How To Install Bennu On Kodi

Video add-on Bennu Kodi took over after Phoenix, one of the most popular third-party Kodi add-ons of all time, closed its store in June. Installing Phoenix on Firestick seemed just fine poetic and essential. Just like the phoenix in ancient Greek mythology born from the ashes to a new life, the Phoenix Kodi add-on has been reborn as Bennu (aptly named after the ancient Egyptian reincarnation).

From Phoenix is ​​Reborn the Bennu Kodi Add-on


Follow along as we guide you through installing the Bennu Kodi add-on to your Firestick, FireTV, PC, Raspberry Pi, or any other device where you may have Kodi installed. This playlist Kodi add-on aggregates content from multiple sources, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. First of all, note I just said easier. If I really said it was easy, I would be lying. Read: how to install bennu on kodiYou may have noticed my mention of Bennu in a few previous articles. Its menu system really leaves a lot to be desired. There is a lot of content, but it is extremely messy in its organization. You will find many gems if you have enough patience. You just have to try it and see how you feel about it. Read more: how to bake English muffins in the toaster Much of the content provided through the Bennu Kodi add-on is not properly licensed. This can make using this third-party add-on a gamble if you don’t protect yourself with a VPN.

Risk perception

Bennu can be a significant security risk. It legally distributes very little of its content, which is mostly made up of piracy streams. Phoenix itself was taken down to avoid litigation. As a third-party add-on, Bennu is also significantly more vulnerable to unscrupulous hackers than official add-ons. Before using any Kodi 3rd party addon, it is especially important to get access to a high-quality VPN to stay anonymous and protect your data. The links provided here will get you 60% off a truly unrivaled VPN – IPVanish!

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Bennu Kodi Add-on Information for Advanced Users

If you installed the Kodi add-on to your Firestick before, then you may just need the repo URL. You’ll find the Bennu Kodi add-on in the Colossus repository, itself in the Ares repository at You can also access both Ares and Collossus repositories in the SuperRepo repository at

Allow unknown sources

Allows installing Kodi add-ons from unknown sources if you haven’t installed it before.

  • Go to Kodi Settings (gear icon) above the main menu
  • Then enter System Settings
  • Under Add-ons then toggle Unknown Sources
  • Finally, say Yes in the alert dialog
  • Setting up Ares Repo

    Read more: Troubleshooting If you don’t have Ares Repo installed, you are in the process of being treated. Follow these steps and then be sure to check out the many tutorials written recently at KodiFireTVStick to install some of the great add-ons available in it.

  • Enter Setting (gear icon – top of main menu)
  • Then choose File management
  • Now do the same with More source
  • At this point, click or tap Not available (allows you to add media sources manually)
  • Include the URL of the repository (, then say it ALRIGHT
  • Name this Ares Repothen hit ALRIGHT again
  • Make sure the information you entered is correct, then select ALRIGHT one last time
  • Come back The main menu in Kodi, then type Add-ons section
  • Import Browser add-on (open box icon) located above the menu
  • Tap or press Install from zip file
  • Option Ares Repo in the dialog box that opens
  • Next, find and open it
  • Wait a minute. You’ll see a pop-up in the top right that says Installed add-ons
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    Install Colossus Repo

    Now, we will install the Colossus repository, where Bennu. You should still stay inside Browser add-on at this point if you have followed the instructions above to install Ares Repo.

  • Choose Install from repositories once again
  • Choose Project Ares
  • Enter Add-on repository folder and then
  • Choose Colossus Archives To install
  • Hit Setting at the bottom right.
  • If you get a Select version dialog box, select version in Project Ares so that your updates will be most timely.
  • A dialog box will appear telling you Colossus repo installed.
  • Install Bennu from Colossus Repo

    We installed the star of today’s show after our dealers were all set up and then wanted to offer their merchandise. Finally, Bennu is waiting.

  • Go up a level from here by choosing two full stops at the top
  • Then go to another level in the same way…
  • This time, choose install from Colossus Archives
  • Enter Video Add-ons category
  • Then choose Bennu
  • Finally, choose Setting
  • If offered an option, select the version in Colossus Repo to ensure the latest updates
  • A dialog will tell you Bennu installed!
  • All that it sums down

    Bennu has a huge library of content, but it’s not all roses and rainbows for this add-on. If for the first time you are equipped with a spirit of adventure and a safety net, then you can feel extremely excited about this gem. The hugely popular Phoenix Kodi video add-on was removed from circulation following threats of lawsuits for that fact. As the fan base grows daily, it’s possible that Bennu could follow suit at any time. Enjoy it while you can – if you can. Read more: Powder coating is amazing Install Bennu on Kodi and Use VPN

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