Overwatch – How To Play Mei

Mei is one of the more unique defensive heroes. She can deal damage on her own, but most of her playstyle is slowing enemies down. Mei can really annoy an opposing team if played well, preventing enemies from using their best skills. like this one, on both beginner and advanced tips and tricks. Read: how to play mei

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Main: Endothermic blower

Mei’s main weapon fires a continuous blast of cold air in a short range. If you keep this stream on enemies, it will not only damage them but also cause them to freeze in their path. This is the time to hit them with Mei’s secondary fire, a mid-range frost that can deal solid damage at close range. Aim for a headshot with the ice and you’ll have a dangerous combo. Clamp size: 200.


Cryo-Freeze is Mei’s personal defense and self-healing tool. Mei will wrap herself in a block of ice, becoming completely invulnerable and recovering 150 HP over 4 seconds. Cryo-Freeze clears errors and can protect you from any attack. It also keeps you within range of a target, so if you see hell coming, Cryo-Freeze. You will easily become a target after opening the tape, but using it at the right time can save your life.

Stone wall

Mei creates a giant wall of ice that blocks sight, closes choke points, and deals damage. The Wall itself is made of five adjacent turrets with 500 HP each. They can be destroyed before the skill’s 4 second duration expires, but in the meantime, your enemies are usually locked on the other side. it has a chance to happen. You can block turrets, lock enemies in rooms, and prevent snipers from having a clear view. YUou can use the Wall of Ice to send Bastion players to places they wouldn’t normally go for surprise attacks. This is probably Mei’s most versatile move. Learn it.

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Ultimate: Snowstorm

Mei drops a drone that freezes and deals damage to all enemies in a certain area for 5 seconds. It was a great move to reduce control points to bring the opposition to a standstill. Oddly enough, Blizzard can be deflected by Genji or absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix.Guide Overwatch Mei 02

How to play Mei

Mei is about to stop the opposing team. She can slow them down with her primary flame and her secondary flare can do good damage if you have a good aim. Cryo-Freeze protects and heals her from damage if she’s in a hot situation, and the Ice Wall simply tells the opposing team to “stay away!” The blizzard covers most of the control points, giving your team a chance to clear up.

Who does Mei play well with?

Genji: Mei’s Endothermic Blaster passes through Genji’s Deflect and will freeze the highly mobile ninja in place. Use this to your advantage. Reinhardt: Run straight through Reinhardt’s shield and freeze him from behind to create tanks and easy targets for your team.Winston: Like Reinhardt, Mei blitz has means a stationary tank. Winston’s weapons are all at close range, causing him to fall into freezing range where Mei is king. Combined with Ice Wall and Cryo-Freeze, Mei can effectively lock Winston. Read more: Gaming-fans.comD.Va: Defense Matrix doesn’t absorb Mei’s Endothermic Blaster and D.Va’s Fusion Cannons deals the most damage at close range, which is Meitown.Bastion: Drops an Ice Wall first Bastion will give your team a bonus from Sentry mode. Use it well.

Who needs attention when you play the role of Mei

Reaper: Mei’s first needs time to freeze enemies, and Reaper’s Shotgun is capable of killing her before that can become a real problem. Wraith Form also allows Reaper to be rescued when frozen. Walls.Mei can work incredibly well against pretty much any opponent in Overwatch, but as with any other hero in the game, the trick is knowing which heroes she doesn’t play well with. Read more: How much psi does it take to break concrete.

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