Obi Divination – Mouthpieces Of The Orichas

Four Shells, Five Answers: Obi Fortune-telling - Orichas' Mouth “Ago Obi, Ago Obi, Ago Obi” Initiation prayers for Obi, a system of divination from the Yoruba religion for obtaining “Yes” and “No” answers to questions on multiple levels and different meanings. This system, vital to all religious concepts in Africa under the main heading Ifa and their various dilutions under Lukumi and Santeria types, is a methodology for how seeds Nigerian kola (Obi Abata), fresh coconut meat (I love el coco) and four seashells speak to us and are considered the ‘mouthpiece’ of Orichas. Orichas, as they are collectively known, are the gods and goddesses of nature of African descent, rulers of various places and elements of the World and considered the ‘guardian angels’ of each and all. people living on Earth. Each of us is considered to have the “Ye” or “God” of those particular Gods and it lies within the guardian deity, or stories of the Orichas’ interactions with each other and the World through which they communicate. message is transmitted. read seashell Obi’s soul, once mortal, became an Oricha after doing good deeds, fell from Grace because of Ego. When he came to Earth, Obi’s spirit embodied the coconut palm tree. Although Obi cannot speak with his tongue, he communicates through the white (“clean”) or brown (“dark”) side of coconut meat. If cowhide is used, that is the open side to indicate “Yes” (“clean”) and the ridged side to indicate the “No” (“dark”) side of the answer form that fell off during the test. ask. . After praying, I used Obi with seashells to answer questions during the Orichas reading. Obi provides clarity for questions related to the card’s message to customers. The customer can ask Obi a question and I may also be prompted to ask when the card layers on their own are not relevant to the customer’s dilemma. Obi, not to be taken lightly, is seen as a tool to help Humanity find clarity in decision-making, regardless of whether you are fully religious or not. There are 5 levels to Obi; two affirmative or affirmative statements of varying degrees of severity, two negative or “no” answers and one “maybe” answer needing a second question to derive a less ambiguous answer than. Read more: afk Arena how to boost equipment | Top Q&A Five different shell patterns will appear in a Q&A session as follows: “Alafia” – “Yes with blessings!” – The most affirmative answer, it may be too eager during delivery and requires a second toss to confirm and secure the answer. The cowboy team’s second answer must be an answer other than “Alafia” or “Ejife” or “Etagua” to be considered a “Yes”. “Ejife” – “Yes” (but without emphasis) – This affirmative answer is interpreted as “Yes, and your World is in balance”, which means what you have proposed or achieved (or coming soon) brings balance to the World’s conflicting struggles to keep harmony. “Etagua” (or “Etawa”) – “Maybe” – This answer appears when the question needs clarification (posed in a way to get a “Yes” or “No”) or Oricha is Consider the situation and need a second of the question to be able to answer. When Etagua appeared, it was the second answer of the second shell toss that was the real answer. If another “Etagua” (Etagua-Meji) falls after the first word, it means “don’t ask what you already know”. “Okana” – means darkness is surrounding the client and there are no positive results, perhaps without additional spiritual work. One open shell and three closed shells show focus on a small beam of light in the dark. Read more: how to grow plants in texas “Oyekun” – The most serious “No” answer, it says you are out of touch with spirituality and walk in the dark. A dire warning; it foretells unforeseen problems, accidents, fires, and even foretells death. Additional questions should be asked on behalf of the client to determine why Oyekun is coming. Water must be sprinkled on Oyekun and if it appears more than once, the shells must be placed in the water to cool the answer. After reading with me, customers have the opportunity to ask unresolved questions in the card reading section. This could be additional clarity about initial shelling or other unrelated questions about business relationships and strategies. As we started getting a lot of “Etagas” for questions in a clear pattern, this showed that the line of questions needed to end when the customer was asking the obvious answer they were asking for. face to face. While not always an immediate answer, Obi offers insight into what is to come. Customers who return for a follow-up three months later will exclaim, “The shells were right! I just didn’t see it (the situation) develop before my eyes! ” and other affirmations indicating that the revelations of Truth made by Obi have come true. For me, as well as over 70 million plus followers of this indigenous African religion, we know Obi doesn’t lie. Jacqueline Mathers, educator and author, uses Obi divination in her readings for clients. She is also a certified Rootworker with a hint of Southern style, studying under Cat Yronwode. Years of research into African folk and religious beliefs have earned her the title of “indigenous informant” at various educational institutions in the Central Valley. She is also the producer of the Holistic Healing Expo in Elk Grove, CA and can be reached at (916) 284-5552 or at jacqueline(at) tarotbyjacqueline.comRead more: | Top Q&A

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