How To Build A Slot Car Track

There’s nothing more exciting than recreating a track at home, especially if you love racing toy cars. It’s fun to use it together with your friends and family. As a do-it-yourselfer, I’m interested in how to build auto racing tracks from scratch. Read: how to build a car track with slots

What you need



Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is a perfect surface for car tracks because it is smooth and well-structured. Keep in mind that MDF tends to be a bit heavy, so you’ll need a thinner sheet for this track construction project. Thickness can be around 12mm or sure to choose the standard size, which is 8×4 foot panels. Avoid smaller panels as making joints will be difficult. You can also use chipboard as a cheaper alternative to MDF. This traditional material is smooth enough to create a beautiful car track. When choosing the best chipboard for this project, look for something thicker.

Wooden stick

The surface run tends to sag due to its weight, so you’ll need some wooden slats for extra support. Wooden slats are strips of wood commonly used in construction works. Choose a depth of 75mm to avoid warping problems.slot-car-track-building-supplyNow, if you want to save money, you can use MDF strips. Sure, there won’t be any warping issues as you will be using the same MDF material. However, the fixing screw can be a bit weak because the wood screw tends to come apart if the screw is placed around the edges.


A router is essential in cutting the groove for your track surface. You can use a high power router to make 1-2 cuts on the track or a numerically controlled cutter. I prefer submersible routers because they excel at creating inlays and allow for precise adjustment.slot-car-track-made-ofRead more: How to stop sounding like an IDIOT | 10 Words You Pronounced Incorrectly Cheap routers may suffice, but you need to be very careful with mounting because they are not built as well as more expensive routers. If you’re renting a router, determine which router can provide the right radius arm and leg cutters you need.

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Tools and equipment

A regular saw or band saw is needed to cut straight and curved sections of your car’s groove. For MDF, make sure the cutting edge is carbide coated to cut through the high glue content of the fiberboard. In track construction, you will need wood glue to join the track surface permanently. of a mobile rail, you will need some hardware items, like dowels and bolts. You will want to create a bar or strip of MDF underneath the joint to achieve a flat surface. Also, prepare a hand drill to make holes for the hardware, for the transportable rail you will need 2-3 bolts to make the blade and groove joint. The lap counter is used for accurate lap recording. You may also need some duct tape or impact adhesive to place the braids and lane stickers.


Unless you want to set up your track on the ground, look for something that can support the track at the desired height. You can use whatever is available, such as a table, drum, or cabinet to support a lasting track. If you have Dexion at home, you can recycle it to make frames. Otherwise, weld your own steel frame using cheap steel. A wooden frame is also enough to support the track, because of mobility, you can put your feet on the track. Just prepare two ½ inch triangular pieces of plywood, one 10mm bolt and three 6mm bolts for each leg.

How to make a car groove from Scratch’s step-by-step instructions


Step 1: Cut Curves and Curves

Cut straight segments of the desired size for your car’s track. To do this, simply clamp a straight down saw blade to guide your saw in cutting straight lines. For curves you need a more intrinsic work. Set up three jigs – one to draw the inside and outside curve edges with the marker, a second to route the outside edge, and a third to guide the saw to cut the radial ends. The finished curve looks like an asphalt road.

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Step 2: Fix the wooden dishes below

You know that MDF board alone can sag under its own weight without proper support. To avoid this problem, place wooden racquets underneath. Fix a piece of wood vertically on all sides and cross the pieces at a distance of 40-60 cm Read more: How to fill gaps in teeth For curves, use the straight patterns below. Use a radial support on the bottom of the bend, similar to how you would draw diagonal pieces on a straight line.

Step 3: Decide on tracking support

If you are going to use the track on the floor, you can skip this step and go to step 4. Otherwise, decide what kind of track support you want. For the fixed track, you can use a table, an oil drum or a workbench. All of these work with a little tweaking to get the coverage right. If you decide to make legs for your track, prepare some pieces of plywood and triangle bolts. Connect two triangular pieces of 12mm plywood with a 10mm bolt to form a leg. Screw the top section to the rail using three 6mm bolts.

Step 4: Join the following sections

The next step in building your own track is to join multiple boards to form a smooth track surface. If the grout is fixed in place, use screws to join the panels together, then fill the joint. Next, fasten the braces together with dowels and bolts.

Step 5: Cut the slot

Before you cut the groove, decide between tape and braid because the latter requires a recess in the surface of the groove. As a general rule, the width of the slot should be about 3 to 5 mm wide and 9 mm deep. For the braid, you want to cut a recess on either side of the slit. The size of the recess depends on the size of the braid. Normally, the track has a width of about 5.2-6m. It is not necessary to remove the tape.

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Step 6: Locate the lap counter

Place the lap counter in the area with the least risk of counting errors, especially in the medium speed position on the plane. These trackers tend to be reliable when the vehicle is firmly in its own slot, away from areas that could cause the vehicle to fall out or tip over on two wheels. Also, avoid areas where the guide rails could be lifted out of the groove.

Step 7: Paint, place braids & stickers, and strings

Now paint the track surface with your favorite color. Use a brush, roller or spray. I prefer the brush because it doesn’t need a cover. Next, tape the conductors’ tape or twine on the rails using transfer tape or impact adhesive. Grab the ends of the tape below the track. Finally, mark the lanes with stickers and wire the rails.


Now that you know how to build a car track from scratch, you can have exciting car races with your friends. It’s a bit complicated looking at the steps above, but the results will be worth the effort. I recommend asking an expert when dealing with powerful router tools and wires. Let us know below. Please share the article with your friends if you like it. Read more: how to plank without a planer

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