How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Line

No one likes to be excluded by their friends. Sadly, this is sometimes unavoidable and everyone will experience it at least once in their life. This exclusion used to mean you weren’t invited to parties or slept over, but now it’s different.Since people are spending more time chatting on social media than meeting in person, avoiding friends has become a new, online form. Instead of not inviting you out, people can now silently block you from interacting with their online accounts. Like other popular social messaging apps, Line also has this feature. Read on to learn about different ways to check if you are indeed blocked on the Line Chat app.

What happens when you get blocked?


When someone blocks you on Line, you won’t be able to interact with them in any way. This includes texting them, calling them, starting a video chat with them. You will be moved from their friends list to their Blocked Users list, however, this does not mean you are permanently removed from their account. Think of it more like a timeout. If they want to remove you, they’ll need to take additional steps. In other words, they’re not entirely sure if they want to remove you from their friends list altogether. As such, they can change their mind and unblock you at any time.

5 ways to find out if you are blocked on the line

There are some simple ways to check if you are blocked on Line, but there are also some ways that are unlikely to have happened to you. Let’s start with the most obvious.

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Try texting someone you suspect has blocked you

Read more: how to decorate a mirror for christmas As you know, blocked users can’t send messages or call the person who blocked them, so try this first. You can try texting or calling them and see what happens. You might think they’re offline or away, when in reality, they’ve blocked you.Screenshot 55 1 500x1024 1If the recipient receives and reads your message, you’ll see a ‘Read’ option. If this doesn’t show up, they’ve figured out how to see the message without alerting you, or they’ve blocked you.

Create a multiplayer chat with them

Multiplayer chats are similar to group chats, but it’s better to find out if you’re blocked. You just need to add the person you think blocked you along with someone else. Try adding an official account instead of a random friend, because when you create a room with them and the blocker, that room will be empty if they actually block you. private chat, unless it’s an official account. You will immediately know if they blocked you or not.tempFileForShare 20201123 151309 1024x793 1

Check out their profile

If you were able to see this person’s posts before and now you suddenly can’t, you can assume they blocked you. To see their posts, tap their name in your friends list. Then, select Posts at the bottom of your screen. If you are blocked, this page will be blank. You can also check the Photo/Video next to the Post and see if it’s the same.tempFileForShare 20201123 151336 500x1024 1

Try to send them a thread

You can’t accept gifts from blocked users, so you can try sending the subject to someone you believe blocked you without actually spending money. Tap More at the bottom right of your screen, then select Theme Store. Choose any theme and tap Send as Gift. Then, select the recipient and continue to tap Next. Read more: dreamcatcher tree of life tutorial If you’re blocked, you’ll get a prompt saying they already have a topic. They may have it, but they are more likely to have blocked you. If you have not been blocked, the next screen will ask you to confirm the purchase of the theme. Just exit the screen and you will not be charged for the theme.tempFileForShare 20201123 151425 500x1024 1

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Buy them a sticker

This procedure is similar to the previous one. Instead of selecting ‘Theme Store’, choose ‘Sticker Store.’ Choose any sticker and send it as a gift to the person you suspect has blocked you. If they did, you won’t be able to confirm the purchase and you’ll get the same prompt that they’ve got the sticker. You can cancel your purchase at any time by leaving the store if your suspicions are wrong.

frequently asked Questions

If someone unblocks me, will they receive the message I sent?

Based on our tests as of November 2020, no. The person who blocked you will not receive any messages sent while you are blocked. However, as soon as they unblock you, any messages sent will be delivered. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e Sorry, you won’t get any notifications about someone else unblocking you, so you need to continue using the methods above to see if your friend changes his mind. .

Are my messages still visible to the other person?

Right. Even if another user has blocked you, they will still have access to any messages you have previously blocked. However, if you are concerned about messages lingering in other users’ chats, you can ‘Cancel’ a message. Just press and hold the content in question and tap ‘Skip.’ The line will show you a warning that this may not work but continue.

I see what you did there

In case you’re right, these five tricks will help you know for sure that someone has blocked you. While it’s never pleasant to realize that you’re blocked by a friend, it’s nothing to feel bad about. Maybe they will wake up and unblock you. Have you ever been blocked by your friends on Line or any other messaging app? If so, how has it affected your friendships in real life? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below. Read more: how to give your heart to god

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