How To Make A Shark Tooth Necklace

Make your own shark tooth necklace with this quick and easy wire wrap, then try it on any other triangle object to create a variety of custom pendants.

During our most recent (of many) field trip to what appears to be every single dinosaur museum in the known universe, my little girls took part in a dug up fake paleontology, and they found a nice little treasure trove of shark teeth. to make a shark tooth necklace Hmmm… what do people do with shark teeth? Obviously wear it around your neck! While lots of jewelry making and wire wrapping projects are practiced (my soldering magnifying necklace tutorial, though possibly, isn’t for the faint of heart!), wire a shark tooth to create come up with a pendant that you can hang on any necklace with amazing ease. The wire you’ll be using is soft enough to bend by hand and although you’ll want a pair of needle nose pliers and some wire cutters to finish it off, where do you or someone you know have those in the toolbox? near you Best of all, a coiled shark tooth doesn’t have to be perfectly finished to look perfect. Read on and I’ll show you how to wrap your crown (or any other triangular object) firmly and look great, all in about five minutes:How To: Easy rope shark tooth necklaceTo get started, you’ll need a shark tooth (or other triangular object) and 18 gauge copper or silver wire, which can be easily purchased at any jewelry or craft supply store. . Depending on the size of your shark tooth, you may fear that the 18 gauge string will look a bit heavy and collide with the 20 gauge string if you’re doing this project for an adult or older child, but I found that my girls would accidentally damage any jewelry I made for them if I used any wire taller than 18-gauge. Children are very rough! Read more: How to reheat McDonald’s fries – I check 10 methods [Pics]Works directly from your hose so you don’t have to worry about missing wires, break a good 4 inch wire (longer than I have in this particular photo, because I’ve done these before. , but go long for yourself, at least the first few times), and place it behind your shark’s tooth four inches from the line, running diagonally from top left to bottom right side of the tooth.How To: Easy rope shark tooth necklaceAlways work from the end of the spool, don’t split some extra wire and, as firmly as possible (meaning tight wraps are better, but even looser wraps are fine), wrap the cord up and through the top right corner of the shark’s tooth, and bring it down behind the shark’s tooth, pointing down to the lower left side of the tooth.How To: Easy rope shark tooth necklaceBring the spool end of the wire forward from the bottom left of the shark’s teeth, and as firmly as possible, wrap the wire over and over the top left corner of the shark’s teeth, and bring it down behind the shark’s teeth. , pointing to the bottom right of the tooth. Repeat this wrap a second time, so that each top corner of the shark’s tooth is wrapped twice. However, at the end of that second left corner wrap, don’t pull the wire down behind the tooth, but instead, break the wire by four inches, then cut it off at that point.How To: Easy rope shark tooth necklaceRead more: how to install a tow bar in the garage You now have two ends of the wire, one going straight from behind the teeth and the other going straight from the front of the teeth. As firmly and as close to the top of the tooth as possible, screw the two wires together once or twice. You should be able to feel it as you pull the wrap at a slightly tighter angle. At this point, stop and check that your cuff is strong enough to hold your shark’s tooth. If it’s too loose, just open it up and try again. Tie the two ropes together until one is in the front and one in the back – this is how you make a loop for the necklace to go in the right direction, so that the toothed shark won’t twist to one side above its chain.How To: Easy rope shark tooth necklaceWith your needle nose pliers, take a piece of wire and bend it into a loop from front to back. Take the other wire and bend it into an identical loop going in the opposite direction. This might look a little rough if you’re a novice, but don’t worry – seriously, it’s a shark tooth. You will feel fine. Use needle-nose pliers to hold the two loops together, and twist each wire once more around the helix below the loop, then cut. If the cutting edges are sharp or protruding, press them into the twist by squeezing them between the needle-nose pliers. Twist your shark tooth pendant onto any string or length of hemp and show it off proudly! Read more: How to make the ultimate weapon reformation stone

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