How To Make A Stencil For Airbrushing – DIY Guide

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to airbrush even if you have little or no drawing skills. Using stencils makes entering the world of airbrushing and spray painting very easy for anyone. Airbrush artist Brad DeLaTorre put together this article to teach you how to use a computer to create your own airbrush stencil.

How to Create Your Own Stencil

Tools you’ll need: Read: how to make airbrush stencils

  • Computer,
  • Printer,
  • Scanner,
  • x-acto knife,
  • Paper,
  • Adhesive spray,
  • clothes pins,
  • Airbrush,
  • Paint Createx,
  • Ice

First, you will have to decide on the design you want to airbrush. For this tutorial, I’ll show you my work for a local small business. First, I’ll scan the business card logo to crop and resize the image to fit on three hats I’m working on for this small business. For those of you who don’t have much computer experience, here’s how to scan business cards. Scan your image Place the card on the scanner with the printed side of the card facing down. Open your photo program and look for an area titled “Files” on your Menu Bar. Click that and then scroll down to “Import” and click. Next, select “Twain” and then click “Acquire”. This will open your scanner program and scan your photo. Adjust the resolution in Pixels and Output Type to your liking. When all the scanner settings are where you want them to be, select “Accept” and the image will now appear on your photo program. Now you are ready to crop and adjust the area that you want to print.How to make a 2 . stencilPrint your image Read more: how to find the center of a semicircle To print your image, go to the File menu and scroll down to “Print Layout”. Adjust the size so that it fits the object you are drawing. Next, go to Print Settings and find the setting for the printer that says “Fast Print”, choose it so you don’t waste ink. You can now take a printout of the object you are drawing to check the size. If it fits, do not adjust it. If your image is more detailed, it would be wiser to use photo paper, transparencies, or stickers for your stencils. Additionally, you may want to print multiple copies for different areas of the image and one for reference.How to make a 3 . stencilHow to Crop the Stencil Once I have my printed image, I take an X-acto knife and apply enough pressure to smoothly cut the image out. Caution: The X-acto knife is very sharp, be careful!! Sometimes it’s easier to cut an image out by pulling the paper while cutting. The cleaner and sharper you cut it, the better the end result of the paint project will be and the less complicated you will be.How to make a 4 . stencil

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How to Prepare and Use Stencil

Now I take the stencil and flip it to the back. Use a little Glue and gently spray the back of the parchment two to three times. Let it stick firmly to the paper for about two minutes before sticking to your project or it could ruin your project when you’re done. airbrush boards with clothes pins, but I don’t leave them wide enough so that too much spray won’t affect them. Then I folded and glued the stencils to the hat. Make sure the surface is flat so you don’t have to spray a lot. Now, use masking tape so you can cover or cover the areas of the hat that won’t be painted.How to make a 5 . stencilHow to make a 6 . stencilRead more: How to know if a Russian man likes you or notAirbrushing the StencilSince the hat is black, I sprayed on a white base first and used a hair dryer to style it. Next, I airbrush the colors that I want to image. Finally, I airbrush the shadows and highlights.How to make a 7 . stencilAfter airbrushing, remove the tape first and then remove the stencil, be careful not to tear it! There will be some spray underfoot when it is removed, however it is easy to touch in this case as it is a black hat.How to make an 8 . stencilThe flatter the surface, the better this technique works. Using the edge of a piece of paper and placing the edge on the area to be repaired, I painted the area with the error black.How to make a 9 . stencilNow that your project is complete, you can use the same template for the other two hats. Remember that after each hat you put on, step back to look at it, find out what’s wrong, and fix it. Now you are done!How to make a 10 . stencilRead more: The zomboid project how to suck fuel

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