • act on local format;
    • apply Character Style (recommended choice).

    Remove hyphen by acting on local format

    If you want to act on a local format, you can:

  • Select the word that you do not want to split.
  • On the top control bar, click the icon with three parallel lines.
  • Select the No interrupt option.
  • Remove hyphen via character style

    If you want to use Alternate Character Styles, you will have to:

  • Create a character style;
  • Activate the No Break option in the Basic Character Format tab, which you can find in the Character Style Options window;
  • Apply a style to the word that you don’t want to split.
  • Enable No Break in Character Style

    How to manually adjust word hyphen

    In some cases, you may want to hyphenate a word in a particular way. For example, the word “constrictor”, in my text is hyphenated as “constric-tor”, while I want it to be hyphenated as “con-strict”. In InDesign, you can customize text in a way that allows you to do about anything, including this. You can manually adjust a word’s hyphen by using an Arbitrary Hyphen.

  • With the Type tool, click where you want to insert the hyphen.
  • Click Type > Insert Special Characters > Dashes and Dashes > Optional Hyphen.
  • Insert arbitrary hyphens in InDesignBe careful, though, because the hyphen is managed in a much more complex way and the document will still follow the rules we’ve seen so far. But if you use an arbitrary Hyphen, you will force InDesign to only split the word at the position you selected.

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    How to remove hyphen from whole text

    Read more: how to make a hot towel for hair To remove hyphens in InDesign:

  • Select text.
  • In the control bar, in the Paragraph menu, turn off the Hyphenation option.
  • InDesign turns off hyphenation of all textIf you’ve followed one of the many InDesign courses we recommend here, now you know that you should avoid local formatting. You may also already know how to properly use Paragraph Styles and may want to edit your styles. name is “[Basic Paragraph]“Which you can use to remove the hyphen anywhere in InDesign. So if you are using Paragraph Styles or you want to edit [Basic Paragraph]:

  • Go to Edit Paragraph Style by double clicking on the name.
  • Go to the Hyphen tab.
  • Disable hyphen.
  • Turn off dashes in InDesign paragraph styles

    How to Edit Hyphenation Settings in InDesign

    You can edit the way InDesign hyphenates text by changing the Hyphenation setting. This can be done both locally and in a style, but since doing it locally would be crazy, what we’re going to show here is how to do it in Paragraph Styles.

  • Go to Edit Paragraph Style by double clicking on the name.
  • Go to the Hyphen tab, here you will find these settings.
  • Hyphenation control in InDesignHere’s an explanation of the more “obscure” functions:

  • Words with the fewest Xs: This allows you to control the minimum length of words to apply hyphens.
  • After the first X / Before the last X: This allows you to control the minimum number of characters that each part of the word must have. For example, if you choose 4 as the value of “After the first X”, the word “constrictor” can only be split into “constric-tor” and never “con-strict”. If you instead choose 4 as the value of “Before the last Xs”, the word “constrictor” can only be split into “con-precisionor” and never “constric-tor”.
  • Dashes Limit X: This controls the maximum number of hyphens used in a paragraph. Zero represents an infinite number of hyphens.
  • Hyphenated area: This indicates the distance from the right margin before a word is hyphenated. This option is only available for text using the Single Line Composer without alignment.
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    While there is much more to discover and learn about Hyphens in InDesign, we hope this short post has given you a clear idea of ​​how to navigate this useful, if difficult, functionality. Make the InDesign experience easier, whether it’s through the use of our own guides, templates, scripts, or language translations. Read more: How to make origami paper furniture

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