How To Level Up Faster In Witcher 3

Witcher 3 leveling guide bannerThis game is well designed and the leveling will be easy and fun. If you are struggling with the game and have to level up to solve your problems, a soundtrack is suitable. Here Witcher 3 Leveling Guide also tells you all you need to know to not only level up properly, but also to enjoy your experience. Your equipment will be outdated, your finances bleak, and you won’t learn anything about what it means to be a Witcher. In Witcher 3, the following give you different levels of xp: – Main Quests – Side Quests – Wizard Contracts – Join Gwent, Fistfights and Horse Races – Destroy Robber Camps and Monster Drives – Clearing Area Read More: How to Pack & Light Pipes

Tips and hints to level up faster


Complete all White Orchard

Drains the dry land of any xp & loot and leaves no stone unturned (question mark). You will need everything you can get in those first levels. These initial benefits will increase your level and performance dramatically, no matter the difficulty. The White Orchard contains six easily accessible places of power.

Use the right weapons & titles

Using a green weapon will give you a 25% increase in xp received from humans and non-humans. Combine that with the 5% trophies you can get early in the game and you’re on a 30% promotion advantage. You can also have all of these right from the start. The Serpentine Steel & Silver swords are level 1 & 2 and the first Witcher contract in White Orchard will earn you the trophy.Show stats of green weapon sets and trophies

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A spirit of adventure is rewarded

Read more: how to cook cabbage with smoked turkey wings Focus some of your time on exploring and ticking the question marks in the camp. Find hidden treasures and difficult monsters to protect them. Destroy the monster nests and take the whole bandits camp, gain xp is not big but it increases. You will also encounter Power Stones, which grant you an additional skill point.Explore Skellige

Liberate areas and return the population

Often an overlooked source of experience. Freeing areas from monsters and bandits gives the best xp outside of missions & contracts. In addition, you are given coins and access to new providers. You can easily find areas to clear when you get in the habit of exploring and marking question marks.

Learn how to invest your income

The main focus in the game is to have the best equipment possible, allowing you to complete and defeat harder quests and monsters for maximum xp. Upgrading Roach when possible should also be a priority. More carrying capacity = more loot. More stamina = get from A to B faster, which improves your profits (faster experience and levels).Full green set

Fulfill all Witcher Contracts

Go to all the yellow bulletin boards to get all the Witcher contract notifications. Complete these quests as you level up by making sure you get what quests are within your level range. When outside of level range, xp is abysmal.Witcher 3 bulletin boardRead more: How to pack & light pipes

Warrior spirit is needed

Witcher contracts are an important part of the game, which is why Witchers exist. Not only do they take you on very exciting and challenging adventures, they also reward you a lot, both in xp and coins. But you will have to learn how to play the game first. Attacks and slashes won’t happen in this game, here’s why.geralt discovery image For level & equipment for witcher 3 . leveling guideAdvanced loot, Masterfully crafted Blue GearsHere is all the necessary information you need to successfully level up and enjoy the game to the fullest. Your time is too precious to waste abrasive and glitchy leveling tactics that will inevitably patch. Also, if you’re playing on PC, I’d recommend getting yourself a controller. World of Witcher purchase bannerWitcher 3 Collector's Guide Purchase BannerChangelog: 10/16/2020 – changed html format and added social images.More related articles:The Witcher 3 – The best skill guide The Witcher 3 – Death March’s Survival Guide The best PC gaming controller for your action Read more: how to open a locker in middle school

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