How To Hide UI In Wow

World of Warcraft commonly known as wow is one of the best massively multiplayer online role-playing games. One of the issues that Wow gamers face is the UI or Hud when taking screenshots or while recording gameplay. UI or hud can be hidden while taking screenshot. So I’m writing a detailed post on how hide UI in wow.Reading: how to hide wow uiWorld of Warcraft was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. Blizzard has tried its best to keep the game up to date and add more and more content to it. It’s one of my favorite games and I still play it in my spare time. This game is available in Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Hiding UI is different in each operating system. Read more: how to keep wavy hair looking wet Also read: How to hide UI in FFXIV

How to Hide UI in Wow on Windows

The default key to hide UI or hud in windows is ALT + Z or CTRL + Z. Sometimes this may not work for you. It is usually caused by the Nvidia GForce overlay or the twitch overlay. To get around this you can either change the binding in your Twitch or Gforce app or you can pause the game and go to settings in Wow and change the keybinding to some other key. For example, you can change it to ALT+H.Read more: How to Charge Laptop with HDMI? | Quick and easy steps The main purpose of hiding the user interface is to take a screenshot. Wow there is an inbuilt feature to take screenshots. You can take a screenshot by pressing the PrtSc key on your keyboard. You can view this screenshot from the screenshots folder in the game folder. In addition, you can also use the crop tool to take screenshots. You can set hotkey to take screenshot

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How to Hide UI in Wow on Mac

Hiding Wow Ui in mac is different from hiding in windows because both operating systems have different controls. To hide the UI you will have to press Command + Z or Command + Alt + Z. To take a screenshot after hiding Ui press Command + Shift + 3. You can also use the screenshot function available in mac by pressing Command + Shift + 4. The cursor will then change to a plus sign and drag your request to capture the screen. Read more: How to move a baby grand piano

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