How To Make A Small Animal Cage

Do you have a small animal or many small animals and are looking to upgrade their living conditions? Then you have come to the right place! If you have a hammer and nails on hand, or know someone who is, then get started. expensive! When you break it, they are usually just a block of plastic, with some bars, and often break your bankroll. Well, I’m going to show you how I built one of my guinea pig cages, from scratch, for a super affordable price. Read: how to make another small animal cage is optional. We also buy white fences, wood shapes and letters from the craft store.

Step 1: Base


Fitting the adhesive bricks into place The first thing you should do is plan how big you want your cage to be. We decided to go to Home Depot and bought a 2 ft x 4 ft piece of wood. Even numbers make things easier! We also bought six wooden slats to help hold onto the second floor. (You don’t have to build a second floor.) We bought long, thin pieces of wood to make the walls of the barn. You want to drill from the bottom, wall to the main floor Read more: how to prevent clumping on lululemon leggings Next, we decided to buy tiles and stickers. This makes cleanup easier. You want to put them in and make sure they’re tightly secured.

Step 2: Protect the 2nd Floor (Optional)

scy3tvzelnv0ejj1ohipDrilling the slats from the bottom, you can skip this step entirely if you don’t want a second floor for your furry creature. But if you care, you want to drill your slats from the bottom, nice and tight so they don’t come loose. We chose to use four in the back and two in the front. This will take up our second floor and not take up too much space on the first floor.

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Step 3: Attach the 2nd floor

ge0h5ogifihfktknwjfmMark the location to drill and then drill from the top to the You want to build your second floor the same way you did with the bottom part. But you want to make sure you leave a gap in the small wall for your creature to get in and out of safely. In our case, we just left the entire front wall until we decided where we wanted our stairs to go. Go ahead and drill from the top of the floor down into the slats. Once all the slats are secured, don’t forget to tile your second floor.

Step 4: Add Picket Fence

Attaching the fences to the cage I chose a white fence to line the entire cage because it gives it a more homey feel. This step is very easy. All you need is a hot glue gun and glue. We glued white fences around the cage. We’ve been careful not to leave it on top of the fence or inside – you don’t want your creatures to eat it! As you can see, we brought the small wooden wall up to the second floor and left an opening for us to attach the stairs to. Attach your fence to the top floor.

This is what your cage should look like at this point!

ggofopjtwdjkqr7qu7rqUpdate the cage after the first 4 steps. Your tiles are in place as are your slats and your fence is secured.

Step 5: Stairs

jpepgesn1iwrwuhwejn8Read more: How to sew a baby cot and blanket Attach the stairs, this step is difficult. We decided to buy two bendable logs on amazon and glue them together. Then we drill them at the top as well as the bottom to the left landing point. The left grounding part is just a wooden box and we attached the fabric on it. We also bought a piece of wood to skewer into the floor from the stairs and just glued small pieces of wood on it for the creatures to cling to when they walked up. Once you’ve taken this step down, you’re practically done!

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Step 6: Add another fence

Basic cage unfinished Now you just want to make sure your creature is safe using your crafty stairs so go ahead and put in some more of that white fence to keep out any what a fall!

Step 7: Design and decorate!

ujoej6y1qlrtdgnbeywtThis is where the fun shapes and letters come from the craft store: We picked up an anchor and a crown and built him a sign with his name on it. The house on the second floor we also built from scratch and placed there. This is where you can get creative and add whatever you want! This cage, with all you see in it, is estimated to cost $60. Compared to the cages in the store, that’s amazing! Perhaps this could become a new hobby for you as well as for my fiance and I. This cage is ready for new occupants. Just add litter and litter to the floors and everything is ready!

You made it!

ma8atlnpq9vynvl6lewvRocky poses on the stairs

Side view of 2nd Floor and Ramp

Rocky’s House

lj01jurwev8zlkowk36dRocky seen from his balcony Read more: how to make whipped cream for irish coffee

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