How To Make Beaded Bracelets With Rubber Bands

Want to learn how to make rubber band bracelets with beads? We have a super easy to follow rubber band bracelet step by step guide. Learn this technique and make your own custom bracelet in less than 10 minutes. This easy DIY bracelet is a great craft idea for school-age kids, teens, schoolgirls, and adults alike! -old has recently mastered the technique and she finds it great to be able to make her own bracelets. She is excited to try different patterns. She still needs my help attaching the hook to the end. I feel this is a great boring game for kids and has a huge effect on improving their motor skills and concentration. This is a fun craft to do at home or in summer camp! For more summer craft ideas, be sure to check out our collection of fun summer crafts for kids.easy DIY beaded rubber band bracelet

Supplies you need to make a beaded elastic band


This bracelet requires just a few basic items that I’m sure will be available at your home or at your local Craft Store. Just learn this bracelet making trick and try it with your favorite beads and you will love it.Supplies you need to make your own rubber bead bracelet1. Small elastic band. (We use rubber bands to connect the beads together) 2. Beads have large holes. (Make sure the beads have large holes, or you will have a hard time getting the elastic through them) Read more: how to knit a mermaid tail blanket3. Two pencils.4. A hook.

How to make rubber band bracelets with beads

Watch the video at the top of this post or follow the instructions below!

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Step 1

Take an elastic band and a bead. Now, thread the elastic through the hole of the bead. Do the same for all the elastics and to make an elastic band bracelet with beads-step1- Thread the rubber band through the beads

Step 2

Grab two pencils to start making necklaces. You don’t really have to use a pencil for this. You can even use your fingers. But I recommend using a pencil because it’s easier. Tie a hollow rubber band twisted through both of them.easy DIY bracelet using rubber bands and beads starting with hollow rubber bands

Step 3

Next, you put an elastic band with beads. From now on you don’t need to twist the rubber band anymore. Pull the bottom elastic, grab it over the pencil and place it on top of the upper elastic on both to make beaded elastic band braceletseasy DIY bracelet - steps-pull the lower rubber band towards the upper rubber band

Step 4

Read more: how to make a wax seal with a glue gun Repeat the process of placing the beaded rubber band and pull the lower rubber band over the top rubber band. You will soon start to see a beautiful pattern created.easy DIY bracelet- steps- repeat the beaded elastic band placementeasy DIY bracelet- steps- repeat the beaded elastic band placement

Step 5

Stop this process when you reach the desired string length. Now, thread another hollow rubber band through the pencils. Make sure you don’t twist it. Attach hooks between the hollow rubber bands at both ends and remove the pencil. That’s it! Your very own beaded rubber band bracelet is ready! It’s not fun is it?easy DIY bracelet- steps-hooksbead bracelet rubber bandAlso Read: How to Make a Home Decoration Floating Tea This post was posted on arts and crafts website- k4craft. Click here to view the article!

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